Friday, June 17, 2011

Chapter : Clearing My Head.

Lately I have been out almost every single day to meet the boyfriend or to hang out with my friends. Last week alone I have been out with the boyfriend almost every single day. We hung out to watch movies at the cinema or just merely hanging was lovely.

Yesterday I was out with my girlfriends and it has been months since the four of us got together just to catch up with each other’s life. Sadly, one had to leave because she had deadlines so she went back to her office which was located right in the heart of town. 

One of our many discussions was hobbies, business and making monies. Well, best friend A always had the passion to sew and create things and was thinking of making a business out of it. Best friend B too had the passion to learn how to sew, create things AND also sculpting. So I just randomly suggested that both of them should just start a business together to sell their handicrafts once they polished their skills and I would just become their promoter. They actually considered it!

Well, I could say these are just ideas that we have in our head but it’s all up to us whether we want to pursue it and make it happen. True, there’s a HUGE risk to take, but if one is afraid of the risks, they wouldn’t succeed in life, no? Not sure whether I’m saying it right...

Remember the post on my quarter life crisis? I have been thinking a hell lot. How am I supposed to get some side income? Some said freelance, some said sell insurances and some said start your own business. Freelance, I’m not that confident with my current works hence I have been researching and trying to learn some tricks and trades that would help me enhance my skills. Hopefully I could polish my skills and be ready to take on some projects on my own.

Friends suggested me to sell insurances because I can bullshit a lot. Not sure whether they meant it in a good way or not. But I don’t want to sell insurances because I know how annoying it can be, constantly persuading someone into buying things when they don’t need it or already have.

Then it’s starting your own’s not an easy task to do. You have to put in your heart and soul into starting something and hoping it will become something. Plus knowing what risks factors are out there sometimes puts you off. Best friend A said, "one must have the courage to be daring enough to just do it. You want to sell something, just do it. You must have the guts!"

To me, depending what kind of business you’re planning to venture into...first you must look out what competitors are out there. Then you must think of a way to make YOUR business stands out. What’s so different about it? What would attract customers to want your product or services? Well, there’s more of course...but with all these factors to think about, we must do heavy duty research. If not, it would shut us down instantly. 

I always like to joke to my friends who have a business proposal and they shared their ideas with me. If they have an idea of a business that they want to start, I would become their promoter and business partner. I would chip in some money for them to start it and would just help them promote their product or services to people because I said, "I can’t cook, sew, plant, sculpt, bake or any other fancy mancy things you guys can do. The only “tool” I have is my mouth. Hope that it would help somehow." Funnily enough, some actually considered my offer, saying, “Sure why not? We would love you to become our business partner,” or “Of course! You very good at talking!!!”

Sometimes I wish I had my mom’s sense of the business traits. Her side of the family are into business and stuffs like that. It actually makes me want to become their apprentice and learn from them. How in the world could they just think like that? How in the world they could be so ingenious?  Do their brains function differently from non-business people?

Oh well, these are just thoughts in my head. Maybe I should read more about them...the art of business, the art of investing, and the art of God-knows-what-else.

Man, I wonder whether my brain could take all these shits.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter : Cheesecake Success!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday so I decided to do something really out from the blue. I have decided to bake a cake for her birthday. Well, you see, I’m not kind of person who can cook or this is a big accomplishment for me.

The day before her birthday, I went over to my godmother’s house to bake the cake and also needed her guidance to help me complete the actual cake itself. So straight after work, I rushed to her house and after I ate dinner which she prepared, we started baking the cake!

To cut story short, I managed to complete a basic cheesecake with Oreo as its base. Little did I know that hiding the cake from my own mom is the simplest thing to achieve! Just move some jars and used them to cover the cake and it’s done! 

My dad brought us to some Chinese restaurant for dinner and then I was really excited to go home and prepare the cake. I gave a candle for my mom to blow out because if I put her actual age, she will probably scold me...but the expression on my mom’s face was classic. 

It’s because whenever it comes to celebrating my parent’s birthday, they never had their own candle to blow out or cake to cut into so I decided a small change for once. So my mom gets to experienced cake cutting and making the wish process. 

Mom said the cake wasn’t bad and I brought some for the boyfriend and his family to try and they liked it. It makes me happy to see people liking what I cooked for them...or maybe they are just being nice. I don’t know. 

Maybe I will try something else another day. Should I bake one for the boyfriend? Hopefully he will tell me what cake he really likes...I still have yet to make Japanese curry for him too...good Lord, I’m cooking and baking. Who am I?