Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter : Just Another Saturday.

It was such a tiring day. First went over to the mall to grab Harry Potter movie tickets with the boyfriend and walked around a bit. It was such a bad idea to wear 3 (or was it 4?) inch heels because it killed my feet. After few rounds, the shoes were literally eating my feet ALIVE!

The boyfriend and I did some walking around, ate some brunch and then some yoghurt. Then off to see him get his hair cut. His hair finally grew back after months of being a little monk. Anyway, Harry Potter movie was not bad. I wouldn’t say it was awesome because it me incomplete. Like I would always feel that there would be a HARRY POTTER MOVIE COMEBACK or something along those lines.

I was really happy to see the actor who played Neville Longbottom. He grew up to be such a handsome stud and he has a lot of screen time too! So yay for me! I was scared shitless when I saw the scenes with the huge ass snake. Wouldn’t mind watching Harry Potter again though...

After the movie, rushed off to celebrate my aunt’s 60th birthday which was located at some Chinese restaurant near where the boyfriend’s office is. The room we were in has a karaoke machine so naturally all of us started to choose songs to sing!

Karaoke, brings people together...brings joy and laughter. Everyone is just there to have fun, singing and laughing regardless whether they can belt out a tune or not. Maybe I was really tired and my feet were killing me...couldn’t take all the singing and people talking at the same time...but at least I know that everyone enjoyed themselves including my grandmother. She was clapping whenever my aunts were singing. 

Towards the end I was singing Lady Gaga’s - Bad Romance because my youngest aunt requested for it and then Kelly Clarkson’s – Because of You. That song literally left me breathless because it’s always high pitch and powerful and my voice...Like a toad can’t reach that high so it sounded like someone trying to choke a duck. 

But it really made me want to go to have an awesome karaoke session again with my girlfriends. Maybe should plan another karaoke session with the rock band group...hmm...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chapter : Epic Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday I had the most epic and awesome birthday celebration! Before I go any further on that, this week is what I would call “Celebration Week” because there are a lot of things to celebration. 

First, is the boyfriend’s birthday, then it was our one year anniversary (yes, I tend to remember things like that) and MY birthday!

Anyway, I organized a dinner with my usual girlfriends, the Rashingis (Joey, Sylvia and Kelsie), the AC (Whippy, James, Yuki, Lavena...sadly Yie and Ky couldn’t make it) and Yuki Rye to celebrate my birthday and also to welcome Sylvia’s boyfriend, Joe (he’s from the states). I brought the boyfriend along and those who had partners brought theirs. 

Dinner was at Capricciosa, Sunway Pyramid. I booked a table for 12. During dinner, everyone was catching up with each other; the boyfriend and Joe were talking about some “Call of Duty” stuffs I supposed while I was running around trying to take pictures with everyone. 

We were just hanging around in the restaurant and I was asking whether anyone wants to go somewhere else to grab dessert and then out of nowhere, the staffs from Capricciosa came from behind to surprised me with a birthday cake given by the Rashingis and AC’s! Actually I jumped in shocked because they caught me, surprised. After I blew out the candles, the group asked me to take the candles out from the cake using my mouth. Imagine the fear that someone might push my face right into the cake! I ate a few candle waxes here and there though...the cake was DELICIOUS.

After dinner we head down to Red Box for the most EPIC karaoke session! We actually sang out hearts out till 3 a.m.! Everyone dedicated a song to me and I never felt so blessed in my entire life! The funniest part was when the group decided to sing to me Happy Birthday (the Click Five) and they changed the lyrics here and there. We laughed, we screamed and we jumped inside the room. Everyone was having a blast. 

I have to personally thank the boyfriend was accompanying me for dinner and sending me back at the wee hours in the morning. Thank you love! I appreciated it so much! Sorry you had to blow your budget this month! 

Ah! I got so many lovely presents from everyone! The boyfriend gave me a 1 TB hard drive because he knew I was whining for one and never gotten the chance to get it. Though at first I suspected that he was getting me pepper spray! Thank you again!! 

A compact powder, eye liner and BB cream from Whippy, James, Yuki and I think Yuki Rye...and Yuki Rye gave me a lovely card too!

A blusher from Lavena.

A musical box from Joe and Sylvia.

Godiva chocolates from Kelsie.

Joey said that she will pass my present when she sees me the next time. Thank you all again for giving me such lovely presents and also the most epic birthday celebration ever!

I almost forgot to thank my parents and my godmother, Aunty Helen for giving me presents too! Parents gave me a purse and Aunty Helen gave me a little charm from Thomas Sabo. Thank you!! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chapter : Celebration!!

This past few weeks was crazy for me. There were so many birthday celebrations and the amount of cakes I have consumed; I think I’m at the borderline to have diabetes!

30th June, my colleague’s birthday, so we had “Death by Chocolate” cake and I really died from overly dosage of chocolate. Then during dinner with Stephanie and Chuong, we had a small piece of cheesecake.

1st July, my youngest brother birthday, so we too had another cake, some mango sponge cake thing. 

4th July, another colleague’s birthday (her real birthday was on the 1st though) and they too bought another chocolate cake. 

Then I took a small break from all the cakes...just a tiny one...

Then today...I mean yesterday, 12th July, the boyfriend’s birthday. His best friend baked a cake for him and that was chocolate too! It was so rich and thick, I felt as though I was really a huge bar of chocolate! Quite delicious I must say!

Anyway, reason for this post is to wrap up what happened on the boyfriend’s birthday.Luckily his birthday fell on the day where we normally meet up with the Rock Band group to play board games. So it was a perfect occasion to call everyone for dinner and celebrate!

The boyfriend knew there was dinner but he didn’t know that there would be cake and a little surprise waiting for him. Well, he told me later he suspected something was going on though...because everyone just kept disappearing!

So as usual, we have our dinner and catching up with everyone, then once everyone was done, Farah (his best friend who baked the cake) brought the cake out. Tried distracting him while she prepared the cake but doing a very bad job at it because the boyfriend said he could tell I was trying to make conversation. Damn social skills, why you fail me at the wrong time?

After we sang Happy Birthday to him, we gave him a troll card which I thought up. Remember Terry Crews from White Chicks? If you can remember the portrait of him in the movie, well that was at the front and everyone just signed behind it. If you can’t, look at the picture below...

I know I'm sexy! 

So imagine, when you turn over the card and see that face, what would your expression be? The boyfriend laughed. How the idea came about? The boyfriend was joking with me one day saying that he would love to have a poster of him so he could stick it in his room. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a high resolution of the picture so I asked a friend to print out an A4 size of it and turned it into a card.

Tony Roma’s actually gave the boyfriend a birthday cake to celebrate and we sang Happy Birthday to him again. It was funny! Overall, I hope the boyfriend enjoyed his birthday and the card. I wonder where he would put it. Imagine if he put it up in his room, what would his brother or his parents say? 

That would be hilarious.

To the birthday boyfriend, Happy Birthday once again! I mean...belated Birthday. Love ya!