Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Chapter : A Week Long of Sickness

I haven’t been updating because I feel ill for the past one week and boy, it was terrible. I had to be rushed to the emergency ward because my throat swelled up twice the size causing me not able to neither breathe nor swallow. My parents brought me there and while on the way to the hospital, my dad was lecturing me about everything under the one sun. I would say it was pretty pathetic because his daughter is suffering from lack of oxygen going through her lungs in order for her to survive and all he could do is complained about the daughter being such a nuisance in the house.

After being rushed there, my hands and legs plus my face were all numb and boy, I didn’t look a pretty sight. I guess the other patients or people who were there were thinking that I was a spastic child breathing abnormally. All I know that I was propped onto the bed there and being covered with blankets because I was shivering my head off. I was half asleep while waiting for the doctor to come check on me and this nurse who occasionally came to me to check on me, boy her hands were freezing cold when she touched me and she noticed that my hands were still numb, she passed me a plastic bag and asked me to breathe inside it. It was actually to calm my breathing down.

Then the doctor arrived and checked upon me, asking questions which I didn’t answer due to the fact that I was pretty much voiceless and was at the groggy state. My parents answered the questions she asked and then later on she just checked here and there. Next thing I know, I was given two injections, one on my butt and the other on my arm. The nurse who gave me my injections, the butt was fine because heck, I don’t feel much down there except that her hands were frigging cold. The one that was given to me on my arm nearly killed me because she couldn’t find my veins or something and have to inject me twice and the needle isn’t like some petty needle. I managed to see how long that needle was before it gone inside me. I didn’t like it one bit, not that I am afraid of needles or anything but it just hurts the crap out of me.

At least it managed to made the swelling on my neck lower because I could feel my pipe airs opening and I finally am able to breathe properly again though my throat was killing me most of the time when I swallow my saliva. I have to wait for my dad to come and pick my mom and me up because my dad left earlier to tend to my youngest brother’s homework. For what is worth, I barely could walk properly because of my sickness. When I reached home, I was put straight to bed without any further ado and all I do was slept the entire time. Even when I woke up the next day, I ate my meal, which is porridge and yeah, I had it for an entire week! And then I went to bed again. My maid occasionally came to see me to see whether I am still alive or not and not at a critical state. My parents kept asking me whether I am better which is pretty dumb because I am voiceless and I was still hibernating under all the blankets and long sweaters.

For the entire week I had no voice and for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed being mute for the past one week. Though on Friday when I was feeling better and could actually walk up and down the stairs to grab my meals, people decided to chose that day to call me and when at times when I forget that I was voiceless, I would just pick up the phone causing the person who called me going multiples “Hello” and all they could hear was a hoarse “Ah”. To give a slightly vague idea, imagine Darth Vader going “Ha” but with a sore throat. Luckily that time my brother was at home and half the time I will thrust the phone to him in order for him to become my interpreter while I am voiceless. On the other hand, my family seems to enjoy that their daughter or sister is voiceless because I wouldn’t be able to argue back whatever they say at me.

During that day, Joey and Yuki dropped by to visit me and well it was pretty much a weird visit because I couldn’t speak to them and could only communicate to them with typing my messages on my phone. But half the time I was just making faces and making them laugh and telling me to stop being stupid. They left around 1am though because Joey couldn’t go back home late. The next day it was a Saturday and I can’t remember what happen on that day but all I know that Foong called me on Friday to invite me to attend his birthday party which was held at Loft and he was one of the people which I forgot that I was voiceless and picked up the phone and all he could hear me say is “I’m sick. Bye.” Sounded kind of room but hey, I did say that I was sick.

Sadly enough, when my week was up I had to go back to work in the office again which I dread doing so. I still have my cough though and even though I have my voice back, I still think that it isn’t fully recovered because my voice sounds sort of deep. Some reckons that I sound the same but I know that I don’t. Even Joey feels the same too because I was talking to her just now on the phone and I was saying something which I cant remember what and she was exclaiming that I sounded like a small boy. Great, now I can sound like a small boy I could fool everyone who calls me and pretend to be my brother. Sense the sadly mad sarcasm? Doubt so.

My dad is still pestering me about my portfolio which I seriously don’t know why I haven’t bring myself in doing it. I was thinking that I should just send in what I have and see what happens. I may not know but I got a feeling that I won’t be able to get in or something. For what is worth, my dad books tickets to watch Harry Potter movie this Friday and I have to get it by tomorrow. Looks like I have to grab some money from my dad so I can go collect the tickets tomorrow. I wonder whether I should wait until the evening to make my move or take it earlier and tell Joey that she doesn’t need to accompany me anymore.

I think being sick in bed for a week screwed up my time and date system because I kept thinking that I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow and only to be told by my own dad who is like way older than me and supposedly to have slightly worse memory than me that my appointment is next week and when I thought that I have a dinner with him and his friends this Friday, only to be told again by him that it was next week. I seriously wonder when my system will be alright again. At least I have something to look forward this weekend, a day out with my high school friends! Finally, out of the house after a week long of rest!

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Feel better jesc. :( *hugs*