Monday, March 12, 2007

Chapter: A "typical" Sunday

On Friday Joey and Sylvia had a sleepover at my place which is basically the first time I had friends over my house staying a night. It was pretty fun because we just sat down and chat and watched some shows. Nothing big happened because it is just a small sleepover. Try imagining three people squeezing onto a queen sized bed. It was cool that everyone managed to get some good night’s rest without getting rolled on or pushed off the bed. Well, if someone would get pushed off the bed it would be mainly me because I was at the edge of the bed technically.

Then on Saturday we woke up around 12 something pm and Sylvia went to get her parcel which a friend of hers delivered to her but got stuck at the customs and she did some things and had to pick up the parcel at the post office located at Kelana Jaya. Joey was doing some of her work and I was basically walking around the house doing nothing and feel asleep later on. After when I woke up, we headed off to the Curve do so some shopping which is basically stalking after Borders for the books that are sold there.

Then we walked around the Curve and Cineleisure and found nothing interesting and head back to my place. They ate dinner with my family and my mom cooked curry crabs which they enjoyed it a lot. Then Sylvia went back around 10ish I presume I couldn’t remember then Joey hung around for a little while before heading off to her own home. I’m glad that they managed to enjoy some time at my place even though there isn’t much to do nor I am much of a hostess.

Sunday was pretty much an all-boring day for me because first off I went to church and I met up with some friends after mass and so happen his sister is just about to finish Form 5 this year and was planning to go to the One Academy to study. Well, it is more like she is looking at some offers for colleges for the time being and so happen I’m a graduate from that college. Then later reached home fell asleep and woke up just in time for dinner. Seriously, I don’t know how long I have slept. I have been sleeping too much lately and it is getting a bit annoying for me because most of the time I spent is on my bed asleep. I am turning into some kind of a weird bum I assure you.

Then later Daniel Lee called up and asked to meet up with him because he got a part-time job offer for me. So I met up with him later around 10ish pm and met his friend too and now I’m basically having a part-time job without me realizing. Things happened really fast during that period of time and I am pretty happy that well, I have something to do now instead of bumming at home. Now my siblings have one week of holiday and therefore they will be running around at home and then I will start my work for my mom next week which my mom said that there is a lot of things for me to know and to do. It would be pretty tough for me because I am an animator student and I am going to learn how to do accounts and filing and all those secretarial things.

Well, my mom is going to pay me if I am not mistaken RM 500 per month since I am not experienced in the line she is doing and I think it is pretty much a fair amount and I was hoping that she would make it RM 800 so I could park some cash aside so I could save up to buy some things that I really want. Though it isn’t much but I guess it would do for the time being since I am mostly at home and doing nothing most of the time besides becoming a driver picking my siblings from school. I guess with the cash that I would have I would buy some books that I am wanting to buy for quite some time now and probably some gifts for my parents since I haven’t been giving them some presents for their birthdays. What a bad daughter I have become.

But come to think of it, it would be easier to shop things for my mom but I wouldn’t know what to get for my dad. What is there to get for a person who can buy anything he wants? A tie is too common and besides that my dad has enough ties already. If I want to buy him t-shirts, my dad is pretty particular when it comes to t-shirts because it has to be me think if I am not mistaken, 100% cotton or so ever that sort of requirements that he wants when he gets a t-shirt. In the end, I end up having trouble getting a “perfect” gift for my dad.

Anyway, my high school friend suddenly came up to me wanting to play a game of Reversi and that time when I was playing with him, I was busy chatting with my friends, typing this journal entry and doing some surfing and I wasn’t even paying attention to the game and it was so funny when I won a few rounds and he was like,”After tonight I am going to disturb you each day just to play Reversi.”

“Erm, okay…I don’t mind that since most of the nights I am just doing my normal thing and it would be interesting to have a game with you once in a while,” I replied.

“Yeah, I must practice with you each day so one day I can surpass you!” he said.

“Sure…erm…Okay?” I replied confused.

As I am typing this entry right now, he is playing Reversi with me and he keeps pestering me why I take so long to make a move. But in the end he managed to win me and he was like,

“Did you give me a chance to win?”

“Nope, I don’t think so…” I replied.

“You lie! I am so going to play with you again!” he said.

“Okay, whatever you say…” I replied with a laugh.

“Maybe tomorrow night, I’m off to bed,” he said.

Then after we bid each other good night, he went off to bed and I am still online writing this entry and occasionally drawing some stuff which I am planning to post it in the forums. What can I summarized up from my day? From a boring Sunday to, I have a part-time job and I have a partner to play Reversi each night. Funny.


Nicole said...

cool... that's pretty awesome... I wish it was that easy for me to find a job... sigh... i have to work... during summer, hopefully can find a job... i was coerced into buying something i could not afford to...

alwizhyper said...

well, the work is quite demanding even though it is said that it is a part time job. but imma need to balance my time if i do get a real job....dont we all want to get things that we cant afford all the time? dorh..hope you can get a job hunny!