Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter : Reading Old Entries Brings Back Memories.

Reading back through my old entries that I have posted in here made me realized that the way how I look things in life pretty much haven’t changed I guess. The only thing I managed to point out is that I may have slightly matured throughout these years. But not only that I have realized that I have this blog for quite some time now and I barely update it! Talk about being lazy!

I guess reading back those entries really triggered some hidden memories. Pretty amusing to read how I have grown, meet new people, going for interviews or getting together with someone and then breaking up. I guess having a blog really helps u grow in a way I guess. You get to pour your heart out and wouldn’t careless who would read it unless you are a famous blogger where everyone in the world knows your blog link and you have to write to entertain them instead of being overly sentimental in your entries.

Just reading my old entries made me smile because it shows that what I have been through that made me become who I am today. I guess maybe when I return to Malaysia for my summer holidays and probably there is much more exciting entries for me to write about. Who knows maybe something unusual will happen to me during my holidays. Well, it is always good to unexpect the unexpected. Maybe I will meet more new people, or gain a closer friendship with the people I have known or even meeting up with long lost friends! These ideas are making my heart filled with excitement. I just can’t wait to return now.

On the lighter note, my deadlines for my assignments are slowly approaching but looking on the bright side it shows that I’m one step closer to completing the semester and can fully embark on my holiday journey! Just a little reminder for myself of what I need to complete.

  1. AIL - due on Monday, 2nd of November
  2. Visual Art Essay - due on Wednesday, 4th of November
  3. CGI Environments - due on Wednesday, 11th of November
After these then I can officially say that I’m free from assignments! Then I need to do these things before I head back to Malaysia.

  1. Pack the room because shifting house
  2. Pack my back because I’m flying back
  3. Remember to wash the sheets
  4. Vacuum the room
  5. Check whether there is duct tape to tape the boxes

Hopefully I will be able to complete all of these before I return to Malaysia! My heart is getting all excited because just knowing that I will be able to breathe the polluted air and meeting all those nasty and rude people who spits, smoke, doesn’t follow rules nor drives according to the rules makes me feel right at home again. But you do know that it is a joke, right?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chapter : A Step Forward.

I wished a certain someone happy birthday yesterday and he replied thanks. It was funny though cause a very good friend of mine came spamming on my MSN but I was already asleep because he was worried that I would brood over that particular someone. I gladly told him that he and I was an item and now he has moved on pretty quickly and I too have moved on though it took awhile. I’m taking a step forward and never two steps back. Maybe that should be my next motto. If I fall behind, I will pick myself up and start looking forward again.

True, I have been wounded by people countless times and letting them trample on my heart yet I am grateful because I have awesome people surrounding me supporting me whenever I’m down. But on the other hand, I feel quite content with myself right now because I can fully enjoy myself without any strings attached. I don’t want to say “I want to be single for the entire year!!” because I know that the more I say it, the more it won’t happen. Instead, I tend to say “if it comes, it comes. If it doesn’t, just go with the flow.” Why bother searching for THE ONE when you can just enjoy your life with friends and families to the fullest and let fate do its job?

I believe that there is someone for everyone in this world. It is just that whether they are lucky to find them or not. In my opinion, I feel that this year is the year that it is filled with loads of dramas. I see people getting together then breaking up, I see people whom I thought that they will last forever break up and also I see people breaking up because of various reasons. But on the other hand, it is also the year filled with joyous occasions! People are getting engaged and married or newly found loves. Well, like what I would say that it is all about balance. Like what my Geography teacher used to say “God is very fair. For an example, if the country always has volcanoes eruptions but they will have very good soil for them to plant.” I think it is somewhat along these lines but I find it quite true. God is indeed very fair. There is always the good and the bad. Hmm, another example, if you suffered from a bad break up, just look forward because there will be others! But I guess that particular example everyone knows it by heart.

So in the end, life is just very complicated. We just have to live it to the fullest. We aren’t immortals. Just take one step at a time, never look back and I’m sure that you will be able to look at life in a more positive point of view.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chapter : Thrilled the World.

Well, this is the first time in a long while where I am actually updating my blog fairly often! Surprising even for myself! I know that I shouldn’t be typing an entry but instead I should be focusing on my assignments but I guess I want to have a little break before working throughout the entire night suffering and thinking ways to fix the glitches that I am facing.

On the side note, I am proud to say that I’m part of the world record and I have THRILLED THE WORLD! I actually joined the Thriller dance today at Brisbane Square and I must say that I really enjoyed myself! Though I have to admit that I did some tiny mistakes in the dance routines but I managed to cover it up somehow. After all, the choreographer said that we are all joining the dance just to have fun. Well, I DID.

We arrived at the meet up point, Mad Dance House at 9am and everyone was there in their zombie costumes, putting on some makeup, adding more blood to their faces or adding more white “paint” in hopes to make themselves look “dead”. Though in my opinion, they look more like very freaky looking mimes. My sister bought some fancy Halloween thing-a-ma-jig make up where it looks like you will have bruises, blood or even stitches. It was quite fun putting it on because you can just simply paint your face (probably the only time) and don’t have to bother whether it looks good on you or not!

