Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chapter : Dead, Reincarnated Laptop

This is a little short update that I’m going to do for today. To summarize what has happened, well…my laptop died on me. Literally died, went to heaven and reincarnated again. 

It’s because my hard disk for my laptop decided to take its own life and thus without any warning leaped onto lift up to heaven leaving me to curse its existence. Why you might ask that I was such a foul temper when my laptop decided to leave me? It’s simple. 

  1. All my researches that I have conducted for I don’t know how long is gone. I have to start from scratch again and my project is due in 5 weeks.
  2. The work that I was working on didn’t get to save in time because it went into the BLUE SCREEN OF DOOM!!! There goes my effort down the drain.
That’s the major two reasons that I could give to you.

Thankfully, my sister’s boyfriend managed to salvage some files, mainly my work that was stored previously but all my other programs and other random stuffs are gone. Like seeing your money flying away when you are paying your taxes or something.

Now my laptop is up and running (using what used to be my external hard drive, plus from 230 GB to 500 GB upgrade!) though I feel that something is amiss from my previous lagging, dying laptop. I have to reinstall so many things as usual and also, finding out what programs that I used to install in my laptop. It’s such a pain to do all these things but I must be thankful because I have well, my laptop back. A healthier one I hope and doesn’t do drugs or get sick easily. 

Another thing that made my day was thanks to this person. He drew a comic for me and that’s the sweetest thing anyone have done for me! He is the person that I had the long distance date with and the one who teaches me about pews. He makes me smile, in a special way if you know what I mean. 

Now I have to get to bed because I have a meeting with my lecturer tomorrow and I couldn’t do anything because my laptop died on Monday (just few days ago) and it’s up and running now but couldn’t get any work done. Hopefully she doesn’t screw me because I have not much to show her.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chapter : Pew

I have started the word of the day thing on my MSN status message and today’s word is “PEW.” Funny thing how I came to this word is thanks to this guy. We were talking about churches and stuffs and he was telling me a joke about pews. 

I didn’t get it of course because due to my lack of understanding bombastic words or not knowing certain things are named that way. Then Jason found out that I didn’t get the joke and he was like

“Do you know what’s a pew?”

And dumbly enough, or maybe due to my selective hearing…or basically I just am deaf, I heard

“Do you know what’s a Jew?” (No offence to anyone, it’s just me. I’m sorry.)

Then he saw my puzzled expression I think and he showed me a link about pews. Apparently pews are those benches, well I call them benches that we sit and pray to God at church. Who knew that they were called pews?! I know spews, because I myself am always spewing nonsensical stuffs.

So to those who don’t know what a pew is, here a picture for you guys. That is the same picture that Jason showed to me what a pew is. Now, I can hereby say, I learn something new every day or maybe it’s just me because I don’t go out much and live in my own fantasy world with ponies, unicorns, rainbows or something. 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chapter : Err, wrong number.

Having an awesome phone number leads to:-

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Looks really nice when you write it down
  3. People will tell you “Wow, your number’s really nice. How you get it?”

But on the other hand, the major problem that you can get by having an awesome number is a LOT and I kid you not, a LOT of wrong numbers calling you. Maybe it's just me. I have some weird aura that attracts people to be dialing my number. Who knows?

I have forgotten how many times that my phone rings just to find out that it’s the wrong number calling looking for so and so which obviously:-

  1. I’m not a guy named Leon.
  2. I’m neither your uncle *insert name here* nor your aunty *insert name here*.
  3. I’m not Thai either; I speak English for your information.
  4. I’m not your daughter named Lisa.
  5. I’m not Martha (or was it Mertha?) that stays across your street. If I’m staying across your street, why are you calling me when you could walk over to find me or something?
  6. I do have a voice, so please don’t say Hi and hang up later. Please at least say “I’m sorry, wrong number”
  7. If I told you once, “Sorry, you have the wrong number.” Please get it that you INDEED dialed the wrong number and stop asking for the person that you are looking for which obviously I'm not.
  8. Also, do not asked “Are you sure this isn’t *insert name here* number?” Erm, yeah, I believe that I know it very well because I’m the one answering the phone and telling you “Sorry, wrong number.”
  9. I do not stay in Sydney, New South Wales, Adelaide, and so forth. When I tell you, “Sorry ma’am / sir, I’m from Brisbane.” Please don’t believe that you know that you dialed the right number such as “Oh, I did typed in the right number. Why am I calling Brisbane?” I don’t know but I do know that you DID not type in the right number.
  10. Please at least be sure that you got the right number before you start spewing out some stuffs and I have to interrupt you by saying, “Err, you got the wrong number.” Which then leads to, “Oh, sorry.” And then you hang up.

