Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chapter: Exclusive Preview Tickets

Yesterday I would say that it was an eventful day. Why you might ask? It all began when I went out for dinner with my guy friend, Candy. Yes, I kid you not people. His name is Candy and I assure you that he is a PURE male.

Anyway, Candy asked me out for dinner because he was supposed to meet another friend of ours, Ken Nie but he was working and doesn’t end his shift until 11pm. So I met up with him around 7pm and we headed off to One Utama for dinner. At first he asked, “Where do you want to eat?”

“Chili’s,” I joked.

“Okay,” he said and I stared.

But don’t worry, we didn’t go to Chili’s in the end but we ate at the Vietnamese Kitchen which was just next door. The food there is not bad I must say. We ordered mango duck, yao mak fried with garlic and Assam stingray. Yes, we are eating the stingray that killed Steve Irwin. Okay, that was lame. Ignore that lame-ass joke.

Anyway, continuing my story, after we ate dinner, Candy wanted some dessert. So we were looking back at the menu and saw a very limited variety of dessert. It is either you want to eat tapiocas or tau foo fah. We saw a very interesting dessert called “Six Treasures Home Made Tau Foo Fah”. We just sat there talking and laughing like a pair of nutcases and the dessert came. Both of us looked at the dish and I randomly suggested, “Lets count whether got “six treasures” or not.” Believe it or not, we actually did. That shows how pathetic and crazy we are.

After dinner, which ended only around maximum 8ish pm plus and then we headed off to MPH to see some books but bought nothing because the books that Candy wanted isn’t in stock and the “mangas” I wanted is too pricy for me to buy. Then it was just only 9pm and Candy still have a lot of time to spare while waiting for Ken Nie so I suggested watching a movie.

There were mostly horror movies on which I don’t want to watch and Candy suggested that we watch “Meet the Robinson” since he hates Mr. Bean. So while queuing up for the tickets, a random guy suddenly approached us, more likely towards me and asked “Do you want to watch a free movie?”

“Huh?” I replied and before I could even registered what the guy have said he suddenly gave me two postcards and at the back it stated

You are invited to attend the Mix.Fm exclusive preview of


Date: 10th April 2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama (New Wing)
Hall: 10
Seat: Free seating

*Admits One only

Candy and I stared at each other and thought that we missed it or something or have to queue up to take the ticket because there was a long line at one corner near the movie area. So Candy decided not to go and started to queue up again for the “Meet the Robinson” movie. When we reached the counter the guy at the counter asked “Sir, you are not going for the movie?” Candy looked at him then at me and asked, “Huh? These things are tickets? Or we need to get the tickets?” and he was waving the postcard like tickets to the guy.

“Yes sir, these are your tickets sir. You can just walk in like that,” he replied.

Candy and I were stunned and we starting laughing like nutcases again and went towards hall 10 for our movie. When we reached to that point, there were guards / army-looking people that you normally see in the airport checking whether you are carrying armed guns or some drugs with you. But funnily enough, these “guards” were there to check whether you bring in any hand phone or video camera or any devices that can capture movie. We didn’t know that we couldn’t bring our hand phones in and we were asked to leave our hand phones at the counter near the escalator.

In my mind I was thinking “Whoa, tough security” and then waited for Candy for a while because he went to leave our phones at the counter. After all that hassle we have to go through the run through again before entering the cinema. Malaysian time, 9.00pm means 9.30pm and at first Candy and I thought that the show started but realized that they were just showing some advertisements.

One thing I can say about the movie? Please bring a pair of sunglasses if you are going to watch it. For me, the show is pretty boring but certain parts do have it climaxes. Overall, the movie…it isn’t worth seeing in the cinemas. Anyway, the movie is basically a serious movie where it supposedly to keep you at the edge of your seat (okay, maybe I am just exaggerating that) but Candy and I were laughing most of the time in the movie itself. We were thinking of plasma TVs, Star Wars characters, and many other stupid things that we could find in the movie.

After the movie ended, my eyes were sore from all that light that was shown and I assure you that my eyes still hurts now but not as bad as just now in the cinema. Three quarter of the time there are always showing the sun which to me it was really glaring. By the time I reached home, I could literally see in the dark and I kid you not for this factor. It was a pretty amusing day for me and also considering that this is the first time I actually got tickets for an exclusive preview for a movie. I hope I get tickets to watch Transformers or something. Can’t wait!


Nicole said...

... I wish i was as lucky as you... my day sucked... =.=

alwizhyper said...

awww! what happened? *huggles*

Nicole said...

>.< lots of stuff... I got my auntie, I got sick, and my housemate was horrible to me, as usual... sigh.. I want to get out of here soooo bad... my tummy hurts too TT_TT I think I ate something bad...

alwizhyper said...

you poor thing! D: go take some medication for your tummy then. imma getting slightly sick too. sneezing non-stop. my friend candy have been bringing me out for dinners and lunchs...making me eat alot D: immma getting plump...