Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chapter : A New Entry. Finally.

I haven’t been updating my blog for quite some time because I have been busy with well, dating and preparing my stuffs before I leave for Australia. I have gotten all my stuffs such as my laptop, essential stuffs, extra clothes and a lot more. Well, based on my previous posts, I would say that it should be well-known by now that I am attached and already been with my current boyfriend for three months. It is quite a new thing for me to date someone who is younger than me. Well, maybe it is because I have such a conservative thinking that most of my “men” should be older than me not younger than me, but in the end I have decided to give this special person a chance. To be honest, I actually treasure this special person of mine.

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and I have packed my stuffs for me to head back to my hometown, Malacca. This time of the year, I wouldn’t be staying at my hometown for a long period of time due to the fact that I’m flying off to Brisbane on the 14th of February. It is pretty depressing to find out that I will not celebrate my Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend now. To be honest, I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day properly. I mean I have gone out for a date ONCE with this guy before and it was okay. Pretty depressing, right only going out once on Valentine's Day throughout twenty plus years of my life. We did the usual thing, dinner and just hanging out. But I have never actually celebrated it with my loved ones before. It is because I would have broken up with them then, and I would be celebrating my Valentine’s Day with my trusty computer or best friends. At times, it is because I have something on that day and this is one of the rare occasions that I have actually a boyfriend which lasted up to now and I’m flying off to Brisbane on the special night. Oh well, so much for hoping.

I think I remembered once that my best friend, Joey joked about my dateless times on Valentine’s Day. She said, “Hey Jessie, I think I know a solution to your problem.”

“What do you mean, solution to my problem?” I asked.

“Well, if there is someone who is courting you and wants to get together to you, like around the early year, you could ask him to wait till the end of the year, like probably around November than only you get together with him.,” she said.

“And your point to fixing my problem is…” I said.

“You wouldn’t be dateless for Valentine’s Day any longer!” she said with a smile.

I nearly fell off my chair that time when I heard that. But who knew that I would actually get together with a guy around November last year? Talk about coincidence!

I’m all packed up for my flight to Brisbane but I, myself isn’t prepared to leave Malaysia so soon. I felt that I haven’t been spending time with my best friends, and plus leaving my boyfriend when I just got together with him. I have so many things on my mind and I really don’t know what to do. My best friends said that everything will be fine because I’m Jessie and it is easy for me to make friends in an instant and what not. My boyfriend assuring me that our relationship will be better because this is an obstacle for both of us to endure. But why do I have this heavy feeling in my heart?

On the lighter note, I’m glad that one of my best friends is also flying off to Brisbane with me, although that she would arrived later due to the fact that she bought her tickets later. It was pretty amusing to find out the date of her flight because it was the day of our orientation day. My best friend, Kelsie sure does know how to put a smile on my face every now and then. I’m glad that she is coming to Brisbane along with me. At least I won’t be alone now. Technically speaking I’m not alone to begin with because my sister is already in Brisbane along with few of her housemates and I have met all of them too. I just hope that my stay with my sister throughout the months would be fine and wouldn’t have any arguments erupted. I shall just keep it simple, my sister and I are not really on good terms. It is like you do your own thing. I do my own thing and keep out of the way and you are fine sort of relationship. I don’t really remember how our relationship turns out to be this way.

Oh, I did something drastic to my hair before flying off to Brisbane. I have hacked all my long locks and have quite a short hairdo this time. This is actually the first time I have decided to have short hairdo on my own account without having any family member influencing my decisions. At first I felt that it looks weird on me but surprisingly I have a pretty good feedback from my family, best friends and boyfriend. I didn’t know that they actually love the hairstyle on me. I guess this time I know how to style it and make it look good on me. Most of the time I feel that my hair is all poofy and making me look more like a mushroom headed person instead but my friends kept saying that I look like an adorable small boy. On the other hand, my boyfriend jokes saying that I’m much more handsome now. He suffered a few whacks from yours truly.

Just when everything was settled, my laptop decided to attract the deadly annoying virus, Trojan and with my anti-virus installed it doesn’t seem to kill that annoying thing. It keeps popping up in my file and it got me so pissed off that I nearly wanted to throw my laptop off the 13th floor which I’m staying. The cause of me getting the virus is from my boyfriend’s thumb drive and when I told him about it, he went into ultra-depression mode and kept apologizing. Such a poor boy, I guess I shouldn’t have told him that my laptop was affected by that virus and try to solve it myself by throwing the laptop down the 13th floor. He stayed up so late trying to find solutions to fix it and also got his cousin who works as an IT person in UK to call him to help fix the problem and still it wouldn’t work. In the end, he suggested that I should just reformat my entire laptop and reinstall the drivers again which sucks because I just got my laptop and it is all shiny and new and I have such problem popping up in such an early stage.

To top it off, I actually forgot the most vital thing which I need in Australia is papers. My sister and I would be using massive amount of papers during our stay in Australia and I have forgotten to inform my dad’s secretary to pack up two rims for us to bring there. Now that it is Chinese New Year break, it would be too late for me to ask it now because I know that I wouldn’t be able to get it in time. So in the end, my mom said that I have to go to her office early in the morning to retrieve those rims and bring it back home before any of us forgets again. Can you believe the amount of nagging and scolding I gotten from both mom and sister? I felt like throwing myself off the 13th floor in order for me not to hear them again!

It is 4am and I’m still wide awake and knowing that I would have to wake up around 6am for my trip down to my hometown and I’m still not sleeping. I guess I shouldn’t have taken a late night shower to cool myself off. Maybe I shall close my eyes and hopefully doze off to sleep but I fear that I wouldn’t be able to wake up then. I guess I shall stay awake till 6am and sleep the entire journey through. At least it would “entertain” me throughout the massive jam that my mom is going to face later.