Friday, April 20, 2007

Chapter: Masion

Yesterday was the first time in my life that I went to a club. Technically, I wasn’t clubbing because all I did was just sat there and drink while I watched the others dance. It all began when I was waiting for Candy to arrive around 9 something which he said. I started to get ready around 8pm and it was just enough time because when I just finished putting some final touched with my make-up then he messaged me that he was outside my house. He wanted to assure to my mom that I am in safe hands. The conversation went like this,

“Don’t worry, Aunty, I will assure you that your daughter will be in good hands,” he said.

“Are you sure? What time are you planning to send her back?” my mom asked.

“Err, around 2-3am,” he replied.

“She has work tomorrow,” my mom said. “Ting, what time do you have to go to work tomorrow?”

“Around 12pm,” I replied.

“Make sure that she doesn’t drink because she is still underage,” my mom said.

“Yes, aunty,” he said.

After that we left the house, we went to pick Eugene at his place. We arrived earlier and we had to wait for a while because Eugene was getting ready. It took a while until Eugene beckons us to come into his house which totally freaked me out. I saw his dad, mom and sister and Candy was telling Eugene’s dad that I am Su Yee’s sister. My sister and Eugene knew each other since primary school.

After that we head off to Masion which was at located in town. It has been a while since I been to town and I saw it was pretty nice at night cause there weren’t much cars around and it was pretty peaceful. We arrived at the place earlier then usual so we went to mamak to drink. So we sat there for a while talking and joking then we head off to Masion. Reaching there, I saw a huge crowd of people lingering outside the club and I spotted Ken Nie, Chiong Kor, Mohan and Joel. We went there to say hi and such and I spotted Nicklaus in the midst. Nick came with Lisa, Shaun and Julian, his bunch of friends.

After greeting them, then it was time to head into the club. The bouncer requested for our identification card so ensure that we weren’t underage and thank god that I am 19 now. After that the bouncer chopped our arms with it stated “Happening Club”. I was with Candy because I am under his care. Candy showed me around the club and telling me where the toilets are and also showing me the dance floor of the podium and such. I just sat there drinking Chivas mixed with Coke. I haven’t tasted Chivas before so I was pretty much happy that I am drinking some expensive drink.

But after drinking that drink, my face turned really hot and it was BRIGHT red. Thankfully that it was dark in the club so they couldn’t really see much of my face colour, though I could feel that my face is burning really hot and I kept fanning myself so I could cool down. Eugene and Candy kept pestering me to dance but I kept declining their offer because I can’t dance to save my life. So instead I took the opportunity to bully Chiong Kor. The first time I met him was somewhere in Damansara Jaya when he was with the rest of the boys playing Dota. He was hiding in the car, hugging the pillow and refuses to come out and it gave me a huge impression that he was a quiet and shy kid. Who knew that when I saw him that night at the club, that particular impression was totally gone from my mind? He was talkative and funny. He wasn’t the same person that I met that night. I kept pestering him saying “Are you the same person I met who hides in the car hugging the pillow?” It made him speechless and didn’t want to answer my question. It was so amusing.

At first things were starting off slowly, pretty dead but went it touches the peak around 12pm almost to 1am, things started to pick up. People were dancing, people were screaming, laughing, technically, letting loose. I was just observing my surroundings because after all, it was my first time being in the club. I just sat there chilling while I watched the others dancing, drinking. Most of the time, I was drinking a non-alcoholic drink which was Coke. Only at certain times I drank Chivas mixed with Coke which was mixed either by Eugene or Candy. I think I only drank around 2 glasses of those. I wasn’t drunk but my face was really red from what I can feel from the heat.

People were going wild around our table and also the people at our table were going wild themselves too. It was really a thing to see. Most of the time they went down to the dance floor to let loose or for the guys, more like….picking up the hot chicks. As usual, I just sat at the table drinking my Coke and observing the crowd. I was really taken care of though. By Candy and Eugene, I felt like a little princess. Even though I didn’t dance, I just sat down at the table talking to Chiong Kor and teasing him in a way by asking him to and dance with some chicks. But his reply to me was really amusing. He kept saying, “I don’t want to dance with them! I want to dance with you only! Come la! If you dance I dance!” I was like thinking, “Is he drunk?”

