Friday, August 24, 2007

Chapter : The Date

I have decided to update since I will be flying off to Brisbane this Sunday for a weeks’ holiday despite the fact that the main reason I’m going there is to check out the universities there and also visit my sister. I will try my best to have fun even though my dad would mostly be with me three quarter of the time but I am keeping my hopes up that he will give me a certain amount to spend and let me do a little bit of shopping. My sister emailed me saying that the weather is pretty cold right now so she suggested us to bring some warm clothes. Well, I don’t really mind I guess since half the time Malaysia is burning hot.

Nicole is back from the US for a while but I couldn’t catch up with her because I was busy with my portfolios and packing the things that I am suppose to bring to Brisbane. To make matters worse, I barely completed my portfolio and I have finally resolved into just chucking in what I have now just to give to the universities. At least for what’s worth, I have submitted something, I guess. I just hope that I will be able to see her before she flies back to US. But unfortunately I am coming back on the 3rd of September and I have the feeling somehow that she would be on her way back to the states.

Speaking of the States, my high school friend, Irene just left to Minnesota to study there. She left on Monday and Allie, Naveen and I went to see her off. Actually we didn’t really see her off because we arrived at the airport so late that she has already checked in. Luckily enough that we managed to catch her and pass her the present before she went in. She reached at US, 33 hours later. That is freaking long if you tell me. I just wonder what happens if I am going to study in Canada if I do get in, how long my flight would take. I wonder.

Since I have already started talking about high school friends, well I guess it is time to explain a tad bit what is going on with my “love” life. Ha. Honestly speaking, after meeting up with him, he and I just gotten closer without me realizing. I mean I just found out that he was actually going after me even though he gave such pretty obvious hints such as

“Yeah, you are so pretty already. I should just go after you.”
“Sure a lot of guys go after you, since you are so pretty already. Don’t know whether I have the chance or not.”

“Haih, I wish you are here with me.”

“I wish I was there with you right now. But unfortunately I can’t.”

And half the time I was pretty oblivious to that remarks because I thought he was joking until we went out on a date. Actually he asked me first but I have previous engagement to attend and had to decline his offer but eventually I called him up and asked him out for dinner instead just to “repay” his invitation. He picked me up from my house around 7 something and then we left for dinner. The conversation went like this,

“Where do you want to eat?” he asked.

“Me? I don’t know. You picked me up, why don’t you decide?” I replied.

“Huh? Me? Why must be me? I bring you out mah, so you decide where to eat,” he said.

“I am a very simple person. Eat at mamak stalls or hawker stalls also can. As long there is food and drink,” I said.

“Simple person ar, I see. Hmm…” he replied and begins to think for a bit. Then he said, “Okay, have you been to San Francisco Steakhouse?”

“Yeah. But that was a really long time ago,” I said.

“Okay, do you want to eat there?” he asked.

I was startled at first because that place is pretty expensive even for a teenager that isn’t working but I did say okay and we went there for dinner. I was joking with him saying,

“Wah, suddenly you are so rich can bring us go eat at San Fran?”

“No lah, I asked for my allowance in advance so can bring you go eat nice food mah,” was his reply.

“Huh? Really? But you don’t have too. I have already told you that I am a pretty simple girl. Don’t really need to eat such fancy food,” I said.

He just laughed and when we reached there I felt really awkward walking into the place because it seems that the restaurant was mostly adults or families dining. So I felt out of place walking in there as though we are some rich people eating fancy food on a weekday. We sat down and I left the food ordering to him. While waiting for our food to arrive we just started talking about ourselves or what we have been up too for the past few years because we haven’t kept in touch after we left high school.

When the food arrived, he did the “honours” serving the food because we decided to share the food between us because I told him that I couldn’t consume a lot which is technically true due to the fact that I have gotten sick for a week and the capacity of me able to shove food down my throat is pretty limited. After we ate our fill he paid for the bill which he paid it of course in cash. I wanted to pour in my part of the bill but he refused because he said that he is bringing me out on a date or something like that.

