Friday, February 16, 2007

Chapter: Finally Moved In

I finally shifted into my new home on Valentine’s Day and boy, am I exhausted. The first two days before Valentine’s Day were pretty busy. Imagine me running up and down three flights of stairs carrying boxes and boxes of things that are filled either with clothes, or cooking utensils or basically books. I assure you, these things aren’t light. I think I almost broke my arm just by carrying those boxes from the third floor down to the basement to put either in my car or my parent’s car. It felt never ending to me but thankfully I managed to survive that few trips.

As you know that on Monday I have called a friend to help me out with the moving of boxes and well, my sister called her friends right? Anyway, on the second day which is Tuesday of course, there was more things to move from my old house to the new house and I was basically watching the workers from time to time, because my dad asked me too just in case they decided to steal something from us. They were talking in Hokkien, Cantonese, and Mandarin which of course I could only pick up bits of pieces here and there but nevertheless I know nothing of what they are saying.

I slowly saw my house evolved into something which my parents put all their hard earned cash into and I must say that I really love my new home now. On Valentine’s Day itself, Joey, Kelsie, Sylvia and Sizer came over to my house early and sadly they had to help out a bit with the stuffs. Such as moving the boxes, helping me pack my things in my room, doing the beds or putting covers on the quilts and so forth. Thankfully with their help things managed to go along faster. Sylvia said she loves my room. My mom ordered some food for the mini house warming that she organized for her friends. Kelsie left before she could see the house turn into something nice though with all the finishing touches of the covers, clothes and erm…stuffs? Not to sure how to put it because she has a date to attend to that night.

Then later on in the night my parents’ friends arrived and so did my relatives. My grandmother actually came quite early before that on V-day to say some prayers which we as Catholics also have to join but with all due respect, my parents even though my mom is a devoted Catholic and my dad is somewhat a devoted Buddhist, at least they manage to compromise and respect each other’s religion. My dad even agreed to let my mom have a Catholic table and in return, she let my grandmother burn some prayer papers and actually hold the joystick (I am not sure whether it is called like that) and said some prayers too. Anyway, forwarding to the night of V-day…

On that night itself I found out that my sister is dating her high school friend which seems at first very appalling to me because she at first doesn’t seem to be interested in that guy but I guess people change. Basically she told me how he came all the way from Malacca just to pass her some presents which consist of Hershey’s chocolates and a bath set from Body Shop and a small pink teddy bear. Well, the way she told me was:

“You know Ting, at first Lavy was asking me to come down stairs cause she said that Trevor passed her a present to pass to me which was very big and heavy and needed help.”

“Uh-huh and then?” I replied.

“Then Lavy said “Open the boot and help me carry.” And so I open the boot and saw Trevor there sitting in her boot all tied up,” she said.

“Ah, how erm, very interesting and unique…so he came all the way from Malacca just to get himself tied up for you?” I asked.

“I guess so…” was the reply.

Anyway, more of my parents’ friends turned up and the household seems pretty liven up and then I saw my sister’s friends who helped us on Monday and I was basically just finished my bath and with the towel in my hair. The moment I saw them I freaked thinking that they already came or won’t be coming till later, so I ran up and placed the towel back and began my job as a good host. My sister left later on to watch a movie with Lavy and Trevor had to go back to Malacca on the night itself.

So I basically have to tend to my sister’s friends who also considered my friends since I already know them and such. So I did my job as a host like serving them drinks and bringing them things they wanted and also I actually managed to find some time to tend to my own friends who were using the computer in the hallway to go online and do their own thing. Luckily even though as exhausted as I look I managed to pull it through. Sadly though, Candy Han broke up with his girlfriend just recently because he told us earlier on that he couldn’t make it on V-day due to the fact he had plans and when he turned up that night it made me really curious and I asked him how come he could make in and thus him telling me the sad news.

