Monday, July 6, 2009

Chapter: Horrible Host

I haven’t been posting because I was really busy with my final year animation project. I have completed it already so I’m enjoying my holidays now! Jin came over to Brisbane for the holidays but at first he tricked me saying that he would be arriving on the 1st of July but instead he came on the 29th of June. He and my sister plotted it against me!

Oh well, he arrived early but I really don’t know where to bring him because I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really go out much due to

  1. Being cheapskate so I don’t want to spend my money
  2. I really like staying at home at times
  3. I’m easily amused. Just give me a book or something to watch and I can live throughout the day.

But I guess for Jin it is different because he wants to experience what Brisbane is like and stuff like that and he found out that his cousin is studying here too. So most of the time he spent is with his cousin whereas I’m not the person who wants to intrude and trouble people that much. I guess that is my personality. I don’t know.

People have asked me what is Jin going to do here for the entire month and part of my mind is that I really don’t know and the main point is to see me or probably to just spend some time with me. But unfortunately I promised my friends that I would help them with their project so at times I have to ditch Jin by himself with his cousin but I guess it have turned for the best since he is hanging out with him more than me. I think that is a good way, right?

But the thing is, I feel even lonelier even though he is around. I guess it’s due to the fact that I didn’t talk to him for the entire month because I was mainly focusing on my final year animation project and when he arrived, we only spent a few times together and then I let him be on his own way. The thing that saddens me that all those promises or plans we made together have gone away. Maybe it is my fault that things turn out this way but it feels really frustrating when your boyfriend comes back and says “I’m going out with who and who, want to come?” and in the back of my mind I’m thinking “What happen to us time? Or what happen to the stroll in the park we were planning?”

In the end, I tend to decline his offers and let him wander off on his own while I amuse myself with shows and stuffs that I have stored in my laptop. I mean, it is good in a way that he IS enjoying himself and seeing Brisbane but on the other hand, it seems that he has forgotten what he told me…

“I want to save money because I scared that I don’t have enough money to spend later on.”

“Don’t want to go out so much, must save money.”

“So bloody expensive to buy a train ticket here.”

I guess, I can’t say anything because he only brought a certain amount of cash with him thus limiting his spending expenditures but heck; he is going out WAY more often than I do. Not only that, I do not have the car because my sister needs it to go to work so that also it out of the picture for me to bring him around Brisbane. Oh well, he is going to stay over at his cousin’s place when my parents arrive that means I will be seeing him even lesser and that way he could fully say that he enjoyed his stay at Brisbane. I feel such a horrible host.