Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Chapter : Chinese New Year

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Many things happened through out the months and I barely updated my blog on these matters. Blame it on the lazy bum hormones that started to kick into my system. For the first time in history, well, my kind of history, my family and I celebrated Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur. Normally, we would pack our bags and head off driving down to Malacca with all the jams and butt-aching rides because you are cramped up with your siblings and maid at the backseat. Being in a family of six isn’t what you call a small thing.

Anyway, summarizing up what happen during Chinese New Year is well…really not too shabby. My mom cooked some dishes and invited her friends over and well, I also invited my friends over and some managed to make it and some didn’t. So to those who managed to visit me during Chinese New Year thank you for coming and to those who didn’t, I’m sorry that you didn’t have the time to make it but you are still welcome to visit me at my place! I got pretty tired with Chinese New Year because my parents have a very big social group of friends and their friends they met are based on different things. Like for instance, one group is their social dancing group, another group is from a Beijing trip during one time they went and you get the picture.

Honestly speaking, with all the aunties and uncles I have met, I still don’t know who they are and only certain aunties and uncles that I managed to remember their names. If not, three quarter of the time I would just smile and say “Happy New Year Aunty / Uncle!” and that is it. My sister and brother would know them better because most of my parents’ friends have their kids going to the same school or because from their dancing group classes. During Chinese New Year, with all the open houses I have attended, I really got sick of eating mandarin oranges and well, the food that they served till I was craving for sushi.

My cravings was fulfilled when Joey, Yuki and Sizer came by over one night and we decided to head off to the Curve instead of Sunway Pyramid because they wanted to go to Borders and check out the mangas selling there. So they came from KLCC and I was busy watching GTO on TV while waiting for them. When they arrived at my place, I got ready and we left. We ate at Sakae Sushi restaurant and I must say that the place is pretty cool. The restaurant is computerized where you just have to place your order through the computer and the waiters / waitress will deliver it to you. All four of us just sat down and ate our share of food, talking and laughing our heads off and I think we even made the waiters stared at us because we were acting really like a bunch of psychotic people. But heck, that is where all the fun is.

Anyway, pushing the event forward, just yesterday Joey and I went to One Utama because she wanted to get her ears pierced and I accompanied her. It has been a while since I saw someone pierced her ears and Joey was getting nervous over it because she was afraid of pain that would be inflicted upon her. We walked around and we stopped by MPH and I bought some books while she orders her books. After I have done my purchase, we finally went back to the shop that does ear piercing. Joey was still having butterflies in her stomach because she said that the shop looked scary and I was assuring her that the people there isn’t scary at all and sides, she is just piercing her ears…not getting a tattoo at her butt or something. After when she got her ears pierced she was happily telling me that it was painful and numb and I had to scold her not to touch her pierced ears too much.

Then when we reached my house, we sat in my room reading the books that we bought and well, after a few hours of hanging out at my place, she went home and when she went online, she was telling me that she was enjoying the pain in her ears and she wants to get more piercing but she only wanted four holes. When she told me that, it got me thinking, “So much for telling me that she was allergic to pain.” I wanted to pierce my ears again but I decided to go against that idea due to the fact that I am allergic to nickel and chrome and therefore I can’t wear those earrings that are sold in normal shops unless I go to a jewelry shop like Poh Kong and pierce my ears there and have gold studs in my ears. My parents’ would kill me if they find out that I pierced my ears again.

My dad is asking me to work on my portfolio and I guess I have to start on it really soon. I can’t help it because I am being a super big lazy pig for not doing it and also like being obsessed with the animes that my friend gave me to watch. Can you believe it that I managed to sit down in front of the computer watching one particular anime from the start till the end in one sitting? My dad said that my back is going to haunt me when I grow older because I was slouching in front of the computer while watching those animes.

As soon as I have the mood to draw, I will keep on drawing non-stop and put together my portfolio. It would definitely take up a lot of time but I have to start on it somehow so my dad wouldn’t be mad at me for not doing my portfolios. Despite that, Chinese New Year gave me a nice scar on my nose which hurts like mad so I decided to put a plaster over it so I wouldn’t be an asshole to hurt it even more with my long fingernails. Joey kept calling me “Robina Flower” because of me wearing the plaster over my nose. Honestly, I kind of like the plaster over my nose and I don’t know the reason why.


Nicole said...

lol!!! That's reaslly cute... if I remember correctly, they used to do it to little boys in japan... erm, put plasters on their noses I mean...

alwizhyper said...

yeah i know XD now im regraded as -jesc with anime plaster on the nose or jesc you look so cool! do you know how to shuffle?- kill me please. =.=