Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chapter : Blank Mind

My mind is blank, I have no motivation to do my assignments yet I’m restless. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t sleep even though I’m tired nor am able to actually play a game to pass my leisure time. Something is wrong with me, is it the stress that I’m suffering? Oh it is just the weather that is making me feel restless? I have no idea. I have come to a conclusion that in my past life, I was a reptile because my body temperature follows my surroundings. If I’m covered in a blanket, all nice and warm, I would feel way too hot later then when I decided throw the blanket off and feel the cool winter chill, my body temperature immediately feels cold. The irony is that I don’t even like reptiles because they give me the chills.

Anyway, I have managed to draft out my game proposal and submitted to my lecturer to read it before actually handing it up. Not only that, my sound group project is progressing well as we have managed to add it all the sounds we have and mixed them all together plus managed to get a feedback from our tutor telling us to correct certain parts in our sound and giving us advices on how to make our sounds fit the movie better. Alex, the tutor taught us an interesting thing which is how to make the sounds coming from the television. It is an extra bonus point for us because we now have finally found the solution to overcome that problem.

I wanted to start writing on my research essay and I happened to stumble upon the term, Ludology vs Narratology. I realized that these terms actually fit what I actually wanted to convey in my research essay but I am worried whether my lecturer would approve of it. He told me that I should focus on the differences between narrative and non-narrative games and finding out the best selling games and why they are the best sellers. Come to think of it, I felt that the terms that I have found somewhat fits and I was hoping that I would be able to use it in my essay. I just have to wait for my lecturer to reply my mail or probably see him on Monday and pester him about it.

I really should stop writing about my progression of my assignments or thoughts on it because I feel it is getting really boring, don’t you think?

Ever since staying here in Australia, I have realized that my trips to the toilet are way more often compared when I was staying in Malaysia. I haven’t really found the exact reason why but I did manage to come up with fairly few conclusions. There are:

  • My iron stomach isn’t so strong anymore. Probably turned into rust or something.
  • Back in Malaysia, the food is so dirty that I have developed a strong immunity to eating contaminated food but upon reaching here, it started to fade away.
  • Australia food is really clean to the extend with a fleck of a dust contaminating the food I eat resolves into daily trips to the loo.
  • The food that I consumed at home doesn’t go well with my digestive system.
  • My stomach have decided to live on air alone and thus rejecting all sort of food that I have consumed

It is pretty dangerous to have constant tummy aches these few weeks because I have datelines to rush and well, I don’t want to spend endless nights sitting inside the toilet with the laptop prop onto my lap typing my essays away. Well, it that do happen, remind myself to take a picture of me doing that.

A friend gave me a link to watch on YouTube and it was about this little person who nicknamed himself as KevJumba. He is pretty famous in the YouTube community because of the videos that he makes. Technically, it is about him talking or doing some stuff that it is pretty hilarious and interesting. One of the videos that he posted which is called the staring contest which he challenged Jessica Alba to do it. Surprisingly enough, she actually took that challenged and beat him to it. It is really cool. Well, that little kid have managed to make a name for himself by posting videos about him, or something like that. If you interested to find out who is that he or want to watch his videos, just Google it. Remember, Google is your best friend.

Then it got me thinking, people who are famous these days are mostly talent spotted from the web. Like Coby (I can’t remember her last name) she was from YouTube or that girl who sang “I fell in love with the DJ”, she was spotted from MySpace. I can’t remember her name either. I’m hopeless with names but I do manage to recall faces. Well, never underestimate the power of the web. It can do wonders without you realizing. Don’t you agree?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter : Assignments Pt 2

I really need to start working on my assignments since the due date is approaching really quickly. Well, on the other hand, looking on the bright side is that when I have finally completed my assignments and handed it up, I would be totally free to do whatever I want and also will be one step closer to be heading home to Malaysia. That is one thing I’m looking forward now and what is keeping me motivated to complete my work. On the other hand, at the back of my brain I keep worrying whether I will be able to pass all my subjects because it is really different from what I have done back in The One Academy. At The One, we barely wrote any essays because half the time we are more focused on our drawing skills. Nevertheless, I actually miss that more now compared to writing essays. The only writing that I can fully succeed in doing is typing a journal entry and that too takes a long time for me to do it.