So it’s pretty amusing what kind of callers you get these days. Well, mainly it happens to me here in Australia because my phone is always on silent mode, I barely text to anyone cause I’m mostly online. The phone calls I get are always from home, my mother calling because she is bored at work or looking to talk to my sister but couldn’t get her because she is working.

Any sort of experiences similar to mine? Maybe even more interesting compared to mine. So far, the most interesting one was someone calling and start speaking in Thai. Now, that’s odd.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chapter : Trip down Memory Lane.

I was strolling around getting some fresh air to breathe and clearing my mind before I start worrying all the silly things that I’m going to face soon. It was a smart move to get out of the house to clear your mind because I just started to remember things that made me smile. These pictures I have taken are not in order but just something that I just want to share.

It was raining heavily before this, but look at the clear blue sky.

The sun peeking out from the clouds.

I remember when I was a kid, I love sucking the "juice" out. I didn't know why I did it even. I was pretty odd then and still odd now. 

Something caught my eye, a little baby sitting alone in the grass. Reminds me that I was too young and innocent once where everything to my eyes were just things that made me really curious and eager to try it out.

The baby's dad came to fix her shoe, then it brought back memories that I used to spend some quality time with my own dad when I was a child. 

Growing up, you learn to spend time with friends or maybe someone you love and somehow, lesser time with your families...

One of the many playground "toys" I used to play when I was growing up. Trying to race to see who can climb to the top the fastest. I think I used to fall into the hole because I wasn't careful.

Another one of my favourite "toys" that I enjoyed playing. I still try to slide down just to relive my childhood days. 

My all time favourite "toy"! I love to sit on it and thinking that the higher I could swing, the closer I am in touching the sky. Though the irony is that I'm afraid of heights.

I always wanted to have really long legs, but then I learn to love myself and accepted my flaws. 

When I was a kid, I always thought that clouds were made of cotton and I love to see what sorts of form the clouds will take shape.

This really brought back one of my fondest memories. I remember during my college days and my group and I were supposed to make a short film and I had to sit inside the trolley while my best friend pushed me along so I would be able to record the actor's footsteps. We have gotten a lot of stares from the passerby and one particular kid asked his dad-

"Daddy look, the jie jie (big sister) so big still sit in the trolley. Like little girl."

"Don't look, maybe the jie jie doing something," his dad replied. 

I didn't know how to react but I do know that I was slightly hurt being called a little girl by some elementary kid! I was 18 that time. Oh boy.

People said that I have grown up to be as beautiful as a flower. Mainly it's my parent's friends who says that to me cause they have seen me since I was drooling and wearing diapers.

I always said that flowers were a waste of money because it just wither and die and you have to throw it away. Then it got me thinking whether I would receive it when I'm dead. Scary and depressing thought, I know. 

When I first came to Brisbane, these birds were EVERYWHERE and I thought they were harmless at first till they came after me to steal my food. 

That's my hand trying to reach for the always tend to try my best in everything I do in order to make my parents proud and to let them know that their hard-earned money didn't go to waste.

I had a lovely walk even though it was for a short while. Little things that I see whether I'm on my way to the train station or to the mall, it just triggers my memories that were kept hidden away. So take a walk once in a while, it might do you some good.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chapter : What was I doing?

A random blog post of the day! I know I’m supposed to be oh-so-hardworking doing my assignments and focusing on my soon-to-be-my-worst-nightmare final project for my masters but let’s say that I’m easily distracted. Nah, I’m lying. I’m a huge ass procrastinator. I’m honest, at least so I have credit for that! 

What I have been doing lately was watching some Hong Kong Cantonese drama which I have bought when I was in Malaysia for my summer holidays and yes it does comes with English subtitles because I’m don’t understand the Chinese language even if it kills me. But I normally love watching these dramas when they are set in the olden days. Where they have to wear those many layers of clothing, hair tied up and have fanciful ornaments and the martial arts which I know that in the drama it’s all bogus but it is because I’m easily amused by it so I be all starry eyed when I see some kung fu moves. It’s like giving a kid ice cream and they will be all starry eyed and loves you to bits. Now you know my secret to getting kids to love me. Ha!