By 10.10am, us zombies left Mad Dance House and went to the Brisbane Square where we would be performing the Thriller dance at 10.30am sharp and also 350 cities (or was it countries now…I’m confused) would also dance at the exact same time and we would be achieving a new world record for the largest amount of people around the world dancing Thriller at the same time.

The weather was pretty hot and with the costumes and all, doesn’t help. We had to lie down on the ground for a good whole 3 minutes and we were sweating and I could actually feel the sun burning through my clothes. Thankfully, I didn’t get sunburn or a tan. Well, I would want stripes tans all over my body because I was wearing a ripped t-shirt that used to belong to my sister’s boyfriend. I really enjoyed myself ripping the shirt to shreds. It is a great way to release your stress. Seriously.

For a good whole 3 minutes of the entire song, everyone danced and enjoyed themselves. When it was all over, I was a bit sad because it ended so soon. I have heard that it is an annual thing and Malaysia actually participated as well. Maybe next year I might join in the fun again but then, I would be in Malaysia working unless I managed to find a job in Australia…Hmmm, decisions decision. But my heart is set on heading back to Malaysia to work and gain all the experience I need and then slowly work my way up.

Now, I will enjoy my life, focus on my studies and heck, take things slowly yet live life to the fullest! Don’t you agree?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter : An "Early" Entry

I just got back from my university around 2 something in the morning because I was there doing my assignments which is due on Monday morning. I know that should be resting now but I can’t understand why am I so wide awake, thus an entry for my blog!

I think like this week, next week and the week after that would be the busiest week for me ever! Why? well, it is because I have an assignment due on Monday, been staying back in university for a week just to complete my assignments and worried whether I would be able to pass the class because I have no idea what is required for the class. Then after handing up this particular assignment, I am able to take a breather for a day then start working on my essay which is two thousand words (I know some of you might think it is petty amount but I suck at writing essays) then after handing that up on Wednesday, I then take another day breather then only start working on my last assignment which is 3D environment modeling. I have completed one scene, just two more to go…unless I use the same particular file which I did today as part of my work then I would have completed one and a half scene. Hmm, maybe I should.

Okay, senseless talking to self. Then after ALL of the assignments are done, I have to pack my room and my other stuffs because I would be shifting to a brand new spanking home! Will take pictures when I move in but till then, just enjoy these long, long, long “story”.

On the other note, I really want to join the Thriller dance which is happening this Sunday at 10.30am!! But I’m worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete my assignment then on the other hand, I feel that I have completed all my required stuffs just that I’m currently facing some glitches which I don’t know how to fix until I receive an email from my lecturer. So I’m contemplating whether I should go to the practice on Saturday then join in for the Thriller dance though I haven’t even gotten myself a costume yet. Maybe I should start ripping some clothes and wear my worn out shoes or something. I also just found out that the Thriller dance that I want to participate in would be achieving a worldwide record because apparently 350 countries would be dancing Thriller at the exact SAME time. How awesome is that?!!  

Maybe I would be able to watch it on YouTube in university while I brood over my assignments and say to myself, “I could be one of those people dancing their heart out to Thriller!!” Just hope that my lecturer would be able to provide me the solution by 12pm later today and I would be able to JOIN in the Thriller dance!! Then you can spot the hideous looking wooden dancer among the crowd. It wouldn’t be that hard to spot me dancing. Seriously, I dance really badly.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chapter : Updates!

Ah, it has been ages since I last wrote in my blog. People keep asking me, “When are you going to update your blog? It has been ages!!!”
Yeah, I know that I haven’t been doing a great job lately updating my blog. I guess I am too lazy to even bother writing up interesting things that is happening in my life.
Well, to summarize things up what happen within the past….err…when did I last blog in here…wow, in July. Now that is long. I apologize to those who keep checking my page and see a very old post still remaining. I’m so sorry! Anyway, summary!
1. My boyfriend (now ex) came to visit me in Brisbane, and then broke up with me. Now he is together with another girl. We officially broke up on the 7th of August. You do the math.
2. Living life to the fullest.
3. Was depressed lost all my weight, now putting them back because I am not depressed anymore!
4. Realizes that some things are way better in life.
5. Friends are always the best thing that you could ever have. Never ever forget them!
6. Found out things that I never knew before. Man, talk about knowing true colours!
7. Graduated with a degree and now pursuing my masters. Though a bit regretful for doing so.
8. Parents gave me an awesome graduation present EVER! I got two ball jointed dolls that costs a bomb!
9. Flying back to Malaysia around November.
10. Meeting old friends which I haven’t spoken to in years!
I think that somewhat summarizes things up. I know that I should be posting about what happened to my ex and stuffs like that but hey, not like he is going to find out anyway! Yes, I know this particular entry is a very bitchy one and I am sorry but I’m just typing what is going on in my head right. For all I know, he might be saying something else about me. One thing I have to give credit to him is that, he is the only guy that I have managed to sustain a long term relationship. Literally. A year and half is really long.
It’s my blog, who say that I can’t update my entries the way I want it to be? If you think this is bitchy, well thank you. Maybe I’m just sorting my emotions right now. I cried way too much. Held onto the past FAR too long. Looking forward, smiling and enjoying. At times, it makes you wonder, who says single life is depressing?