Sunday, June 27, 2010

Chapter : Updates

Oh my! It is almost towards the end of June! I have been busy completing my project for my masters and I can happily say that I’m FREE!! Well, not quite…I still have my freelance job to do which I have put on hold for a really long time. I’m so sorry Rowan. 

Hoping that I will pass all my subjects with flying colours because if I do fail one subject (touch wood!) I would not know how to overcome it. Plus, I wouldn’t know what am I suppose to do after that. Either I retake the subject or just fly back to KL and start looking for jobs. It’s nerve-wrecking thinking about this. But I shall put that aside…

It’s funny how everyone is crazy over World Cup (well, most people I know judging from the countless twitter spam) whereas I was one of the few who was working and staying overnight in uni and couldn’t care less who was playing against who nor who was in or out of the game. Now I catch a glimpse of the game because my brother watches it late at night when I’m busy surfing the web on my laptop and have to shush my brother when he started cheering or commenting how bad the player kick the ball or something because it’s really late and I do not want to wake the entire household.

July is fast approaching and my entire family will be reunited to celebrate my dad’s 55th birthday and his retirement. I can’t believe that my dad is already retired, I have already completed my studies (still waiting for the results) and my sister got engaged. It’s kind of hard to think of my dad as a retired man and thinking that my sister will be getting married soon. I still find it hard to call Patrick as my sister’s fiancĂ© because I was so used to introducing him as my sister’s boyfriend. 

One time I overheard my sister talking to her best friend on the phone about the wedding thing and I remembered my sister saying that she wants a themed wedding. A. Themed. Wedding. I’m hoping that she will eventually change her mind because I fear that the entire “theme” that she was going for is based on colours and knowing her favourite colour is pink…okay, I do not want to go there...on the other hand, I do know that my sister wants to buy a wedding gown so she could keep it and probably pass it down to her children in the future like how my mom kept her own wedding gown in hopes that one of her daughters would wear it. Okay, I think she hopes that one of her daughters would wear it because she kept saying that we couldn’t fit into her cheongsam that she wore during her wedding or something…I don’t remember the details. 

I’m just imagining how big would the wedding would be since my sister is the eldest daughter and the first born child in the family…man, I wonder how many tables we would have judging on how many relatives we have plus my sister’s friends and my parent’s friends…but that is not a thing for me to worry because it will be handled by my sister and possibly a wedding planner and my parents. I just have to attend the wedding and hoping to “torture” the groom when the time comes. Boy, I’m such a sadist. 

All in all, I just hope when my sister gets married, my relatives wouldn’t come torturing me with the ever famous question, “So, when is your turn?”