After the hype, things start to mellow down because the club was going to close. People were finishing the bottle of Chivas which they ordered and dancing a few more rounds before the DJ stop spinning the music. After that, the lights turned out and the music stops and everyone have to leave. Candy made sure that I was with him most of the time. He guided me out and we headed to the mamak place where we sat earlier to drink. I was pretty worn out even though I didn’t dance but sat most of the time because in the club, it was stuffy and smoky. Everyone was smoking and my hair now stinks of cigarette smoke. It is like a combination of all the cigarettes that is sold here in Malaysia. After sitting down in mamak, we headed off saying our good byes to Chiong Kor and Ken Nie because they came with Mohan.

I bid my good byes to Nicklaus and Julian and Nick’s friend, May if I could recall her name. I sat in the car stoning because my eyes were painful because I was wearing contact lenses and it was really dry due to all the smoke in the club.

Candy sends Eugene home and then only he sends me home. Candy actually walked me up to my house because I was acting a little wacky by acting, drunk. Then I hugged him good bye and said thanks for taking care of me. When I reached home, I took off my make-up, earrings, and changed into my pajamas and plopped myself to bed. Then I received a text message from Candy saying that he just puked at the drain near my house and I got worried if he is able to go back home now. He said that he is fine and he just puked because he drank too much Coke. This was the first time I am hearing that someone pukes because of drinking too much Coke. Nevertheless, he text messaged me later saying that he arrived home and taken some medicine and was going to bed.

The next day which was today, I woke up with a strained neck which I think it was caused because I was sleeping the wrong way and I gotten myself with a slight fever. I told Candy that I won’t be able to join him for dinner because I gotten myself sick and I have already taken a leave off from work. But I must say that going to a club for the first time was really much an enjoyable experience though I didn’t see any of them drunk and going wild. Maybe if they are going clubbing again and decide to invite me again, I may join them or maybe not…it depends.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Chapter: The Turnaround

These pass few days was seriously what I call a big turnaround for me. The first few moments, it was pretty blissful I must admit where things were looking up for me. Then I guess I was soaking up my good fortune and was enjoying myself from time to time and was thinking “hey, everything will definitely go well. Nothing can happen.” But I was wrong. In just a day, I was crushed into pieces and I broke down and cry. Maybe it is because that I haven’t been facing a lot of stress at one shot lately. Most of my time I am pretty much, I must admit, stress-free.

So when suddenly at one major shot it came hitting me, smacking it in front of my face, I couldn’t cope with it. For the first time in my life, I was lonely. For the first time in my life, I actually wanted a boyfriend. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t calm myself down. I managed to stop crying from time to time but then later my eyes started to tear up and I would just cry. I didn’t want to bother my friends because they were busy with their own things. They too have their own problems to worry, why should I add on their burdens with mine?

I talked to Joey about some problems I was facing then we chat for a while bitching for a bit before she went off to bed. I talked with Riko online and I was sharing webcam with him and he too saw my crying that time and I got pretty emotional at one point and got really emotional with him. I wonder whether he is afraid to come online and talk to me now after the outburst I gave yesterday. I really am embarrassed for causing him to be in a situation when I was having my “rampage” yesterday. Poor guy, and he did nothing to begin with and he came on because I send him a text message all the way to Slovakia asking him whether he could come on MSN.

The next day I fell sick. I just was feeling off colour where I had a slight sore throat and I was coughing here and there. I didn’t have the appetite to eat but I have no choice but to eat due to the fact that my maid went through the trouble of cooking for me. Anyway, then Candy called me because he was bored of course and got nothing else better to do. Not really, because he text messaged me before hand and I told him that I wasn’t feeling well. The next thing I know he called me asking me whether I am feeling fine or do I have to see the doctor. I told him that just need a good rest because I couldn’t sleep the day before.

But after the call, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I don’t know the reason why. Then I just lazed around the house for the time being walking here and there. After lingering around my house technically doing nothing, I went online to play a few rounds of game. Then I got my external hard drive back from Naveen which it made me felt guilty because I had to make him come all the way from god knows where just to pass it back to me. After receiving my hard drive from him, suddenly Candy called.

“Are you going anywhere later?” Candy asked.

“Huh? In a way, going to pass documents to my boss. Why?” I asked.

“Oh, cause I am around your area already. I want to pass you something,” he said.
“Huh? Okay, what is it that you want to pass to me?” I asked.

“Something, I am reaching already. I will go up to your house and pass it to you,” he said.

