Friday, February 16, 2007

Chapter: Finally Moved In

I finally shifted into my new home on Valentine’s Day and boy, am I exhausted. The first two days before Valentine’s Day were pretty busy. Imagine me running up and down three flights of stairs carrying boxes and boxes of things that are filled either with clothes, or cooking utensils or basically books. I assure you, these things aren’t light. I think I almost broke my arm just by carrying those boxes from the third floor down to the basement to put either in my car or my parent’s car. It felt never ending to me but thankfully I managed to survive that few trips.

As you know that on Monday I have called a friend to help me out with the moving of boxes and well, my sister called her friends right? Anyway, on the second day which is Tuesday of course, there was more things to move from my old house to the new house and I was basically watching the workers from time to time, because my dad asked me too just in case they decided to steal something from us. They were talking in Hokkien, Cantonese, and Mandarin which of course I could only pick up bits of pieces here and there but nevertheless I know nothing of what they are saying.

I slowly saw my house evolved into something which my parents put all their hard earned cash into and I must say that I really love my new home now. On Valentine’s Day itself, Joey, Kelsie, Sylvia and Sizer came over to my house early and sadly they had to help out a bit with the stuffs. Such as moving the boxes, helping me pack my things in my room, doing the beds or putting covers on the quilts and so forth. Thankfully with their help things managed to go along faster. Sylvia said she loves my room. My mom ordered some food for the mini house warming that she organized for her friends. Kelsie left before she could see the house turn into something nice though with all the finishing touches of the covers, clothes and erm…stuffs? Not to sure how to put it because she has a date to attend to that night.

Then later on in the night my parents’ friends arrived and so did my relatives. My grandmother actually came quite early before that on V-day to say some prayers which we as Catholics also have to join but with all due respect, my parents even though my mom is a devoted Catholic and my dad is somewhat a devoted Buddhist, at least they manage to compromise and respect each other’s religion. My dad even agreed to let my mom have a Catholic table and in return, she let my grandmother burn some prayer papers and actually hold the joystick (I am not sure whether it is called like that) and said some prayers too. Anyway, forwarding to the night of V-day…

On that night itself I found out that my sister is dating her high school friend which seems at first very appalling to me because she at first doesn’t seem to be interested in that guy but I guess people change. Basically she told me how he came all the way from Malacca just to pass her some presents which consist of Hershey’s chocolates and a bath set from Body Shop and a small pink teddy bear. Well, the way she told me was:

“You know Ting, at first Lavy was asking me to come down stairs cause she said that Trevor passed her a present to pass to me which was very big and heavy and needed help.”

“Uh-huh and then?” I replied.

“Then Lavy said “Open the boot and help me carry.” And so I open the boot and saw Trevor there sitting in her boot all tied up,” she said.

“Ah, how erm, very interesting and unique…so he came all the way from Malacca just to get himself tied up for you?” I asked.

“I guess so…” was the reply.

Anyway, more of my parents’ friends turned up and the household seems pretty liven up and then I saw my sister’s friends who helped us on Monday and I was basically just finished my bath and with the towel in my hair. The moment I saw them I freaked thinking that they already came or won’t be coming till later, so I ran up and placed the towel back and began my job as a good host. My sister left later on to watch a movie with Lavy and Trevor had to go back to Malacca on the night itself.

So I basically have to tend to my sister’s friends who also considered my friends since I already know them and such. So I did my job as a host like serving them drinks and bringing them things they wanted and also I actually managed to find some time to tend to my own friends who were using the computer in the hallway to go online and do their own thing. Luckily even though as exhausted as I look I managed to pull it through. Sadly though, Candy Han broke up with his girlfriend just recently because he told us earlier on that he couldn’t make it on V-day due to the fact he had plans and when he turned up that night it made me really curious and I asked him how come he could make in and thus him telling me the sad news.

Anyway, my brother also help me to tend to them with their needs which my brother smartly enough to run back all the way to the old house to gather the PS 2 so he could play with them. Later on they left to Laundry Bar and they actually invited me to go which I couldn’t due to the fact that I don’t go to clubs nor actually been into one. The only time that I would ever go is probably with my best mates because I trust them. Not to say that I don’t trust Candy, Eugene or Kenny but just the fact that I just know them. Anyway, after they left, I was asked to help downstairs with the dishes because my maid couldn’t take all of it while my brothers were already asleep because they have classes tomorrow and my sister is still out with her friend.

So running up and down making sure Joey, Sylvia and Sizer were fine with my computer, apologizing because I couldn’t hang around with them long to chit chat without getting called by my mom or dad. They were the ones that actually stayed the longest because Joey was using my old computer to do her work because her home Maya crashed. Then she was heading off to China the next day so I offered to render her works for her which I did it yesterday.

After that night, the next day was still pretty much a busy day because we still have many things to unpack and well, so far my room is almost complete with the clothes all packed up and the books nicely stacked. I am not sure what is left but I guess I have to go back to my old house to see whether they are anything which I need to bring over. The first day of New Year my mom asked me to see whether of my friends can make it because she said these exact words to me:

“If your friends want to visit, ask them to come on the first day of New Year because on the second day mommy not here anymore.”

At the time when my mom said that, I was thinking “it is got to do with her giving angpaos to my friends?” I never know but my mom told me that we have visiting to do on the second day of New Year so I hope that some of my friends could make it on the first day even though I know that the first day is a MUST for them to stay with their family. Nevertheless, they are still welcome to come over anytime just to see the house or hang out at my place. Looks like my mates have a new place to hang out now.


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em... actually, it is called a joss-stick... lol cause the joy-stick is for playing comp games.... hahah...

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lolx! my england SUXORS!

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