Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter : Over Exaggerating Duck.

I haven't been able to blog lately because:
  1. I got a new laptop from the boyfriend as a birthday present and I haven't installed a lot of programs on it yet. I use Word to type my entries before posting them...
  2. I'm being a huge procrastinator. 
So to make up for my absence. A comic which is base somewhat on real events. Enjoy the half-ass drawings and lame-ass jokes. Yes, I drew them...

In case you can't read cause my writing is HORRIBLE - it says,
I have your picture in my pocket. I put it on the table next to flowers, ok? 

This one says - You think I'm dead already?! You don't love me anymore!

Drawing comics is hard work. No seriously. Hard work...I gave up after this one. Maybe I'll add more later....when I feel like it. Had to cut the comic into little jpegs because I have no idea how to put it in one go without having the comic crop off. 

1 comment:

mr jp said...

hahaha dear, that dog, is that how you see my face ??!!

RIP duck , dun be silly .... so cute your drawing. draw more comics ok?