I keep trying my best to tell myself that I have to do my assignments but I keep getting distracted with Facebook, online chatting, reading the books that I have borrowed from the library and even watching the movies that I have in my laptop. I really need to get my focus right sometime soon. Normally, back in The One I wouldn’t panic due to the fact that I know that I can do the work since I have people helping me along the way guiding me if I do something wrong. Not only that, I know that it is all depend on the drawing skills you have acquired and whether you have attended all your classes. That is how The One works, and thus enabling you to pass the subjects that you sit for. But over here in Brisbane is slightly different because the lectures doesn’t require attendance only the tutorials. Come to think of it, at times, during the tutorials, attendances were never taken at all. It is mostly based on the assignments that you do because it has a certain weight limit for it.

Most of the assignments that I have are essays and some well, group projects of course. I am only taking three subjects this semester and I have found out that I slack way too much. I haven’t started on my essays yet which are due anytime soon. I haven’t started on my memory drawing both which is probably due on the same day as my essays and also not forgetting my sound project with my group mates which is also due on the same week! So many tasks to do yet so little time and it my fault for slacking so much. I keep wondering, why is it so hard to write the essays? It is because it isn’t to my liking? I have no idea. I really need to pull myself together and keep working towards my goal! I know I can survive this semester! I must!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Chapter : Tagged Entry

I had to do this because

  1. I was tagged
  2. At least I can “write” an entry for my friend who tagged me
  3. So I think she can stop calling me, monkey. Which I strongly believe that it will never happen.

So anyway, this is a post where it isn’t my usual entries.

Taggy: Jovial Chai

1. Name: Jessie Goh
2. Nickname: jesc, susu, sweetie, baby, honey, wifey, girl, jester, nuthead, clown, woman, monkey, ting ting, ting ah, gunting, sotong, shooting, ting-a-ling, crazy, psychotic, beautiful....
3. Married: In a relationship
4. Male or Female: Female.
5. High School: SMDU (Form 1), Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
6. College: The One Academy, Griffith University
7. Short hair or long hair: Short.
8. Are you a health freak?: If I’m a health freak, that means I can easily bake a pie. You know what I mean by that one.
9. Height: 161cm
10. Do you have a crush on someone?: No one
11. Do you like yourself?: Sometimes.
12. Piercings: 2 in each ear
13. Righty or lefty?: Lefty

14. First surgery: None
15. First piercing(s): Can’t remember
16. First person you see in the morning: Myself in the mirror
17. First award: Too old to remember. Ha!
18. First sport you joined: Taekwondo
19. First pet: Dogs. A pet fish which my youngest brother killed it by polluting the water with coins thinking it will bring luck.
20. First vacation: Erm, to Thailand I think? Don’t remember.
22. First crush: How in the world am I supposed to remember that?
23. Eating: Air at the moment
24. Drinking: Saliva
25. I'm about to: go downstairs and help in the kitchen
26. Want kids: maybe.
27. Want to get married: of course
28. Careers in mind: animator or maybe just find a guy who has loads of money. HA!

29. Lips or eyes: Eyes.
30. Hugs or kisses: Both. There is no better than having both! :D
31. Shorter or taller: Taller.
32. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous
33. Sensitive or loud: Loud.
34. Trouble maker or hesitant: In between

35. Kissed a stranger: Never in my life
36. Drank bubbles: From blowing in my milk? Then yes. Haha!
37. Lost glasses/contacts: Lost both.
38. Ran away from home: Nope
39. Liked someone younger?: I’m dating one. Clear enough? Haha!
40. Liked someone older: Of course.
41. Broken someone's heart: Unfortunately, yes.
42. Been arrested: Nope
43. Cried when someone died: Yes
44. Liked a friend: Definitely.

45. Yourself: Half the time…
46. Miracles: To certain extend
47. Heaven: Yes
48. Santa Clause: Yes. I’m still childlike.
49. Angels: Of course

50. Is there one person you want to be with right now: Definitely.
51. Do you believe in God: Yes


1. Jin
2. Nicky
3. Whoever wants to do it.