Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chapter : The Interview

On Tuesday, I had an interview with one of the production houses’ company. My interview was at 2pm and the company was located in Kuala Lumpur so therefore I decided to set off early since I know that Kuala Lumpur is normally jam. Waiting for Joey to arrive at my place, I was getting ready my resume and demo reel, and checking whether the files are alright and so forth. The reason why I have dragged Joey along with me because I thought that if I couldn’t find any parking nearby the company, Joey could just sit inside and drive around. Despite that, another good reason is that if I get lost alone, it would be hell. If both of us get lost together it would be fine because Joey some what remembers thing and also not forgetting that she understands landmarks way better than I do.

We left the house at 11.30am and I knew that way to reach to Jalan Ampang. Once we reached to that road, we were already on the look out for the company. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I shall tell you that we got lost on the way. Frantically searching for the particular embassy that was the company’s landmark and we failed for a few times and were already at the peek of our panic state. More like me, not Joey because she wasn’t the one who is getting interviewed. After 2 hours of searching the company as though it was finding a needle in a haystack, we found it. To make matters worse, we actually drove pass the place before that and didn’t realize that the company was smacked right in front of our faces. One of the reasons we didn’t know that it would be the company because it was an old building. Not only that, we thought it was a house, not an office. Who knew that the company was inside that house itself? Another sad thing, there was a sign big enough for us to notice. The sign was as small as the numbers you see when you pass normal houses.

We found the company at approximately 1pm and we ate Mc Donald’s for lunch in my car right in front of the company itself. Well, we orders Mc Donald’s and take away and sat in my car to it because I was mostly afraid that I couldn’t get a decent parking nearby the company. After our lunch, we walked to the company and I told them that I was here for the interview and waited for a while. Joey was inside the company with me but she was just drawing her things. Later I was interviewed by one of the people there who came for the screening. My interview with him was pretty short and then he gave us a tour around the production house. Later on I was interviewed by another guy because I explained that I had an interest in doing 3D Compositing other than 3D Animating.

The people who interviewed me for the 3D Compositing asked me to come back to their office again for a 2nd interview with another demo reel where I have to show what I have done in my 3D Compositing classes and also my design works. At that time I almost died because I know that my works isn’t what you call high quality works and I have no choice but to comp it together and show it to them the 2nd time around. Now I am planning to do as much compositing plus animation works as I can since I am mostly free despite my part-time job and also picking up my brothers from school. The only thing that is stopping me from animating most of the time is because my computer is lagging for me but maybe not to others and also I really suck at modeling. I probably have to ask someone to help me OR teach me OR comment about my modeling work. Even though Beatrice said that people are looking at the animation not the model but I feel embarrassed to show my animation with bad modeling. Therefore I have made up my mind to do the best as I can in my modeling then I can animate.

After the interview, Joey was asked me, “Jessie, is that an interview?”

“Yeah,” I replied.

“Wow, it is so different from what I used to hear from my dad,” she said.

“Well, maybe because it isn’t the white collar sort of business-y thing,” I said.

We headed off to KLCC for a while and stopped by Kinokuniya and both of us bought something that made us really happy. Joey was saying that it was worth waking up early and also getting lost with me to get that book. Amusing I must say. Then we also went to Sungai Wang for a while but we didn’t buy anything there and I didn’t manage to find the bracelet that I was seeking. I managed to buy some nice earrings at KL Sentral though and Joey bought some hair clips at Sungai Wang. After all the trips there, we headed off home. It was really jam and thankfully I know my way home. Imagine if I didn’t know my way home and get lost and be stuck in the jam even more? Both of us would practically die on the spot and have no choice but to crack our brains to search for a sign that will lead us home. KL isn’t a place where I want to be honestly speaking.

After I reached home I had to do my part-time work because the dateline in on Wednesday, Joey rested for a while at my house because she had a headache. I woke her up around 9 something pm and she went home and I was stuck doing my work until now and therefore this entry existed. I am not happy with the work I have done because it was the first time I am trying to animate something really different from what I usually animate such as walking or weight lifting. In this work I am doing, I have to animate jumping and running and I keep getting the timing off and also problems with the character. Even though it is only a test pilot to show to the producers but I was determined to do it really well. I am now ashamed to show my works to them with such bad quality work.

But I don’t have the time to redo it again and not only that, my computer lags on me and I can’t open Photoshop and Maya at the same time if I want to do some textures because when I do so, I can’t even animate in Maya at all. The mouse and computer were screwed up really bad. So I have no choice but to show the sad results to them and hope that they will give me another chance to refine the big huge mess I made throughout the work. That way I would be happy that I am able to do something which I could feel that it is worthy to be called a good quality work instead of doing bad quality work and showing off to people as though my works are labeled “great”.


Nicole said...

aw... it's ok... my work kinda sucks too... I haven't been doing modelling for a long time, but I'm taking an Advanced Modelling class right now, so I just finished the storyboard for it... I'll upload it to youtube or something when I'm done at the end ofthe semester if it isn't too bad... I'm better at modelling and animating than anything else, I totally suck at texturing and changing the maya mel scripts =.=lll

alwizhyper said...

LOL! but at least you can model really well :3 MODEL ME SOMETHING! so i can animate it and put it in my demo reel..=3= i sux so bad at modeling. Yay! i get to see your works then! :3 i sux at changing the maya mel scripts too ya know =.= guh D: i sux in everything!! D:

Nicole said...

no you don't!! I saw your demo reel on youtube... the helicopter part and the shoes part was really great!! honestly I don't think you're bad at it... anyways, I've deciced to concentrate more on my finance major instead of my media study... so I wont be working in that field, i

alwizhyper said...

LMAO! well it is what you wanna do my dear =) the helicopter is like the textures and the shoes thing is only animating it plus i rigged the character and what not. =)

Nicole said...

Rigging is hard, for your information...=.=lll I already feel like my animation is a pain in the ass and it's going to be shorter than 2 minutes. Gawd/lol.

alwizhyper said...

i know rigging is hard. i just found out the rig that im used too, is screwed up in a very odd way. DONT ASK.