Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chapter : Reading Old Entries Brings Back Memories.

Reading back through my old entries that I have posted in here made me realized that the way how I look things in life pretty much haven’t changed I guess. The only thing I managed to point out is that I may have slightly matured throughout these years. But not only that I have realized that I have this blog for quite some time now and I barely update it! Talk about being lazy!

I guess reading back those entries really triggered some hidden memories. Pretty amusing to read how I have grown, meet new people, going for interviews or getting together with someone and then breaking up. I guess having a blog really helps u grow in a way I guess. You get to pour your heart out and wouldn’t careless who would read it unless you are a famous blogger where everyone in the world knows your blog link and you have to write to entertain them instead of being overly sentimental in your entries.

Just reading my old entries made me smile because it shows that what I have been through that made me become who I am today. I guess maybe when I return to Malaysia for my summer holidays and probably there is much more exciting entries for me to write about. Who knows maybe something unusual will happen to me during my holidays. Well, it is always good to unexpect the unexpected. Maybe I will meet more new people, or gain a closer friendship with the people I have known or even meeting up with long lost friends! These ideas are making my heart filled with excitement. I just can’t wait to return now.

On the lighter note, my deadlines for my assignments are slowly approaching but looking on the bright side it shows that I’m one step closer to completing the semester and can fully embark on my holiday journey! Just a little reminder for myself of what I need to complete.

  1. AIL - due on Monday, 2nd of November
  2. Visual Art Essay - due on Wednesday, 4th of November
  3. CGI Environments - due on Wednesday, 11th of November
After these then I can officially say that I’m free from assignments! Then I need to do these things before I head back to Malaysia.

  1. Pack the room because shifting house
  2. Pack my back because I’m flying back
  3. Remember to wash the sheets
  4. Vacuum the room
  5. Check whether there is duct tape to tape the boxes

Hopefully I will be able to complete all of these before I return to Malaysia! My heart is getting all excited because just knowing that I will be able to breathe the polluted air and meeting all those nasty and rude people who spits, smoke, doesn’t follow rules nor drives according to the rules makes me feel right at home again. But you do know that it is a joke, right?

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