Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chapter : Food List II

Updating the food list because the boyfriend asked me too...well, also because whenever I asked him what he has for lunch he would say something then I would start to crave for it too...


  1. Chee Cheong Fun
  2. Curry Laksa
  3. Tom Yum Mee Hoon
  4. Bachang
  5. Lemang
  6. Steamboat
  7. Dim Sum
  8. Bak Kut Teh
  9. Loh Bak
  10. Nasi Briyani
  11. Ramlee Burger (ate Otai Burger, it's the same to me!!)
  12. Rojak Buah
  13. Nasi Kandar
  14. Loh Mai Kai

Shit, all these food listing is making me hungry...but I can’t think of anymore!!

Chapter: The Confusing Question

Ever since I started dating again, I have been constantly bombarded with these questions, “How are things with so and so? Are you guys okay?” Be it from the MOM, relatives or friends, they never fail to raise these questions at me. For an example,

Person A: So I have heard you have got a new boyfriend!

Me: Yeah...

Person A: How long already?

Me: Err...Four months plus...I think...

Person A: Oh! Good good...so how are things with you and him? Are you guys okay?

Me: Yeah...why?

Person A: Oh...just asking...

And then the topic changes...it happens almost EVERY SINGLE TIME. Why is that? Are they just curious or are they concern because they know what happened between me and the last ex? Okay, if you’re not convinced...here’s another example...

Friend L: Hey! How’s things? Job hunting going alright?

Me: Still jobless and living off my parents and soon sucking them dry...hahahah

Friend L: Aww, don’t worry! I’m sure you’ll get a job soon!!

Me: Thanks! Then I'm able to pay the debts back that I owe...to my parents...

Friend L: Hahaha, hey...how’s things with you and your boyfriend? You guys doing alright?

Me: Yeah...why?

Friend L: Nothing, just curious you know...

Then the topic changes again...It’s driving me crazy! Can someone please explain to me what these means? Do I sound depressed when I’m talking with them that makes them assume that there’s something wrong? Are they expecting something?

Do let me know. I’m trying to understand why are they always asking me these questions...or do you get these questions also? Or it’s just ME?