“Erm, okay,” I replied.

So I waited for Candy to arrive and when he did, I went out to take the thing that he wanted to give me. Apparently he went to eat somewhere I don’t know where and he usually gets his honey and lemon drink whenever he has a sore throat and he bought it just for me to drink it to make my sore throat better. This was the first time someone actually came over from god knows where just to give me something for my illness. I thanked him for the drink and I went back up again because Candy had some things to do at this office. I drank the drink which was BURNING hot. Then later I went over to pass the documents to my boss. Well, more like slit it under the door of the studio. I was really surprised of what Candy did, but I really appreciated it because this is the first time someone cared for me and went through the trouble just to get some remedy to make it better. On Thursday, I am going to Masion with Candy, Ken Nie, Eugene and Antoine. Hope that everything goes well that night and nothing big happen…

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chapter: Exclusive Preview Tickets

Yesterday I would say that it was an eventful day. Why you might ask? It all began when I went out for dinner with my guy friend, Candy. Yes, I kid you not people. His name is Candy and I assure you that he is a PURE male.

Anyway, Candy asked me out for dinner because he was supposed to meet another friend of ours, Ken Nie but he was working and doesn’t end his shift until 11pm. So I met up with him around 7pm and we headed off to One Utama for dinner. At first he asked, “Where do you want to eat?”

“Chili’s,” I joked.

“Okay,” he said and I stared.

But don’t worry, we didn’t go to Chili’s in the end but we ate at the Vietnamese Kitchen which was just next door. The food there is not bad I must say. We ordered mango duck, yao mak fried with garlic and Assam stingray. Yes, we are eating the stingray that killed Steve Irwin. Okay, that was lame. Ignore that lame-ass joke.

Anyway, continuing my story, after we ate dinner, Candy wanted some dessert. So we were looking back at the menu and saw a very limited variety of dessert. It is either you want to eat tapiocas or tau foo fah. We saw a very interesting dessert called “Six Treasures Home Made Tau Foo Fah”. We just sat there talking and laughing like a pair of nutcases and the dessert came. Both of us looked at the dish and I randomly suggested, “Lets count whether got “six treasures” or not.” Believe it or not, we actually did. That shows how pathetic and crazy we are.

After dinner, which ended only around maximum 8ish pm plus and then we headed off to MPH to see some books but bought nothing because the books that Candy wanted isn’t in stock and the “mangas” I wanted is too pricy for me to buy. Then it was just only 9pm and Candy still have a lot of time to spare while waiting for Ken Nie so I suggested watching a movie.

There were mostly horror movies on which I don’t want to watch and Candy suggested that we watch “Meet the Robinson” since he hates Mr. Bean. So while queuing up for the tickets, a random guy suddenly approached us, more likely towards me and asked “Do you want to watch a free movie?”

“Huh?” I replied and before I could even registered what the guy have said he suddenly gave me two postcards and at the back it stated

You are invited to attend the Mix.Fm exclusive preview of


Date: 10th April 2007 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: GSC 1 Utama (New Wing)
Hall: 10
Seat: Free seating

*Admits One only

Candy and I stared at each other and thought that we missed it or something or have to queue up to take the ticket because there was a long line at one corner near the movie area. So Candy decided not to go and started to queue up again for the “Meet the Robinson” movie. When we reached the counter the guy at the counter asked “Sir, you are not going for the movie?” Candy looked at him then at me and asked, “Huh? These things are tickets? Or we need to get the tickets?” and he was waving the postcard like tickets to the guy.

“Yes sir, these are your tickets sir. You can just walk in like that,” he replied.

Candy and I were stunned and we starting laughing like nutcases again and went towards hall 10 for our movie. When we reached to that point, there were guards / army-looking people that you normally see in the airport checking whether you are carrying armed guns or some drugs with you. But funnily enough, these “guards” were there to check whether you bring in any hand phone or video camera or any devices that can capture movie. We didn’t know that we couldn’t bring our hand phones in and we were asked to leave our hand phones at the counter near the escalator.

In my mind I was thinking “Whoa, tough security” and then waited for Candy for a while because he went to leave our phones at the counter. After all that hassle we have to go through the run through again before entering the cinema. Malaysian time, 9.00pm means 9.30pm and at first Candy and I thought that the show started but realized that they were just showing some advertisements.

