Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chapter : Routines

As always, when I start updating my blog it is either
1.       I have nothing else better to do.
2.       Something exciting has happened.
3.       I just had the urge to do so.
But mostly the reason is number 1 because half of the time I really have nothing else better to do. I basically been bumming the whole time these days and occasionally working on my freelance work for Rowan together with Sylvia. But on the other hand, my mom recently got infected by the H1N1 disease (and though who doesn’t know, it is called the swine flu and yes, I’m serious that there are some people who doesn’t know that swine flu is called H1N1) and everyone in the family have to be quarantined at home.
Truthfully speaking, I firmly believe that my parents told me that all of us have to be quarantined at home so that I wouldn’t disappear into the night or day when my mom might need me the most to do all her demands. It’s because my mom is currently at home, can’t even go out to do her normal daily stuffs hence my brother and I were the only options that she can control give orders for us to do. So my entire week was filled with mental torture and physical torture. I was stuck at home for the entire week plus it doesn’t help both that I was “bedridden” for two weeks and only recently recovered till that quarantined matter came by.
My daily routine consists of (I’m serious; I think my body now works on clockwork by doing these routines already!)
·         Waking up around noon
·         Check on my mom
·         Mom says she is hungry, off to buy lunch
·         Lunch is served
·         Cleaning up the dishes
·         Checking whether there are water in the flasks and bottles.
·         Boil water
·         Fill water
·         Check laundry
·         Chuck laundry into the dryer
·         Clothes in the dryer into the basket
·         Rest for a while
·         Time for dinner, off with my brother to buy dinner
·         Dinner is served
·         Cleaning up again
·         Filling up bottles with water
·         Check laundry again
·         Chuck into dryer
·         Clothes into basket
·         Relax / Sleep
Then the next day it continues. I have been doing that particular routine for a week and I haven’t been out at all meeting with my friends, catching up, watching movies or even SHOPPING! I’m like rolling around at home, basically just chatting and doing my freelance work. I never felt so much like a hermit before! Okay, I have to admit that when I’m in Australia I’m mostly at home but it never felt so…torturing? Crap, I can’t find the words to express my feelings.
Just another day then I’m out of the house meeting up with people again! Though truthfully speaking that this week was actually filled with meetings and stuffs that I wanted to do before my mom fell ill. At least she is better now because she can come up to my room and ask me to do some stuff before heading back to her own room watching her Korean dramas.
So now I’m taking a break before heading off to buy dinner for the rest of the family. Man, one more day then I will be off gallivanting again.  

Friday, January 1, 2010

Chapter : Happy New Year!

Well, a new post (AFTER SO LONG I KNOW MY FAULT I’M SORRY!!) to jet off the awesome new year! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL WHO ARE CURRENTLY READING MY BLOG! If you ask me what my new year’s resolutions are, I can tell you that I have none. Zero and I’m serious.

This time my new years were spent pretty relaxing. My good friend also I consider him as an elder brother I never had, planned a little trip up to Bukit Tinggi (High Hills) for the countdown but the funniest thing was that we never bothered, we missed the countdown because we were busy entertaining ourselves with mahjong! Hopeless, yes I know but still there are many more countdowns to attend in the future and the only difference is that it is the company.
Well, to summarize up my life experiences last year, I could say that I had a lot of emotional ups and downs. Let’s see whether I could put my “life” experiences in point forms. 

• Graduated with a degree in animation.
• Pursuing my masters.
• Broke up with my ex.
• Was in depression for a bit.
• Lost a lot of weight.
• Enjoying single life.
• Meeting up with old friends.
• Meeting new people along the way.
• More nonsensical.
• Got closer to people and have formed an awesome friendship bond.

That should be everything, I suppose. Now the New Year, I have to continue with my free lance work and also continue on with my studies and then find a job. Now I’m trying to live and take the present instead of thinking so far ahead in the future. Like I have said, take one step at a time and never look back!