Anyway, my brother also help me to tend to them with their needs which my brother smartly enough to run back all the way to the old house to gather the PS 2 so he could play with them. Later on they left to Laundry Bar and they actually invited me to go which I couldn’t due to the fact that I don’t go to clubs nor actually been into one. The only time that I would ever go is probably with my best mates because I trust them. Not to say that I don’t trust Candy, Eugene or Kenny but just the fact that I just know them. Anyway, after they left, I was asked to help downstairs with the dishes because my maid couldn’t take all of it while my brothers were already asleep because they have classes tomorrow and my sister is still out with her friend.

So running up and down making sure Joey, Sylvia and Sizer were fine with my computer, apologizing because I couldn’t hang around with them long to chit chat without getting called by my mom or dad. They were the ones that actually stayed the longest because Joey was using my old computer to do her work because her home Maya crashed. Then she was heading off to China the next day so I offered to render her works for her which I did it yesterday.

After that night, the next day was still pretty much a busy day because we still have many things to unpack and well, so far my room is almost complete with the clothes all packed up and the books nicely stacked. I am not sure what is left but I guess I have to go back to my old house to see whether they are anything which I need to bring over. The first day of New Year my mom asked me to see whether of my friends can make it because she said these exact words to me:

“If your friends want to visit, ask them to come on the first day of New Year because on the second day mommy not here anymore.”

At the time when my mom said that, I was thinking “it is got to do with her giving angpaos to my friends?” I never know but my mom told me that we have visiting to do on the second day of New Year so I hope that some of my friends could make it on the first day even though I know that the first day is a MUST for them to stay with their family. Nevertheless, they are still welcome to come over anytime just to see the house or hang out at my place. Looks like my mates have a new place to hang out now.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chapter : The New House

Today is a long day. Well, basically on Saturday I went back to Malacca for my cousin’s wedding and then on the Sunday which is today I came back to KL and clean the new house. I have called Nicklaus to come over today to actually help my family to carry some stuffs over to the new house. Well more like carrying it down a few flights of stairs, putting them in the car and carrying over to the new house.

My sister also called her friends over and three of them turned up and also help in with the carrying and all. Apparently with such a small world we live in, they all knew who was Nick but I think Nick knows them some way or another. Anyway, to make things really amusing was when I found out the names of my sister’s friends. Two of them were pretty normal such as Kenny and Eugene Antoine, but the third one was really unexpected. His name, I stress to you, HIS name is Candy Han. When I heard it I choked on my 100 plus and stared at him and blurted out, “Why did you name yourself Candy?”

“I didn’t name myself Candy, my parents did,” he explained.

“Your parents thought that you were a girl?” I said without thinking twice.

All of them burst out laughing at my remark. We rested in our new house after moving fairly a few heavy boxes that weighs a ton to me. We joked and laughed or more like listening to Candy’s stories when he, Eugene and Kenny were at a club and the funny ethics they did when they are drunk. It was really hilarious. I was doing some house labouring before they arrived such as wiping the fridge or cleaning the cupboards so they aren’t too dusty to put our stuffs in.

After a few trips to and fro from the old house to the new house, climbing up and down the stairs, and going up and down the lift…I have finally resort that I think I have may lost a few pounds today but heaven knows how much I have lost. Despite the fact from all the aching things I have done it was pretty fun because I made some new friends even though they are my sister’s friends and I find them really amusing. Not only that, I actually found RM 10 on the road when we were heading off to dinner. What a lucky day for me!

The curtains are already up and my mom was telling me that the curtains for our room fit really nicely with the colour of our room which is PINK. Dear lord, when I saw the room again with the cupboards placed in and also like having the doors fixed. I saw the most devastating thing. The toilet door for my room is PINK. It felt as though I was in my sister’s room instead of mine. Everything in there feels so PINKISH. It isn’t my destiny to have a pink room but oh well, luck prevails me that time and lord bestowed onto me a pink room. My sister is happy with the overall colour of the room because it is in her favourite colour so I can’t argue with that.

