Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter : The Generation Gap

Last Sunday, I joined the family for dinner. While deciding what to eat, the dad decided to start the conversation in the car...

Dad: So how’s your new Mac in the office?

Me: Not too bad...still getting used to it...

Dad: Okay...what is that word, “noob” you put on your Skype?

Before I could answered it, the youngest brother B, decided to do it for me with a lot of confidence too...


Dad: How is newbie related to NOOB?


Then Brother A, the older one said, "Daddy asked HOW it is related. Not what does newbie mean."

Brother B looked at brother A with a clueless expression.

Dad asked again, "How is newbie related to noob?"

I said, "It’s just computer language. A gaming term."

Dad: But how-?

Mom interrupted, "You don’t have to learn this fancy mancy language. This is the sign that you’re getting old when you don’t know what language or words your children are using"

Dad: I want to learn so I can keep up to date of the latest trend that our kids are using these days.

Mom: What for? No point. Not like you are going to use it also.

Few minutes later...

Mom was asking Brother A...

Mom: What is futsal?

Before Brother A could answer...

Brother B: FOOTBALL!!

Mom: I know, but what's the difference? Why futsal not football? 

Brother A face palmed and said, "The only difference is that we played it indoors and the ball is heavier."

Mom: Why is it heavier?

Brother A: So the ball won’t fly...

Mom: So why is it call futsal?

Dad: Why you want to know? No need to learn these fancy mancy languages or words. No point, not like you’re going to use it also.

Mom smacked Dad on the arm and said,  "I want to keep up to date also!"

The generation gap. It happens to everyone. At least my parents are learning...some how.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chapter : First Post of the New Year

Welcome to the year 2011! Quick updates on what happened to me last year.

  1. Graduated with a Masters in Animation
  2. Failed for the first time when completing my Masters
  3. Met someone new
  4. Got a job
  5. Made more new friends
  6. Stayed in the office overnight for two days straight
  7. Managed to complete a project
  8. Got my first pay check
  9. Got a new car (2nd hand though but still!)
  10. Got a Nintendo DS as a Christmas gift

These are few highlights that I can remember from the top of my head. If anyone asks, what my New Year’s resolution is, there’s only one.


Because I know that I will never keep them or do them. For now, I’m taking things as it goes. Hopefully this year will be another great year!