After dinner we head off to One Utama to catch a movie because I said that since it was still pretty early, we should just catch a movie. I suggested the Simpsons because I haven’t watched it yet and my fellow friends told me that it was good. He agreed to it and he bought the tickets. While waiting in line, I felt that he was really extremely close to me in a sense I could feel his hands sometimes holding my hand or putting it around my waist. I didn’t flinch of course because I was just acting as though I felt nothing.

Inside the cinema which was pretty empty because the Simpsons have been out for quite sometime and most of the people probably have watched it already. When the show started, it was pretty normal because he and I were at our seats and watching, then suddenly his hands just took mine and held it. I guess I felt comfortable with it because I haven’t held hands with a guy for quite sometime I suppose? I don’t know. But later on I realized that I was putting my head on his shoulder and was still holding hands with him. After the movie he sends me back home, and I gave him a kiss on a cheek to thank him for the dinner and movie.

Since that night, he and I have been visiting each other’s houses just to meet up and talk and to tell you the truth, one time when we hanging out at my place, we have progressed to a certain stage where we weren’t only hugging or pecking each other on the cheek. It is more like we are just pecking each other on the lips. It felt really awkward since we were doing it outside my house and half the time we were afraid that my dad would come and catch us hanging out together holding hands. Now this is where my problems come in.

I have been telling everyone that I really enjoyed my single life and when I stumbled upon him and dating him which I am serious that he and I aren’t attached but just on the dating basis to see whether we are suitable with each other. It seems that it is fun because I can have fun with no strings attached but something just kept bothering me because he has calls from a girl and well I do know which girl calls him even though I haven’t met her before but just know her name.

I shouldn’t be jealous or anything because he and I are just dating that is what I have felt. But seeing him always talking to her I asked him why isn’t he with her as in dating her. He said that it couldn’t work out or something I couldn’t remember and it got me thinking. Will this be the same thing like my last ex? Paranoia engulfed me because I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me again. Even though if it does, I can take it but I just don’t want to be treated as a fool I suppose.

So now, I am trying my best to keep my distance from him and hope that I wouldn’t be so involved with him. I mean our relationship is okay in a sense that we can talk about anything and make each other laugh but it seems that we barely text message each other nor call each other to begin with. So most of the time I am the one who starts the conversation with him then he will only reply but only a few times for that matter. For what is worth, I have a feeling that I should just enjoy this while I can and see how things go. It is because I will probably flying overseas and will be meeting more new candidates there, right? Who knows?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Chapter: Hanging Out with High School Friends

Just yesterday I went out to the Curve to meet up with my old high school friends. I haven’t kept in touch with them for around three years plus if I am not mistaken. Anyway, the reason for the meet up is because Irene will be leaving to the U.S. to further her studies so she decided for all of us to meet up one last time before she go. If I can remember correctly, she would be studying there for a year majoring in Psychology.

Naveen was supposed to pick me and another friend, Teck Fann up but then he overslept and in the end luckily Seng Hon came to save the day. Well, more like he called me saying that he could pick me up since he has took the car out for the day. Pity the poor guy because in the end, he was one of the drivers to drive all of us home. He picked up Teck Fann and Naveen from their houses and we headed off to the Curve.

Something funny happened when we arrived at the Curve. Teck Fann called Pei Ling to find out where was she and we were surprised that we found out that she was at One Utama waiting for us there. I took the phone from Teck Fann and told her that Allie told me that we were supposed to meet up at the Curve. Later on I called Allie and she confirmed with me that the place she was meeting up was at the Curve, so in the end, poor Pei Ling have no choice but to drive all the way to the Curve.

While waiting for Pei Ling to arrive, us as in Seng Hon, Naveen, Teck Fann and I decided to sit down while waiting for them. We talked and caught up with what each other were doing and later on we found out that Seng Hon was sick. He seems to be having what I had for the past one week which was sore throat, fever, cough and flu. I hope his condition doesn’t worsen. Then I received a call from Pei Ling and she told me that she was waiting in front of Italianness. So we left our sitting spot and headed to the place and when we arrived there, we saw Irene and Pei Ling waiting for us.

