Monday, March 14, 2011

Chapter : First Trip On My Own!

For the first time ever, I actually went for a trip with friends and also using my own money to pay for it. I had fun. I have wanted to go for a vacation for the longest time and luckily enough, my wish came true and best of all, it was at the beach!

Unfortunately, due to the recent natural disaster events in Japan, the weather has been crazy. Wasn’t much sun at the beach area...gloomy and the waves were so choppy that the boyfriend got sea sick on the way to the resort. He was looking a little green by the time he reached the resort though. I too was a little sea sick because the boat ride was so rocky...but I managed to hold all my puke in...

After resting for a while, the boyfriend and I head to the beach! Swam in the ocean, though I was told that the ocean was clearer years ago...but nevertheless still enjoyed myself playing in the waters. The waves were pretty big and strong and I lost count the number of times I was thrown off balance by the waves. 

I also went snorkelling for the first time, and the boyfriend was being really cheeky by throwing pieces of bread around me causing me to freak out because suddenly there were a lot of fishes swimming around me. Luckily the current was as strong that I imagined it would be...I managed to see the moray eel (which I was actually terrified to get close too...), garupa and the Christmas trees! I wouldn’t mind going snorkelling again.

The travel back felt really long because most of the time I was on the bus and on the boat. I felt really tired and sluggish by the time I reached home.

I wish I could go for another vacation again...but need to look for a time and save up enough money if I do ever want to have another get away again.