Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chapter : 3 YEARS!

Wow, I can’t believe that I actually have this blog so 3 years already! Though I’m not much of a blogger because I rarely update my blog and half the time most of the stuffs I write in here are just for my own personal ramblings and not much of “stuffs-that-you-can-learn”.

Maybe some might find “enlightenment” by reading my blog because at times I will go into a deep thought and talk about life. Ha, funny…me talking about life when at times I barely manage to get my life together! But looking back at all my entries, which there isn’t much to begin with, I have realized that I somewhat grew up? I’m not sure how to say it.

It is like looking back at my old artworks from my college days (well, I did it yesterday!) and laughing at all my hideous artworks that I have drawn or reminiscing all those sleepless nights which I have to go through in order to complete my assignments. Those were all the fun times. It is like my blog, laughing at all the posts that I have written and remembering all those good times which I have blogged about in my entries. I also found one of my OLD diaries which I have written when I was a teen (oh my, am I THAT old?!!) and I was laughing at how childish I was then.
Now, I do admit that I’m still childish, after all, I still have my childish heart keep within me but when the time comes for me to act like an adult, I would. Not like last time where I feel that the entire world is going against me or my parents are out to get me and stuffs like that. I just decided to take things as it goes though I admit that I have my outbursts once in a while but I’m a happier person now. I don’t fight with my parents that often, most of the time it is just a few disagreements here and there and everything will be back to normal unlike those times where every single day without fail (okay, I think not that much…) that I would argue with my parents over the silliest matter. I guess I have learnt to accept everything that is thrown to me and then forgetting it. Less stress, more life, more laughter. You will look younger too! Ha!
So till then, a short entry from me because I tend to write a novel which half the time doesn’t make sense! To my blog, I know I’m late, but HAPPY 3 YEARS!