Once we were inside, half of the time we spent was talking instead of browsing through the menu thinking of what to eat. We decided to share the food because Italianniess is well known for their large portions of food. We thought of waiting for Allie but she was pretty much had a pervious engagement to attend and will be late, so we decided to order our food and dine in and wait for her. It is because once she arrives, she could just add on more. While waiting for our food, we were catching up with each other things and was laughing and joking at the same time. I haven’t kept in touch with some of them for a few years because well, most of the time I am always hanging out with my college mates.

I wasn’t surprised when my mom asked me whether I still keep in touch with my high school friends. It is because she knows that I normally hang out with my college friends and I don’t deny that fact. Anyway, Allie arrived two hours later if I am not mistaken because I wasn’t paying attention to the time but instead I was more into talking to all of them. After we paid the bill, we headed off to Cineleisure because Irene wanted to take some pictures for memories before she leaves.

So we went off to that photo taking booth where normally the typical seafood people like to go and take their pictures and doing poses which are normally done by Japanese people. Imagine seven people cramming into one tiny booth in order to take one picture and the funniest part was that the instructions were in Japanese and all of us didn’t know what was happening. The next thing I know, a picture was taken and Pei Ling was in the front of the camera when that happened and the picture showed her extremely shocked face. Boy that seriously gave me a laugh. Everything was actually pretty messed up because we didn’t know what was happening and most of the time we were rushing to crowd around the small tiny camera to make sure all of our faces were in that small amount of space to get our pictures taken.

After eight messed up shots, we have to choose the best pictures and after that, we have to decorate. They were spending extensive time decorating it and by the time we gotten the pictures and distributed to each of us, the shops were already closing. It was pretty long I must say. When we left the place, we decided to eat ice-cream at McDonald’s which was just around the corner. So we headed off there and hung out for a while. By the time it was almost eleven o’clock, Irene said that she needed to go home before twelve and we quickly ate our ice-creams and left.

Some of us exchanged emails which each other because they never had each other emails and after that Seng Hon was talking to Allie about something which I didn’t hear and they were pretty engrossed with their conversation until Naveen, Teck Fann and I were getting slightly wet waiting for him nearby his car under the rain. Well, it wasn’t raining heavily, just that it was drizzling. Seng Hon sends Naveen home then he sends Teck Fann and me home.

Throughout the day, it was pretty amusing because Pei Ling, Irene and Allie were asking whether Seng Hon and I were together because it was quite an unexpected thing for him to show up and truth to be told, he never actually hung out with us before. Most of the time I just looked at them and said, “I don’t know.” And they gave me the “Are you sure you don’t know” look at me. Truth to be told, I felt that Seng Hon was giving me signs because he was pretty sweet in a way that he actually willingly to send me to see the doctor when I was ill. Not only that, through the night itself, when we were at Italianness, his arm was always around my chair and when I lean back at the chair, his arms would be around my shoulder of course.

Before I left his car, I hugged Seng Hon good-bye and I asked him what do I owe him because I dared him to drink his tequila drink in one go and he asked, “What do I get in return?” which I replied, “I don’t know. Anything you want.” So when I asked him what do I owe him for the dare which he successfully completed, he didn’t say anything because he just looked me and smiled and was being really shy about it. I gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for being such a sweet guy which he replied, “Thank you.” I left the car laughing and went back home.

All in all, that night was very enjoyable and I kind of miss hanging out with my high school friends. Maybe I should just hang out with them once in a while just for the heck of it. After all, they are my friends and I always find joyous times hanging out with my friends.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chapter : A Week Long of Sickness

I haven’t been updating because I feel ill for the past one week and boy, it was terrible. I had to be rushed to the emergency ward because my throat swelled up twice the size causing me not able to neither breathe nor swallow. My parents brought me there and while on the way to the hospital, my dad was lecturing me about everything under the one sun. I would say it was pretty pathetic because his daughter is suffering from lack of oxygen going through her lungs in order for her to survive and all he could do is complained about the daughter being such a nuisance in the house.

After being rushed there, my hands and legs plus my face were all numb and boy, I didn’t look a pretty sight. I guess the other patients or people who were there were thinking that I was a spastic child breathing abnormally. All I know that I was propped onto the bed there and being covered with blankets because I was shivering my head off. I was half asleep while waiting for the doctor to come check on me and this nurse who occasionally came to me to check on me, boy her hands were freezing cold when she touched me and she noticed that my hands were still numb, she passed me a plastic bag and asked me to breathe inside it. It was actually to calm my breathing down.

