Monday, April 9, 2007

Chapter : A Boring Entry

It’s been a while since I wrote some interesting entries on what happened to me during the past few months…Anyway, let me try to recap some things that happen but I doubt that I can get all the details right away.

Let me start from my work life at the moment. Everything is going on well, with the work that we do, running up and down to re-shoot the pilot episode for the producers. Then on Sunday itself, have to rush to Shah Alam because my boss called me saying that the post production crew said that the tape couldn’t be read in the video camera which causes him to panic and when he told me, it also made me panic and I rushed all the way to his house and picked him up then drove all the way to Shah Alam.

One thing I can say about Shah Alam, it is a really big place and the signs are always misleading. I tell you, I actually drove around the roundabout continuously just looking for the sign stating “Seksyen 7”. Luckily my boss spotted his friend and asked him to guide us to “Seksyen 7”. While he was guiding us, we realized that Seksyen 7 was way deeper than we thought and we were sort of pissed in a way because the signs kept misleading us to another direction.

Thankfully we managed to reach there with a lot of time to spare and waited for the post production crew guy to come. While waiting there, my boss also called our colleague because he was staying nearby just to sit down and have a drink one in a while. We sat at this “mamak” restaurant to eat and the food there was SALTY. It is like eating SALTY Maggie mee goring. My boss ordered “roti canai” and asked them to put dhal, and when he tasted it, his face went funny and asked us to try it and we did. The dhal tasted salty too! I don’t know what’s up with that restaurant because all the food there is salty. How much salt can one person take?

On the other hand, on Sunday itself, my family and I had an Easter dinner at my mom’s sister’s house which was located all the way in Puchong. Anyway, we were having steamboat and I assure you, the soup was tasteless. Seriously, I literally put salt in my soup to add some taste into it! It’s as though the maid cooked the soup with some chicken bones and that’s it. Everyone was adding salt, soya sauce into their soup to add some flavour.

Speaking of steamboats, Beatrice, my team leader told me that our college mate, Chih Lun suggested that we all go have a steamboat dinner party since all of us have landed a job. From what I know, everyone is working with a fixed time and I am the only one who is having a flexible time. I just hope that this coming weeks that my schedule won’t be so pack if not I can’t go to some events that I want to go.

I was reading an entry in Joey’s journal saying that on the 21st of April that will be a doll event which I don’t want to miss it! It’s the first time ever that this event is held where the doll owners and their dolls either wear a matching set of clothes like their dolls or matching colour sets. It would be held in Cineleisure at 11 am and I pray that I won’t have anything on that day so I can make it to that event. I told Joey that I want to dress up too for the heck of it and she laughed.
Anyway, my mom’s elder sister stayed with us yesterday night and it was really amusing to watch her sleep. At first she was sleeping on the floor when I kept pestering her to sleep on my bed but she insisted that she wants to sleep on the floor because she likes it. My mom’s sister is pretty old fashion in a sense where she is able to sleep without the fan on or without a mattress. She must be really used to the olden days where mattresses and fans doesn’t exist or something. I have on the air-conditioner and she kept asking me to off it which I didn’t due to the fact that the weather was really hot and my room is stuffy. She left the door open because she wanted the cold air to be let out so I on the fan and made it blow towards me only. You might think that I am a selfish bitch.

Then later on today, my grandmother plus her maid plus my mom’s 2nd sister dropped by. I am supposed to bring all of them shopping but for the time being I am hanging out here because they are sitting down chatting. I don’t know when they want to leave so I am just making myself busy with typing this entry and technically, almost doing nothing.


Nicole said...

ah well, I wish my life is as boring as yours... I have too much drama right now, I want to kill myself... sigh... I wish I could come home for the summer.... I wanna go shopping so bad...

alwizhyper said...

LOL! you wouldnt want a boring life like mine!! i want to go shopping too! but no moneh..T^T