Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter : Assignments Pt 2

I really need to start working on my assignments since the due date is approaching really quickly. Well, on the other hand, looking on the bright side is that when I have finally completed my assignments and handed it up, I would be totally free to do whatever I want and also will be one step closer to be heading home to Malaysia. That is one thing I’m looking forward now and what is keeping me motivated to complete my work. On the other hand, at the back of my brain I keep worrying whether I will be able to pass all my subjects because it is really different from what I have done back in The One Academy. At The One, we barely wrote any essays because half the time we are more focused on our drawing skills. Nevertheless, I actually miss that more now compared to writing essays. The only writing that I can fully succeed in doing is typing a journal entry and that too takes a long time for me to do it.

I keep trying my best to tell myself that I have to do my assignments but I keep getting distracted with Facebook, online chatting, reading the books that I have borrowed from the library and even watching the movies that I have in my laptop. I really need to get my focus right sometime soon. Normally, back in The One I wouldn’t panic due to the fact that I know that I can do the work since I have people helping me along the way guiding me if I do something wrong. Not only that, I know that it is all depend on the drawing skills you have acquired and whether you have attended all your classes. That is how The One works, and thus enabling you to pass the subjects that you sit for. But over here in Brisbane is slightly different because the lectures doesn’t require attendance only the tutorials. Come to think of it, at times, during the tutorials, attendances were never taken at all. It is mostly based on the assignments that you do because it has a certain weight limit for it.

Most of the assignments that I have are essays and some well, group projects of course. I am only taking three subjects this semester and I have found out that I slack way too much. I haven’t started on my essays yet which are due anytime soon. I haven’t started on my memory drawing both which is probably due on the same day as my essays and also not forgetting my sound project with my group mates which is also due on the same week! So many tasks to do yet so little time and it my fault for slacking so much. I keep wondering, why is it so hard to write the essays? It is because it isn’t to my liking? I have no idea. I really need to pull myself together and keep working towards my goal! I know I can survive this semester! I must!


Eu Jin said...

Don't worry baby, you'd do fine, I might not be there to console you, but you definitely have my moral support! It's only 47 days till I get to hold you in my arms again, and I'm sorry I don't write as often as I usually do, but I'm caught up with my assignments too. But just keep holding on dear, I look forward to every day cos I know it's one day closer to being able to shower you with those hugs and kisses we both miss! I'll be here if you need anything hun. I love you.

Kelsie said...

"don't worry baby.. i mean jessie! you'll do fine... jin might not be there to console u but u definitely have his moral support! its only 47 days till he gets to hold you in his arms again, and he's sorry he don't write as often as he do, but he's caught up with his assignments too. But just keep holding on dear... i mean jessie! He looks forward to everyday coz he knows it's one day closer to .............! He'll be here if you need him hun. i mean jessie. He loves you." (eu jin)

not bad right? my in-text citation~~

Eu Jin said...

woiyy kelsie! don't you have assignments to complete too?? HAHAHAHA!!