One thing I can say about the movie? Please bring a pair of sunglasses if you are going to watch it. For me, the show is pretty boring but certain parts do have it climaxes. Overall, the movie…it isn’t worth seeing in the cinemas. Anyway, the movie is basically a serious movie where it supposedly to keep you at the edge of your seat (okay, maybe I am just exaggerating that) but Candy and I were laughing most of the time in the movie itself. We were thinking of plasma TVs, Star Wars characters, and many other stupid things that we could find in the movie.

After the movie ended, my eyes were sore from all that light that was shown and I assure you that my eyes still hurts now but not as bad as just now in the cinema. Three quarter of the time there are always showing the sun which to me it was really glaring. By the time I reached home, I could literally see in the dark and I kid you not for this factor. It was a pretty amusing day for me and also considering that this is the first time I actually got tickets for an exclusive preview for a movie. I hope I get tickets to watch Transformers or something. Can’t wait!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Chapter : A Boring Entry

It’s been a while since I wrote some interesting entries on what happened to me during the past few months…Anyway, let me try to recap some things that happen but I doubt that I can get all the details right away.

Let me start from my work life at the moment. Everything is going on well, with the work that we do, running up and down to re-shoot the pilot episode for the producers. Then on Sunday itself, have to rush to Shah Alam because my boss called me saying that the post production crew said that the tape couldn’t be read in the video camera which causes him to panic and when he told me, it also made me panic and I rushed all the way to his house and picked him up then drove all the way to Shah Alam.

One thing I can say about Shah Alam, it is a really big place and the signs are always misleading. I tell you, I actually drove around the roundabout continuously just looking for the sign stating “Seksyen 7”. Luckily my boss spotted his friend and asked him to guide us to “Seksyen 7”. While he was guiding us, we realized that Seksyen 7 was way deeper than we thought and we were sort of pissed in a way because the signs kept misleading us to another direction.

Thankfully we managed to reach there with a lot of time to spare and waited for the post production crew guy to come. While waiting there, my boss also called our colleague because he was staying nearby just to sit down and have a drink one in a while. We sat at this “mamak” restaurant to eat and the food there was SALTY. It is like eating SALTY Maggie mee goring. My boss ordered “roti canai” and asked them to put dhal, and when he tasted it, his face went funny and asked us to try it and we did. The dhal tasted salty too! I don’t know what’s up with that restaurant because all the food there is salty. How much salt can one person take?

On the other hand, on Sunday itself, my family and I had an Easter dinner at my mom’s sister’s house which was located all the way in Puchong. Anyway, we were having steamboat and I assure you, the soup was tasteless. Seriously, I literally put salt in my soup to add some taste into it! It’s as though the maid cooked the soup with some chicken bones and that’s it. Everyone was adding salt, soya sauce into their soup to add some flavour.

Speaking of steamboats, Beatrice, my team leader told me that our college mate, Chih Lun suggested that we all go have a steamboat dinner party since all of us have landed a job. From what I know, everyone is working with a fixed time and I am the only one who is having a flexible time. I just hope that this coming weeks that my schedule won’t be so pack if not I can’t go to some events that I want to go.

I was reading an entry in Joey’s journal saying that on the 21st of April that will be a doll event which I don’t want to miss it! It’s the first time ever that this event is held where the doll owners and their dolls either wear a matching set of clothes like their dolls or matching colour sets. It would be held in Cineleisure at 11 am and I pray that I won’t have anything on that day so I can make it to that event. I told Joey that I want to dress up too for the heck of it and she laughed.
Anyway, my mom’s elder sister stayed with us yesterday night and it was really amusing to watch her sleep. At first she was sleeping on the floor when I kept pestering her to sleep on my bed but she insisted that she wants to sleep on the floor because she likes it. My mom’s sister is pretty old fashion in a sense where she is able to sleep without the fan on or without a mattress. She must be really used to the olden days where mattresses and fans doesn’t exist or something. I have on the air-conditioner and she kept asking me to off it which I didn’t due to the fact that the weather was really hot and my room is stuffy. She left the door open because she wanted the cold air to be let out so I on the fan and made it blow towards me only. You might think that I am a selfish bitch.

Then later on today, my grandmother plus her maid plus my mom’s 2nd sister dropped by. I am supposed to bring all of them shopping but for the time being I am hanging out here because they are sitting down chatting. I don’t know when they want to leave so I am just making myself busy with typing this entry and technically, almost doing nothing.