Tomorrow the furnitures are coming in and also I have to do more errands to get ready for the 14th of February. I wonder who is coming on that day again. I need to ask around and to get confirmation from who are coming. Kelsie and Sylvia both have gotten themselves a job at Silver Ant company and they are paid RM 1800 per month with EPF I think and their working days are from Monday until Friday. Feel really happy to them that they gotten themselves a job. I feel really tired until I can’t think anymore to type. Maybe I shall have more stories to tell tomorrow. Who knows?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Chapter: Unlucky day

Today it seems to be a very unlucky day for me. It all began when I have to wake up in early in the morning so my sister and I could head off to One Utama to shop for some household items. After buying stuffs from Giant, we head off to my car to dunk the things inside because it was too much for us to carry around. Then later we had lunch at Uncle Chin…so you might be wondering, all and all it is going fine, what do I mean by the unlucky day right?

It is because, after Uncle Chin, we stopped by at the shop called Walk-In to see some shoes there, and after that shop, we head off to Vincci which later I realized when we were paying for my shoe, my hand phone was missing. To make matter worse, while I was rushing to all the places which I have been, my sandals decides to break on me and I had to walk bare-footed around the complex while searching for my phone. My sister said that I would fit perfectly well in Australia because the people there sometimes walk bare-footed around the complex. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it anymore because someone might just take it and sell it off to gain some cash which is pretty dumb due to the fact that I am using a really old model of a Sony Ericsson and it isn’t worth much anyway.

On the brighter side of things, at least I managed to get a new pair of sandals and shoes. So I didn’t feel bad at all for losing my phone even though I have to key in all my contacts again. Thank goodness that I have another phone which I have some contacts keyed in there. Nevertheless, this is also could mean that I might get a new phone but I wouldn’t put my hopes on it too much. I have already gotten my new sim card but I just have to go to the trouble of keying the numbers again. My parents were too mad with me for losing my hand phone surprisingly, they were just more concern whether I have keyed in any personal details such as pin numbers and what not.

Luckily, I never save anything important details in my hand phone because I chose to memorize it myself. Despite the fact that I also never key in my parents’ numbers or my house numbers but only my siblings seem pretty odd but heck, at least there is some numbers I can remember with my low memory capacity. The moment I lost my hand phone I called Joey to inform her about it and luckily I actually memorized her number. I don’t know whether there are other friends who were sending me important messages through my previous line.

I am just thinking that whoever took my phone would either be happy that they have a cooler phone because I have some pictures there which are memorable yet I don’t feel the pain of losing them. Saved messages which are sweet were in there and also music which I got from multimedia messages, could be regain back again because for once, those forwarded messages will come back to you again and also, the songs I could easily get them next time. Not forgetting about the contacts, I could just ask from my friends again, online or when they send me a message and I have to boldly ask them who they are.

It is quite funny because Sylvia lost her hand phone quite recently too and now it is my turn. I guess it is my fault for being careless and misplacing my phone even though I thought that I really did put it back in my hand bag. Oh well, it isn’t the end of the world but heck, looking on the bright side, at least I have completed my shopping for Chinese New Year.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chapter: The Dress

Chinese New Year is a year where I should say that the only time that I would have new clothes. Anyway, on the Friday I went shopping with my siblings and well, I should say that so far I have gotten myself a new pair of jeans, two new tops and last but not least, a dress. It was pretty surprising for me to get myself a dress due to the fact that I never wear skirts nor dresses that often so technically when I decided to get myself a dress which isn’t flowing on the ground but actually it is below my knee length is a once in a blue moon sort of thing. This was the reactions of my siblings when they found out.

“So, you want to get the dress or not?” my sister asked.

“Yeah, okay…with this top too,” I replied.

“You serious…”she said. “Chiang! (My brother) your Er Jie (second sister) wants to buy a dress!!”

My brother came to my fitting room and looked me, “Serious ar?”

“Yes, I am going to buy this dress…happy?” I said.

