Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Country. New Blog. New Adventures.

Since I'm going over to a new country for studies so I have decided to move to a new blog.

Please head off to alwizhyper.wordpress.com for more adventures! (Sort of)

I will still keep this blog alive and maybe one day, the boyfriend will help me move all my posts to the wordpress blog. :)

Till then.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chapter : Dramatic Duck Once Again.

I have decided to draw this little character again. Some of the stories are inspired from real events, some...are not. So just enjoy the little comic below. 

I'm too lazy to clean up my comic...

Text written : Thank you for the photo frame. Now can
put picture in it.

Text within : Why you want to replace my artwork with picture!!
My HARDWORK!!! >:( 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter : Over Exaggerating Duck.

I haven't been able to blog lately because:
  1. I got a new laptop from the boyfriend as a birthday present and I haven't installed a lot of programs on it yet. I use Word to type my entries before posting them...
  2. I'm being a huge procrastinator. 
So to make up for my absence. A comic which is base somewhat on real events. Enjoy the half-ass drawings and lame-ass jokes. Yes, I drew them...

In case you can't read cause my writing is HORRIBLE - it says,
I have your picture in my pocket. I put it on the table next to flowers, ok? 

This one says - You think I'm dead already?! You don't love me anymore!

Drawing comics is hard work. No seriously. Hard work...I gave up after this one. Maybe I'll add more later....when I feel like it. Had to cut the comic into little jpegs because I have no idea how to put it in one go without having the comic crop off. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Chapter : Weigh Gain

"One fine day"(using it as an expression here), I told the boyfriend,

“I have put on weight!”

Mmm?” was his reply because he has heard it from me so many times. 

“Let’s go weight ourselves!” I said

“Okay...” he agreed and brought me the weighing scales.

I weighed myself and this was my face. 

I'll admit, I'm a vain person.

I have put on 5kgs. I’m now officially 53kgs (yes, I'm not shy in revealing my weight). The boyfriend then weighs himself and he too has found out that he put on 5kgs. The sign of happiness, you will gain weight.

I told him that I want to lose some and toned up my little flabby tummy and thighs...he said, “Simple, exercise! Come, go jogging!”

Ah, it’s simple for him to say because he was into the health thing where he was lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups waaaay before we got together.  I was jogging before with him because I wanted to look good for my sister’s wedding...then when the boyfriend got into an accident, we stopped...

Then now I feel flabby...and also that my clothes are getting tight! Not a good sign because I will have to spend more to buy clothes to FIT me instead. In my head I have decided, “LET’S LOSE SOME WEIGHT AND TONE UP!” but my body is like, “NOOOO, LET’S JUST ROLL IN BED AND BECOME A HOUSE CAT AND EAT LOADS OF CAKE!”

So now I’ll try my best to keep a track of my hopefully it will come to reality health and weigh diet thingy tracker...wish me luck!

Dear self, please be more discipline!

Chapter : In the realm of Diablo

I haven’t been updating my blog because I was busy playing Diablo 3 with the boyfriend. Diablo 3, the game that has been in production for 11 years have finally released this year and was one of the most anticipated games yet! 

Are you ready?

Unfortunately I didn’t purchase the game for my own and was hijacking my boyfriend’s brother’s account and his account from time to time. It’s a seriously addictive game because you have to do quests to achieve your goal, gather in teams to fight some bosses and get some fancy cool items to equip your character!

I have been so addicted that I have been playing after work in the office before continuing to completing my tasks and occasionally at the boyfriend’s place when I have the chance...but most of the time I will try to play the game on my little dingy laptop which lags and I couldn’t enjoy the game to the fullest. 

This is what we call Friday night dating with the boyfriend

The boyfriend told me that his brother might be selling his account because he was losing interest in the game. We might buy over the game since I’m most of the time on it, but I feel quite bad because half the time I took over his account to play instead of him and he on the other hand, would miss out the chance to play it and he was the one who bought it. I’m so sorry! 

Till then, you’ll find me on the world of Diablo. Time to go for some demon hunting!

