Friday, June 1, 2012

Chapter : Weigh Gain

"One fine day"(using it as an expression here), I told the boyfriend,

“I have put on weight!”

Mmm?” was his reply because he has heard it from me so many times. 

“Let’s go weight ourselves!” I said

“Okay...” he agreed and brought me the weighing scales.

I weighed myself and this was my face. 

I'll admit, I'm a vain person.

I have put on 5kgs. I’m now officially 53kgs (yes, I'm not shy in revealing my weight). The boyfriend then weighs himself and he too has found out that he put on 5kgs. The sign of happiness, you will gain weight.

I told him that I want to lose some and toned up my little flabby tummy and thighs...he said, “Simple, exercise! Come, go jogging!”

Ah, it’s simple for him to say because he was into the health thing where he was lifting weights, doing push-ups and sit-ups waaaay before we got together.  I was jogging before with him because I wanted to look good for my sister’s wedding...then when the boyfriend got into an accident, we stopped...

Then now I feel flabby...and also that my clothes are getting tight! Not a good sign because I will have to spend more to buy clothes to FIT me instead. In my head I have decided, “LET’S LOSE SOME WEIGHT AND TONE UP!” but my body is like, “NOOOO, LET’S JUST ROLL IN BED AND BECOME A HOUSE CAT AND EAT LOADS OF CAKE!”

So now I’ll try my best to keep a track of my hopefully it will come to reality health and weigh diet thingy tracker...wish me luck!

Dear self, please be more discipline!


mr jp said...

So fun ar? Roll around and eat cake .. you think you're a cat?

alwizhyper said...

Yes! It's fun to roll around and eat cake! :D

Me want to be cat in next life.

Eat. Sleep. Destroy Stuffs. Repeat process.