Then the doctor arrived and checked upon me, asking questions which I didn’t answer due to the fact that I was pretty much voiceless and was at the groggy state. My parents answered the questions she asked and then later on she just checked here and there. Next thing I know, I was given two injections, one on my butt and the other on my arm. The nurse who gave me my injections, the butt was fine because heck, I don’t feel much down there except that her hands were frigging cold. The one that was given to me on my arm nearly killed me because she couldn’t find my veins or something and have to inject me twice and the needle isn’t like some petty needle. I managed to see how long that needle was before it gone inside me. I didn’t like it one bit, not that I am afraid of needles or anything but it just hurts the crap out of me.

At least it managed to made the swelling on my neck lower because I could feel my pipe airs opening and I finally am able to breathe properly again though my throat was killing me most of the time when I swallow my saliva. I have to wait for my dad to come and pick my mom and me up because my dad left earlier to tend to my youngest brother’s homework. For what is worth, I barely could walk properly because of my sickness. When I reached home, I was put straight to bed without any further ado and all I do was slept the entire time. Even when I woke up the next day, I ate my meal, which is porridge and yeah, I had it for an entire week! And then I went to bed again. My maid occasionally came to see me to see whether I am still alive or not and not at a critical state. My parents kept asking me whether I am better which is pretty dumb because I am voiceless and I was still hibernating under all the blankets and long sweaters.

For the entire week I had no voice and for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed being mute for the past one week. Though on Friday when I was feeling better and could actually walk up and down the stairs to grab my meals, people decided to chose that day to call me and when at times when I forget that I was voiceless, I would just pick up the phone causing the person who called me going multiples “Hello” and all they could hear was a hoarse “Ah”. To give a slightly vague idea, imagine Darth Vader going “Ha” but with a sore throat. Luckily that time my brother was at home and half the time I will thrust the phone to him in order for him to become my interpreter while I am voiceless. On the other hand, my family seems to enjoy that their daughter or sister is voiceless because I wouldn’t be able to argue back whatever they say at me.

During that day, Joey and Yuki dropped by to visit me and well it was pretty much a weird visit because I couldn’t speak to them and could only communicate to them with typing my messages on my phone. But half the time I was just making faces and making them laugh and telling me to stop being stupid. They left around 1am though because Joey couldn’t go back home late. The next day it was a Saturday and I can’t remember what happen on that day but all I know that Foong called me on Friday to invite me to attend his birthday party which was held at Loft and he was one of the people which I forgot that I was voiceless and picked up the phone and all he could hear me say is “I’m sick. Bye.” Sounded kind of room but hey, I did say that I was sick.

Sadly enough, when my week was up I had to go back to work in the office again which I dread doing so. I still have my cough though and even though I have my voice back, I still think that it isn’t fully recovered because my voice sounds sort of deep. Some reckons that I sound the same but I know that I don’t. Even Joey feels the same too because I was talking to her just now on the phone and I was saying something which I cant remember what and she was exclaiming that I sounded like a small boy. Great, now I can sound like a small boy I could fool everyone who calls me and pretend to be my brother. Sense the sadly mad sarcasm? Doubt so.

My dad is still pestering me about my portfolio which I seriously don’t know why I haven’t bring myself in doing it. I was thinking that I should just send in what I have and see what happens. I may not know but I got a feeling that I won’t be able to get in or something. For what is worth, my dad books tickets to watch Harry Potter movie this Friday and I have to get it by tomorrow. Looks like I have to grab some money from my dad so I can go collect the tickets tomorrow. I wonder whether I should wait until the evening to make my move or take it earlier and tell Joey that she doesn’t need to accompany me anymore.

I think being sick in bed for a week screwed up my time and date system because I kept thinking that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and only to be told by my own dad who is like way older than me and supposedly to have slightly worse memory than me that my appointment is next week and when I thought that I have a dinner with him and his friends this Friday, only to be told again by him that it was next week. I seriously wonder when my system will be alright again. At least I have something to look forward this weekend, a day out with my high school friends! Finally, out of the house after a week long of rest!