Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chapter : Random Post.

Finally I have completed all of my assignments! Enjoying my freedom for the time being before I have to start doing all those chores that I have neglected during my sleepovers at my university. All those late nights and snacking made me into a whole new fugly person! Why did I say that? Well, I’m currently battling my pimples outbursts (which does not help that I tend to press them turning them into scars! Oh no! There goes my “beautiful” face!) and the little extra pounds have attached themselves to the most unwanted place. THE BELLY! Seriously, can I learn a technique where I could move those little extra pounds to places which need extra pounds? 

Today after handing up my last forsaken assignment, I was ecstatic! But not as much compared to my friends who are graduating this year because they managed to complete their FINAL film. Congrats to all of them! I will miss their screening and graduation though plus their company during my late nights in university. Oh well, friendships that were made lasts forever unless something bad happened in between and the friendships turns sour. Okay, that last bit just spoils the entire mood right? I’m sorry. 

On the other hand, after reading blogs that were written by famous bloggers, they have my uttermost respect! Why? I have no idea how in the world they find the time to upload pictures for everything! Even I find it quite tiring just to upload a few photos of MYSELF camwhoring yet alone them posting up event photos, tutorial photo or photos from their travels. How do they do it? Is it some special skill they have developed overtime after blogging for so long? Or it is just some awesome determination to post pictures AND write a blog entry on the same day about some event they attended? What is it? I have no idea. The only determination I possess it when my assignment deadlines are approaching and I have to complete it in time. 

Hopefully I will be able to apply that particular determination that I have for my assignments to determination to other purposes in life. Okay, end of entry. It is a short one and quite a random one because I took a nap around 10pm and woke up around 1am. I have no idea how am I going back to sleep now.