I'm not the one playing but that's exactly what I'll be doing!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chapter : The Dream

I had a dream two days ago and I told the boyfriend about it...more like nagged at the boyfriend why he did or said it. 

Anyway, the dream started off when I was in the boyfriend’s car heading some place. Then out of the blue, he said, “I have something to tell you. I’m currently dating a girl who is prettier and nicer than you.” The moment he said it, my heart sank and I asked, “Why did you do it?” He didn’t answer. Then when we arrived in our destination, apparently the girl he was dating behind my back was there. Then I found out she wasn’t even that pretty to begin with and she’s a Japanese chick. Then I looked at the boyfriend and said, “That’s the girl you’re dating?! She’s not even pretty!” 

I bet that's how I looked like when I said that.
Then I woke up. I told the boyfriend about it, and I scolded him. I said, “Why you like Japanese chick over me? She’s not even pretty! How is she nicer than me?!!!”  The boyfriend laughed because I was making so much noise over a dream. Then he said, “You should have more confidence in yourself, my dear. Like, I’m prettier! Or I’m cuter! Something like that.” 

Then I laughed and said, “Yes, I know. But it’s still your fault!”

Deep down I know that he will never do that and he said it himself too that he will never do it but it was funny how I reacted when I found out that the girl he was dating was a Japanese chick and I thought she wasn’t even pretty!

What do you think? Dreams are some sort of message or it’s just a dream...dream. You know? I'm confused.

Why is everything so confusing?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chapter : An Entry for Memory

Today was a pretty eventful day for me. Originally the boyfriend and I planned to head down to town to try this restaurant that serves Japanese shabu-shabu. I’m a huge fan for Japanese cuisine so I managed to pester the boyfriend to take a drive down to town. Unfortunately, as the day approached  for our lovely date, we found out that there would be some rally going on in town and was advised by parents and friends not to head down unless we’re willing to face the jam. 

So our plans were changed, so the boyfriend called me yesterday (since I’m typing this on a Sunday morning) asking whether  I wanted to watch the most awaited movie, The Avengers. Of course I said yes because all my friends have already watched it and I was eagerly waiting for the hype to die down so I could get decent seats in the cinema just to watch the movie. 

After the boyfriend told me that he bought the tickets, he also told me that his mom was waiting for me to come over so she could cook for me my favourite dish, pan mee. I immediately got ready and asked him to pick me up because I have been craving for that dish for some time. After he picked me up, we had a really late lunch; we headed to the mall to catch our movie. 

We were watching our movie at this cinema called MBO located in Kepong. The cinema is alright, though the movie itself had two subtitles, one was in Malay and the other in Chinese...kind of spoilt the entire visual of the movie, that’s what I felt. Anyway, the movie was awesome. I enjoyed every single part of it! But watching in the cinema was quite an experienced I would say...there was this guy sitting next to me, half way watching the movie, he had the time to go on Facebook on his phone, there was someone coughing his heart out and at times could hear some uncle talking really loudly to someone. 

After the movie, I pestered the boyfriend to bring me to One Utama because I wanted to eat at BBQ Plaza, also wanted the boyfriend to try out that place too. We actually planned to eat there for quite some time but every time when we wanted to, somehow we would forget or have other plans instead. At first after our meal, I wanted to do some shopping but the boyfriend was tired so we decided to head back to his house to watch some shows.  When we’re about to head back to his place, I asked whether I could drive his car because he never lets me. It took me a lot of pleading to get him to agree to let me drive his car. 

We hung around at his place watching Korra the Last Airbender (or was it Next?), I have no idea.  Then we watched some anime because I wanted too...can’t take out the otaku in me. Basically I felt like I was a princess for a day. The boyfriend even allowed me to drive back to my place! I never felt so privileged in my life. 

To sum it up, today...
  • Watched the Avengers movie
  • Ate at BBQ Plaza after countless times of promising that would go there
  • The boyfriend allowed me to drive his previous car
  • Watched all the shows that I wanted
  • Being treated like a little princess because I get to do almost everything that I wanted.

Thank you to the lovely boyfriend was bringing me out today. Now we shall plan another date to town to eat at the other restaurant that I wanted!