“Ta Jie (big sister) we must go buy lottery today, sure strike. Er Jie bought a dress. We must tell mommy about it!” my brother joked.

So coincidentally, my mom called and my brother picked up the phone and said, “Ma! Er Jie bought a dress!”

Then when we reached home from all the tiresome shopping, I was looking at the things that I bought and realized that my dress is ruined because the zipper was stuck so I had to exchange it. Then my parents came home and my dad was the first one to stepped true the door and instead of asking, “How was your day?” to us, he looked at me and said, “I have heard that you bought a dress.”

Stuffing the dress back into the bag I just smiled and said, “Yes” thinking that is it that such a big thing for me to buy a dress? Then my mom came in and said, “Ting! You bought a dress! Let me see!” and she was really excited about it sounding like a teenager.

Well, as far as I am concern, my parents loved to see me wearing dresses because they say I look more “lady-like” and shun me from wearing jeans three quarter of the time. So basically whenever I wanted a new pair of jeans they would always say “no” but when it comes to skirts and dresses they wouldn’t even though of the word “no” but instead would probably buy me Gucci if I wanted a dress from there.

Anyway, on Saturday I didn’t go shopping with my family because was I so exhausted staying at college until 8am and when I reached home I just slept until 4pm and well, I missed out some cool shopping time with my family. Nevertheless on Sunday we did went shopping right at Mid Valley and boy, it was packed with people. I didn’t manage to get anything but my sister and my mom did manage to get some things which they wanted to buy. At first we wanted to head off to the Curve after our Mid Valley trip but we were too tired to do so and we just headed home instead.

The moment, I reached home, I just fell on the bed and without realizing I was already fast asleep. By the time I woke up it was pretty much around 7pm and I missed dinner but I wasn’t feeling hungry to begin with. All in all, my mom confide in me that this year we pretty much spend quite a lot which I assure her that once in a while that we should splurge for a good cause. My mom told me that we will be pretty busy throughout this week and also the next because we have to clean the new house and start shifting our things too. I have already asked Joey, Kelsie and Sylvia whether they want to help me on the 14th of February to move house but only Sylvia and Kelsie are able too because Joey would be busy packing for her trip to Shanghai to visit her sister there.

I wonder if I should ask anyone else to help me…but I guess I shouldn’t because it is on Valentine’s Day and probably my friends who are with someone would be busy and also those who doesn’t have someone would be busy planning their own things so I shouldn’t disturb them. Come to think about it, Kelsie said that she would be only free in the morning and afternoon on Valentine’s Day because Chin Ming is coming back on that day itself in the evening. Sylvia said she is free anytime, which I hope that I am not disturbing her or anything and make me feel guilty later on.

My dad told me that his friend’s daughter is working for some company and he gave my details to her and probably be sending me an e-mail soon for a job interview. According to him that his friend’s daughter is working that is something to do with filming but he wasn’t so sure of himself either because he forgotten what she have said. Can’t blame my dad for being forgetful, he is getting older. I also need to send my demo reel to Josh Lim & Associates but I keep forgetting so I probably will just load it into my website and let them see my demo reel from my website.

I am almost done with my group’s animation and from what Beatrice have told me, she said that Vincent said that the sounds are okay but just need a few minor adjustments and we are done. I can’t wait to see the entire thing with sounds and also well, be happy that I have managed to complete it with flying colours. Now I can’t wait to see the rest of my classmates’ animation!

Chapter : A Late Entry

This entry was supposed to be on the 2nd of February but apparently I couldn’t sign into my blogspot account so this is considered as a late entry, therefore when you read this, think of it as if I wrote it on the 2nd of February.

Actually I initially wanted to type this yesterday but I was pretty much tied up watching this new series, Heroes which Terrence introduced to me at first but later on my sister knew about it and downloaded it. Anyway, furthering on with my story, at first when I wrote in here I was supposed to shift on the 12th of February…but it later got changed to the 14th of February.

