Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chapter: The Turnaround

These pass few days was seriously what I call a big turnaround for me. The first few moments, it was pretty blissful I must admit where things were looking up for me. Then I guess I was soaking up my good fortune and was enjoying myself from time to time and was thinking “hey, everything will definitely go well. Nothing can happen.” But I was wrong. In just a day, I was crushed into pieces and I broke down and cry. Maybe it is because that I haven’t been facing a lot of stress at one shot lately. Most of my time I am pretty much, I must admit, stress-free.

So when suddenly at one major shot it came hitting me, smacking it in front of my face, I couldn’t cope with it. For the first time in my life, I was lonely. For the first time in my life, I actually wanted a boyfriend. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t calm myself down. I managed to stop crying from time to time but then later my eyes started to tear up and I would just cry. I didn’t want to bother my friends because they were busy with their own things. They too have their own problems to worry, why should I add on their burdens with mine?

I talked to Joey about some problems I was facing then we chat for a while bitching for a bit before she went off to bed. I talked with Riko online and I was sharing webcam with him and he too saw my crying that time and I got pretty emotional at one point and got really emotional with him. I wonder whether he is afraid to come online and talk to me now after the outburst I gave yesterday. I really am embarrassed for causing him to be in a situation when I was having my “rampage” yesterday. Poor guy, and he did nothing to begin with and he came on because I send him a text message all the way to Slovakia asking him whether he could come on MSN.

The next day I fell sick. I just was feeling off colour where I had a slight sore throat and I was coughing here and there. I didn’t have the appetite to eat but I have no choice but to eat due to the fact that my maid went through the trouble of cooking for me. Anyway, then Candy called me because he was bored of course and got nothing else better to do. Not really, because he text messaged me before hand and I told him that I wasn’t feeling well. The next thing I know he called me asking me whether I am feeling fine or do I have to see the doctor. I told him that just need a good rest because I couldn’t sleep the day before.

But after the call, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I don’t know the reason why. Then I just lazed around the house for the time being walking here and there. After lingering around my house technically doing nothing, I went online to play a few rounds of game. Then I got my external hard drive back from Naveen which it made me felt guilty because I had to make him come all the way from god knows where just to pass it back to me. After receiving my hard drive from him, suddenly Candy called.

“Are you going anywhere later?” Candy asked.

“Huh? In a way, going to pass documents to my boss. Why?” I asked.

“Oh, cause I am around your area already. I want to pass you something,” he said.
“Huh? Okay, what is it that you want to pass to me?” I asked.

“Something, I am reaching already. I will go up to your house and pass it to you,” he said.

“Erm, okay,” I replied.

So I waited for Candy to arrive and when he did, I went out to take the thing that he wanted to give me. Apparently he went to eat somewhere I don’t know where and he usually gets his honey and lemon drink whenever he has a sore throat and he bought it just for me to drink it to make my sore throat better. This was the first time someone actually came over from god knows where just to give me something for my illness. I thanked him for the drink and I went back up again because Candy had some things to do at this office. I drank the drink which was BURNING hot. Then later I went over to pass the documents to my boss. Well, more like slit it under the door of the studio. I was really surprised of what Candy did, but I really appreciated it because this is the first time someone cared for me and went through the trouble just to get some remedy to make it better. On Thursday, I am going to Masion with Candy, Ken Nie, Eugene and Antoine. Hope that everything goes well that night and nothing big happen…

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Nicole said...

sigh... I wish I was as lucky as you to have friends...I've been really sick too, but no one bothered about me, which is kinda ok I guess... since I went overseas to be independent and all...haih whatever... you should be grateful...