Then I have also been watching some anime on my hard disks, mainly Bleach as I was trying to catch up with my old episodes but now I have stopped watching it because I wanted my brains to take a brain from watching way too much anime before I turned into a 2d anime character which no matter how much I bleed I still can save the day or no matter how deep my wound is, I still managed to survive just by some superb healing skills. 

Also I have been watching some English dramas such as Castle, it’s very interesting. Do watch it, basically a mystery novelist and sexy cop become partners to solve crimes. Then I also started watching NCIS, another mystery solving drama based mainly for marines though I shouldn’t start eating food when I watch it because when the doctor does autopsy on the corpse and it shows all the internal organs and stuffs like that (yes, I know it’s fake still) I just get grossed out. I have low tolerance to these kinds of things. I know, it’s pathetic. 

Ah! Just today I was watching this video blogger on youtube, Natalie Tran. I was reading through some men’s style magazine (don’t ask) and they were doing a list of 23 real sexy, real women thing and she was one of them and I decided to check her out. She’s awesome and hilarious and some of the stuffs she says or do I can relate to it. Do watch her if you have the time, maybe you don’t get her. Maybe you think she’s just another psychotic blogger. To me, she’s awesome. Even though I just started watching her…so go watch her cause I asked you to!

I have to get back to editing my essay now so..have a great day!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chapter : A Long Distance Date

A very interesting day happened. For the first time in my entire life, I actually experienced a long distance date with someone. Yes, you are reading it right, LONG distance date. So one might think how the world can that exists? Apparently in my world, it does
Well, the special person (my date) prepared some stuffs for me to read and follow like a treasure map but not quite searching for a treasure you know? I don’t know how to explain it but I hope somehow you are able to get a picture.
So waking up and getting ready to set off for my little adventure! Though it is supposedly to be winter, but the weather was really hot as though it was still summer! I was actually sweating under the sun walking around. It was interesting because I get to know my date better though he was like gazillion miles away. It’s like talking to yourself but not quite because you are actually reading what was written on the paper and pretending to have a normal conversation with the person in your head. Oh dear, I’m spewing nonsense. Let’s move on…
Walking around South Brisbane then towards South Bank where I normally attend my classes there. My date told me to text him when I arrived at the Graduate Center. So I did, and then he told me to find an “alphabet” looking structure and there would be a note for me. Honestly speaking, I got freaked out because I was like a note, for me? In the structure? Am I being stalked? So like looking around my surroundings thinking there would be a suspicious looking person keeping watch at me knowing my every move while I approached the structure and truthfully enough there was a note there and I was like super spooked because I was like thinking, how in the world did the note get there? Then I remembered that I read stuffs about him leaving notes previous for a girl that he used to like. So I assumed that the note was left for her two years ago, surviving the rain, wind and sun. It’s like the Holy Grail in paper form! But later he told me that he asked an accomplice to help him put the note there and I was like thinking that I have finally retrieved a “holy grail”!
Continuing my journey, walking across the bridge while reading the stuffs that was written in the paper, I realized that my date has a very interesting past when it comes to girlfriends and drunken friends. At least he did know how to enjoy life to the fullest. That’s a great positive thinking in life there! so eventually our date came to an end because there wasn’t anything left for me to follow. It’s an interesting thing because I took pictures of the places that I visited while holding a so called mug shot of his face with me. Passerby’s thought that I was insane because I was taking pictures of a paper with a person’s face against the background using my PHONE. Yeah, I didn’t have a camera because the battery wasn’t charged properly hence I had to use my alternative camera. My phone.   
Went back home, edited the stuffs and send to my date and hopefully he enjoyed himself as much as I did while smiling like an idiot taking pictures of a paper within a background. Maybe they know that I’m an animator, hence known as an art student so therefore the reason and understanding why I would be taking pictures of a paper. Us art students have the license to be unreasonable and crazy.
Now I have to get back to work. Final year in my Masters and I’m praying really hard that I will be able to succeed in whatever I have to do. Wish me luck my dear people!