Monday, July 30, 2007

Chapter : The Past Week

I haven’t been updating my journal even though a lot of things have happened for the past week. Anyway, I would try to summarize what has happened to me the past week. Let’s begin with my beauty pageant contest…

On the day of the finals, Yuki accompanied me for that final day and as usual, I have to been there at 6pm because they wanted us to do some rehearsals. The make-up artists came early and did our make-up and Yuki was there to tell them how I wanted the make-up to be. But mostly, it was Yuki who told them how the make-up she wanted it to be on me and the results was great. I love my make-up actually compared to the last 2 weeks I went for the beauty pageant contest making myself looking like a banshee with a heavy bird nest hair. My hair was done up pretty nicely too I must say. Continuing on with my story, the dance choreographer came and he taught us some dance to the song “Candy man” sang by Christina Aguilera.

After we practice the dance, we have to wait around for the night itself to begin. We quickly changed into our clothes which we were told to wear, short skirts and a bright top. After a long wait, finally, the competition begins. The opening act which was the dance didn’t go as planned because the DJ played the music slightly earlier which caused us to became confused and just danced as we practice but it didn’t look really nice due to the fact that everyone was “everywhere”. After the opening act, we have to introduce ourselves and I think as usual that I have introduced myself way to fast which I felt that I didn’t because to me, I kept thinking that my speed of talking is normal. But it didn’t seem that way to others I suppose.

Like I have warned before, I am summarizing things up because I feel that is a lot of things to tell. Anyway, after we introduced ourselves, we have to perform our talent. Now this is where the things went down for me. I was pretty much enjoying myself that night because it is finally the end and I felt that I have made new friends and gained some experiences. When it was my turn to perform my talent, which was just playing the keyboard of the song entitled, “Reason” from the famous Korean drama series, “Autumn in My Heart”. As I approached the keyboard, I started to play but due to the fact that the speakers were next to me blasting its sound at me causing me to forget my notes and caused me to destroy my entire talent round. Everything came crashing down on me until the MC had to come to me and asked me whether I should start all over again which I agreed to it and after the guy lowered down the volume for the speakers, it was too late because I was so nervous. I kept playing the wrong notes and couldn’t perform my talent well. True, I was disappointed with myself for not being able to perform my best at my talent round and it is also my fault for not practicing it.

After all that, the results were out. I didn’t win anything but I wasn’t unhappy about it because I don’t mind at all. I was happy that my friends got something and I am also glad that everything was over. It was a fun-filled experience for me and I would join more if I have the confidence and the time though. The photographer said that he would call me if there is any photo shoot on and I wouldn’t mind joining to be honest. I really enjoyed myself that night and I was happy that it was over.

Anyway, on Friday which was just recently Yuki, Joey, Boo and I went to Maison again because it was their first anniversary night and heck, we had invitations to go and didn’t want to waste it. They offered free flow of drinks from 9pm until 11pm and Brandon suggested us to come earlier because he has an opening act, so he says. I have invited Naveen and Seng Hon for the night but unfortunately, Seng Hon couldn’t make it so in the end Raj and Shaun were the ones who came. Anyway, Foong and Jason also came for the gala night but they didn’t stay long because I think Yuki told me that they can’t stand the music because it is too raw and Maison didn’t have enough hot chicks for them to look at. They didn’t left but they just went to a different club called Loft. Okay, that night I must say that I went all out. I was mostly on the dance floor because I didn’t want to drink so much due to the fact that I am driving them home and afraid that we stumbled onto road blocks.

When the night has just begun, I saw Luq which this pimping hat and I stole it and I was wearing it while dancing a little. Then a random guy suddenly came up to me asking if he could take a picture with me with the hat and I agreed because I was just having fun. Then the guy who took the picture said he wanted one too and I did take a picture with him. After I have gotten my picture taken, Boo looked and me, smiled and said, “Fuh yoh! Jessie celebrity!” I just laughed and ignored him. The next thing I know I was on the dance floor for a while dancing around. After that I head back to the place where we were sitting and talked to others a bit. Suddenly out from no where, Brandon came up to me and carried me high up in the air causing me to literally die from heart attack because of his sudden “attack”. The gang was cheering and Yuki asked Boo to carry her up which he did. Then suddenly Brandon put me down when I thought it was over, but instead he just put me down so he could carry me up HIGHER. We were practically creating a scene nearby laughing and cheering.

Later on, we decided to go to the dance floor again. Like I have said, I was pretty much in a dancing mood that night due to drinking a tad bit much of alcohol which I am not used too. Joey, Yuki and I went onto the stage and started dancing. It was so packed that I felt the stage was about to collapse from all the weight. Yuki was doing her thing which this random guy and boy, she was dancing really seductively at him! Then suddenly out from no where, that guy grabbed me and danced with me and I was just enjoying myself and danced with him. Luckily Stylus and Boo were there to take care of us because once they noticed something they quickly barged in causing me to be dancing with them instead. I remembered that I was dancing with another guy later on too but it didn’t last long because Boo came in the right timing.

After tiring myself out from the dance floor, I went down to sit. Yuki was more in the drinking mood instead of dancing while I was more the other way around if you know what I mean. Okay, to cut the story short…before the night ended, Joey and I decided to go to the dance floor one last time and let loose. I was dancing with this guy named David which he gave me his name card out from no where. Surprised me on the spot I tell you. Then Stylus came and joins for one last time too. After all that the night has ended and we all went back home. I was the one driving because well, like I have said, the others drank pretty much and was afraid of roadblocks. As we were heading out, I was driving, Yuki was in the passenger seat, Joey and Foong was behind. Everyone was going back home so therefore that was a slight traffic jam around. Then we all noticed that there was this random guy waving at me I think and I randomly waved back because I was thinking that it was just a friendly person waving to everyone. Then at one point we were stuck in a line of cars for a while and Foong suddenly exclaimed “Hey, that guy is waving here!” All of us looked up at him and noticed him doing a small dance while waving his hand phone and the next thing we knew, he came up to the car, knocked on the window and asked for my number. I was dying of shock that moment and I just passed it on to him.

When he asked for my number, all of them were laughing and screaming at him “You are the man. You rock!!!” I was just smiling and laughing because it was totally unexpected! The next day, he messaged me and I met up with him together with Yuki. He brought his friend along and we just sat there for a while chatting. The guy who asked for my number, his name is Marco and his friend is Evan. Marco that night was so quiet and shy which Evan stated that it was because of my existence that day. I didn’t know why because he did ask me to go out for a drink which I agreed and went. I didn’t see why it has to do with my existence that day causing Marco to be so quiet. Then I found out that Marco is better off speaking in Chinese dialects because his English isn’t that profound. We hung out for a while before heading back home. Well, actually Yuki and I left early because I couldn’t stay out so long due to the fact that my parents would literally slaughter me on the spot because I have been going home pretty late.

That pretty much summarized what has happen to me for the past week. I tried to summarize the story a lot which I felt that I did a bad job because the story was all over the place. No wonder I am not fit to become a writer. One day I shall frequently update my journal so I wouldn’t have to cut things short. Also on the random note, I seriously need to buy the last book of Harry Potter. Most of my friends have gotten it and read it! Even though I knew what happen in the end though.

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