Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Chapter : CSS

This is the ONE day when I decided to spice up my blog but unfortunately, I gave up half way through because I couldn’t navigate around with all those codes and html stuffs. I was doing alright when I was just replacing the words that the original creator did with my own words and such and it looked really nice. But the problem occurred when I was finding out the way to enable the comments box which seems to be missing from my blog page. Well, to make the matter worse, it seems that I couldn’t find my other previous entries that I have written.

I was thinking that maybe I could actually do this basic CSS code that was already written out and such but I guess I was just thinking highly of myself because, I couldn’t do it. I tried really hard and was reading the forums which I took the blog skin from, on how to enable the comments box and well, it didn’t work for me. Then I realized that the comments box was actually there in the script (or whatever you want to call it) but it just doesn’t want to appear on my blog page. It’s really funny so I couldn’t work it out and I couldn’t contact my friend who taught me how to change my blog skin.

So in the end I gave up and reverted back to my own basic, dull and boring blog skin. Though it was fun for a while to see my blog changed into a whole different colour and layout but to get to it, really is hard. I have to understand what CSS means and now it actually sparked my interest on learning CSS though I could tell that it isn’t an easy task to do. Respect to all those multimedia people! Maybe one day I would learn it as an extra hobby or something. Who knows? Anyone patient enough to teach me?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chapter : A Story

There is this girl who is in a long distance relationship. Two days before today, she had done something unforgivable. She snapped at her loved one for no particular reason. She was looking forward to a decent conversation but things didn’t turn out the way she wanted. The next day, she realizes that her loved one didn’t leave her any messages nor gave her a call. She thought that he was busy with his things and didn’t want to disturb him. Then while waiting for the train to the city in order to meet up with her friend, she decided to give him a call. Only then, she realized she shouldn’t have placed that call. Instead of hearing a loving voice answering her, she heard a cold hearted person and she thought at first she called the wrong number. But once she checked the caller ID, she knew that it was the right one.

Throughout the entire day itself, she kept on thinking who is the person that she spoke too was. It sounded like the person she loves, but yet, it doesn’t. She was trying her best not to cry nor spoiling the meet up with her friend. After all, her friend asked her out for a movie to watch and she agreed due to the fact she had promised her friend the other day she would go out for a movie with him. She kept glancing at her phone hoping that there would be a single message from her loved one but sadly there was none.

Upon reaching home, she anxiously stared at the time and was thinking, they would be touching their 11th anniversary together. She wanted to do something special for him but there wasn’t much she could do except to send him a note saying happy anniversary and I love you. Once she had done that, she waited patiently in front of her computer, waiting for the clock to strike 12. Once it did, she gave her loved one a video call and with high hopes of staring into a happy face but only came to see a cold hearted stare. That moment, everything just shattered. She tried to remain composure but failed. Tears came running down her face but yet she tried to talk to him. But her loved one remains distant and she decided that she should just leave him alone.

She cried and cried. She talked to her best friend and cried some more. Her eyes were all red and swollen yet she constantly hopes that everything will be alright. She couldn’t sleep. Her mind kept thinking and thinking. No messages, no calls, nothing from her loved one. She knows that it is her mistake. She sent her loved one and email and tried to sleep but fail. By the time she dozed off it was the day of her anniversary and she thought, what an anniversary it turned out to be.

At that moment, she received a phone call. It was from her loved one and hearing his voice made her really happy that she didn’t mind losing her sleep at all. But then, when her loved one explained that he was cold towards her to teach her a lesson for taking things for granted she cried. She cried so badly that she couldn’t even speak. All her loved one could hear was her sobbing through the phone. Eventually, her loved said that he would call her back.

She lay there in bed crying and crying. She was confused. She didn’t know what to do. When her phone started ringing she didn’t want to pick up. She was afraid. She avoided any visible communications with anyone. She didn’t bother signing onto her daily messengers nor answering any phone calls. She just lay there and cried. The only times when she stopped is when she realizes someone was entering the room. But when she is alone, her mind kept thinking, why did this have to happen on the happiest day of her life? She wanted this day to end. She didn’t want her calendar to state it was the 1st.

She hated herself for doing this. She hated herself for ruining her anniversary. She didn’t want anything to do with anniversaries anymore. As long the anniversaries were hers, she hated it. She felt that if she could avoid any visible memory that would remind her about her own anniversaries she would do it. She doesn’t want to remember the day that she looked forward too was shattered due to one mistake that she did.