Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chapter : Call Me Ahmad.

So my sister is getting married this Saturday and there are loads of things needed to be done. I took leave from work since Tuesday and only will be returning work on Wednesday, the 17th. Basically I’m her “driver” for the entire week till the wedding day itself. I brought her to do her make-up trial, pick her Australian friends up from the airport and brought them sight-seeing; send them back to the hotel, run some errands for my mom and many more. 

Attended my sister’s registration and have to wake up at 5 in the morning to get ready because my sister and I are sharing the room and there’s only one bathroom for us to share. My house is currently being occupied by my grandmother and godparents, they are here to help up with all the preparations that’s needed for the wedding.

Soon my entire relatives including nephews and nieces will be arriving and the entire house will be filled with noise and laughter. Once the wedding is over, the house will be quiet once again and my sister will officially “move” out of the house to stay with her husband. For the first time in years my sister will be able to celebrate Chinese New Year with the entire family though my dad and my youngest brother will be leaving to Australia on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year because my youngest brother will be studying there.

Then my sister and my other brother only be leaving on the 4th day of Chinese New Year and the house will only have my mom and I. It will be tough for my mom to endure the “loneliness” for a few months because she’s used to have my youngest brother around accompanying her everywhere. Hopefully my mom will finally find some hobbies to keep her occupied while I’m at work or meeting up with some friends and the boyfriend once in a while.

Till then, I will write a new post, probably slightly more detailed about the things that happened during the week of preparation to the wedding day itself. 

Who knew that there are so many things needed to be done? My dad said that it’s better to elope than to do all these preparations. He told me, “Ting, the next time when you want to get married, just elope. I will even provide the money for you. Less troublesome and I will save more!” You know, I actually thought it was a pretty decent idea, but would love to wear a wedding dress at least if I’m eloping or something. Just kidding, I will never elope..............right?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chapter : Cooking Together for The First Time.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me because it was the first time the boyfriend and I decided to cook something together. The recipe of the day was Curry Chicken Katsu. The boyfriend prepared the Chicken Katsu while I cooked the Japanese Curry. Well, mine was an easy task to achieve whereas the boyfriend had quite a bit of steps to do...

His mom and aunt were curious to see what we were up too because according to his mom, the boyfriend rarely cooks so it was a surprise for her to see him on his own account, to go all out to prepare something and cook. He look like a little boy learning how to prepare his own meal, it was really a sight to see. Wished I could record it because he was asking his mom what to do or how to make it better that sort of thing. It was really a sight to see. 

I was watching the boyfriend marinating the chicken with pepper, salt and flour then covering it with beaten eggs and covering it with breadcrumbs then watching him frying it. He looked so serious with the task he was doing. He took the harder task from me whereas I just have to peel the potatoes and carrots and cut the onions. Then boil the potatoes and carrots until they are soft before frying them together in the pan with the onions. After frying them, then only I add water for it to boil before dunking in the instant Japanese curry paste into the broth. The only mistake I did was accidentally putting the corn starch straight into the mixture before diluting it with water. 

Everything turned out alright thought the boyfriend said that he wasn’t happy with his Chicken Katsu and hopefully next time he can make it better. Well, after all, there’s always a first time for everything. At least we can learn from our mistake and hope that we can make it better. But it was a lovely experience to cook something with the boyfriend and in hopes that we will try something else again together.

The only picture of our final masterpiece is with the boyfriend’s phone. See whether I can get the picture from him and post it up here. 


The boyfriend gave me the picture of our "masterpiece". 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Chapter : Welcome the Year 2012.

New Year’s Eve 2011, I didn’t get to spend with the boyfriend. Instead I was back in my hometown because I had prayers for my late grandfather. Even though last year I did managed to spend it with the boyfriend, unfortunately, he was ill therefore he had to head back early and we didn’t get to do the countdown nor see the fireworks together. At least we managed to wish each other Happy New Year first before the clock strike 12 because we know that the lines will be jam by then. 

My New Year’s Eve was boring. There wasn’t anything to do, so I just sat at home, played some games on the iTouch and slept. When the clock struck 12, I heard fireworks, but I couldn’t see it. So I slept after that...the boyfriend called me to wish me Happy New Year but it was too noisy and he couldn’t hear me though I could hear him. The only noise I could hear in Malacca was motorcycles passing by honking.

How can I summarize up my 2011? A lot has happened within this year, a lot of sadness and happiness combined to make me the person I am today.

  1. I have been working for a year.
  2. I managed to complete my first freelance job.
  3. Had my first vacation with the boyfriend
  4. Missed out on my first group vacation with my girlfriends.
  5. Planned a surprised birthday dinner for the boyfriend.
  6. Had a lovely birthday celebration.
  7. Spent karaoking until 4 am.
  8. Met Sylvia’s boyfriend for the first time.
  9. Was given a pair of white gold earrings for Christmas.
  10. Made new friends and gotten closer to some of them unexpectedly.

I was never the type that would like to make New Year’s resolution because I know for a fact that I can never fulfil them. It’s like people making a resolution that they will lose weight and stuffs but never got to it in the end. I tried making some resolutions before but in the end I never get to them. Maybe I have achieved one out of the many and that’s about it. 

Let’s hope that this year would be another great year for me and to everyone else too.