Sunday, March 18, 2007

Chapter : The Screening

I had my animation screening on Thursday, 15th of March. All that I can say that it was a success though I was pretty nervous most of the time because a lot of people attended the screening plus my parents which I purposely “forced” them to attend. The dress code for the night was black and white pants or top but the girls have to wear skirts. So thanks to Joey for lending me the clothes for the night, even though she kept pestering me to wear the shortest skirt she gave to me instead of the asymmetrical skirt that was around above knee length that she had. In the end, on that night I was the asymmetrical skirt and a black top borrowed from her. I looked as though I was prepared to have a wonderful evening dinner at some fancy restaurant.

All in all, everyone said that I look really nice that night and it was flattering but I was more concern about whether the event is going on fine. I was in charge of the ushering and I had to walk up and down the stairs guiding the people who arrived for the screening. Beatrice and Adrian were the MCs for the night and I must say that they did a great job! Everyone was amused and entertained for the night and even though I screwed up part of my presentation speech, but Beatrice assured me that I did fine. Most of the time, the entire class of DG 41 were hanging outside because we didn’t want to stand inside crowding the auditorium. So we just waited outside and let the audience watch the screening and we could hear applauses from them when each animated movie ended.

After the screening, we went in one last time and thanked the people who guided us throughout the four months and also thanking the people who attended the evening. When it all ended, the production companies came to us and gave us their name cards saying that they will contact us next week or we could contact them if we are looking for a job. My cousin’s friend, Yap also attended the screening which clears the suspicion why my mom was really friendly and was able to talk to people who attended the screening. I was talking to him for a while explaining my tasks and also how was college like and also what position I am looking for as a job.

I also met some old lecturers who used to work in the One Academy such as Koon Wah and also Aik Sern. Not only that, I met some of the seniors who have graduated from the academy and I managed to talk to them for a while. Boo and a few juniors also made it to the screening and I was happy that Boo was able to make it because he came all the way from his work place to attend the screening. Joey didn’t attend the screening but she did watch the entire animation before that when I went for this game production house sharing. That night of the screening was really a memorable night for me.

After the screening and when everyone went home, the entire DG41 plus Hooi Ling, Sheng Han and Vincent went to KFC for a small celebration dinner. When we reached there, I saw some seniors hanging around there and we all one big gang sat there and had our dinner. We also celebrated Darren’s birthday which was supposed to be a surprise but it was partly my fault that the surprise birthday party failed because I asked Hooi Ling where was Chih Lun and she answered me without thinking, “He went to get cake for Darren” and during that time when she said that, Darren was just standing next to me. So that is how Darren found out about his surprise birthday party.

After our KFC dinner, the seniors who joined us for the night wanted to watch a movie and they wanted to watch a horror movie. They invited me as well but I am the kind who doesn’t watch horror movies so I declined their offer. So I head back to my car with Darren because he asked me whether I could drop him off at his work place and also I went to drop Beatrice and Vincent at their house. Honestly speaking, I already missed those times I spend at college with them and I really hope that we will keep in touch and will once in a while meet up just for a drink or for a movie. It would be fun to find out what is going on with their lives once in a while.

Not only that, I think if I am not mistaken, Joey called me one time and we were both talking on the phone…suddenly we came to this conversation about that special someone we know from college. It was so amusing when we found out that the special someone and another special someone are getting really close. After I found out that the special someone already broken off with the “spouse”, the realization dawned upon us that both of these special people are getting things on. We laughed so much when we were talking about it until the topic was still fresh in our minds the next day. The next day when I met up with Joey and the rest at Pyramid for a while, we told Yuki about this topic and all of us couldn’t stop laughing for a while and making a big joke about it.

When I went to church on Saturday after meeting up with them at Pyramid, something really funny happened. Maybe I was just having too much fun by myself or just thinking so highly about myself…but hear is the story. During mass, at this one point when the priest says “Lets now offer the sign of peace” and we have to bow to the priest then bow to others to show the sign of peace. During that procedure I was attending mass alone which I am used to it and I quite enjoy it…anyway, back to the story. As I was just offering the sign of peace to the people around me, I saw…spot this one cute guy looking at my way and I offered the sign of peace to him. Then later when I went up to take Holy Communion, and when I was walking back to my place, that particular cute guy whom I noticed and caught his eye smiled at me and I smiled back.

Even though I had this mini smile inside of me, but I was sure that the guy was just being nice. After mass ended, I was walking back to my car; I was so surprised that he was following me behind me! I was so amused and surprised at the same time that I had a hard time hiding my smile. I don’t know whether that guy caught me smiling to myself because all I know that I blushing really red and couldn’t even look properly at where I was walking. Then I called my mom because she called me during mass which I can’t pick up the phone then because it is rude and talked to her for a while. Then that guy suddenly walked in front of me and after I hung up on my mom, he was walking in front of me and I was walking behind of him. I really was trying to hide my overly red face and I just kept looking down on the floor. But I noticed from my view from the ground, he turned back to look at me a few times and that actually made me go even redder.

After I went to my car, I really couldn’t see him in the eye and I quickly drove off in a rush. I looked at myself in the mirror and I could see that my face looked like a beetroot. It was so red. Then I quickly called Joey and told her about the incident and I regretted horribly that I didn’t even stop to say hi or to catch his name. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a while and I kept complaining to Joey about it. Due to this reason, call me a sinner or whatever…I have determined to go to church every Saturday just to catch a glimpse of the guy again. I know, I am going to church for the obvious wrong reasons but it is just this time only for the heck of it. That is what makes church more enjoyable now.


Nicole said...

Oohhh~~~ that's really interesting now... lolz...

Just got back from Bahamas. Glad you're enjoying yourself too, in church of all places. Church is like, the wierdest place to flirt. lol!!!

alwizhyper said...

LOL! i know! tell me about it! imma so gonna be condemn to hell now XD