Then later on, my mother also said that she just cancelled out the open house party on the 18th of February because it is too tedious and hectic. But she did say that if anyone wants to come and visit our house, they are free to do so. So I was basically thinking that if we are going to that, I might as well, just ask a few people to come over I guess. Who knows? Anyway, I am almost done with the sound effects for my group’s animation and well, I must say that it almost literally made me insane.

That was this particular sound effect that I had to make was a ball of strings falling down from the shelf and no matter how many times I did it, it didn’t seem right to Vincent nor Hooi Ling. So on Wednesday night, Moon Liang was nice enough to help me to hear the sounds here and there and giving his suggestions on it even though he had a lot of things on his hand. I felt really guilty but I have promised him that I would help him with the sounds if he needs anything.

To cut things short, after many attempts of trying to find a suitable sound for it but I keep getting the “it doesn’t feel right” look from Vincent so I had to try harder and in the end after a few editing here and there, I actually managed to get the approval from him. I felt so happy! Even though Vincent was being mean when he said, “If you think its okay, and then okay what!” But nevertheless, I felt really happy that I got the sound right. I mean, even though the sounds are all complete and what not, but I feel as though that it was missing if I got that “I-don’t-feel-right” look from Vincent. Maybe he was intimidating without him realizing, who knows.

Now what is left is that I have to get the correct sound for the string snapping. If I don’t get that right it would be really spoil the animation and also I had to fix the sounds of the ball rolling if not it would sound like as though the puppet in the animation is going to run away from an avalanche. Then after that, I would be able to be free from my work and also the downside is that I won’t be staying in college at night anymore and going out for my late night’s drinks with my friends or just basically hanging out as one gang in the lab and doing nothing but concentrating on our work. I am going to miss my time when I hang out in college.

I finally went to see the new house and boy, was I not really sure what to say when I saw it. It is bright that is all I can say so far despite the fact that my room which is shared with my sister is not lilac but sort of pinkish in colour which made me freaked out a little. But if worse come to worse I have to live with that colour I guess I have no choice due to the fact that isn’t much time. At least it is the shade of colour I could deal with not with the fluorescent pink colour which is too striking for your eyes. It is already the 2nd of February and well, I guess I hope we will be on time to shift on Valentine’s Day. Later today I am going shopping with my siblings to get our Chinese New Year clothes and also some things that are needed in our new home. My mom also told us that it is urgent that we go by tomorrow and get whatever is needed because on the day we move in, my parents friends are going to come. Boy that would be…fun. At least I will get the computer for sure.

I can’t really think of what to type now because it is already 6.30am and I am sitting in front of the computer typing a journal entry. I found my book where I kept some pictures when I was really young. Then I also found the pictures where I did my hair modeling thing. I look awfully weird. On Wednesday night itself, I went out with Nicklaus because Triona messaged me saying that she was free and we could meet up and have a drink. So Nick and I went nearby Extreme Park, where they had a mamak stall located there and seriously, that place is really dodgy and scary. The place where I parked my car, it looks like the best place for a rapist or a criminal to do anything. Thank goodness, Nick was with me. When we were walking to my car I was saying, “Nick, do you think my car is still there?” I said that because out of the paranoia I was feeling.

“Just keep on walking, you parked really far,” he replied.

“I know, wonder what happens if it gets stolen?” I asked out of curiousity.

“No need to worry, your car is the last thing they want to steal,” he assured.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Your car is filled with hippos and also, a lot of soft toys and pillows inside. I would say they think it is unworthy to steal it,” he joked.

I just laughed and we went into my car and drove him home. During that night when I met Triona, even after 4 years I had no contact of her and I finally managed to see her, she was different. She became more lady-like and also, more…different? I don’t know a word to place it despite the fact she isn’t shy saying that she got laid before or bending down and exposing her “Klang Valleys” she calls them. Then I look back at the picture and compared to the person I met that night it was two different worlds. People change they say. Drastically.