Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chapter : The Dream

I had a dream two days ago and I told the boyfriend about it...more like nagged at the boyfriend why he did or said it. 

Anyway, the dream started off when I was in the boyfriend’s car heading some place. Then out of the blue, he said, “I have something to tell you. I’m currently dating a girl who is prettier and nicer than you.” The moment he said it, my heart sank and I asked, “Why did you do it?” He didn’t answer. Then when we arrived in our destination, apparently the girl he was dating behind my back was there. Then I found out she wasn’t even that pretty to begin with and she’s a Japanese chick. Then I looked at the boyfriend and said, “That’s the girl you’re dating?! She’s not even pretty!” 

I bet that's how I looked like when I said that.
Then I woke up. I told the boyfriend about it, and I scolded him. I said, “Why you like Japanese chick over me? She’s not even pretty! How is she nicer than me?!!!”  The boyfriend laughed because I was making so much noise over a dream. Then he said, “You should have more confidence in yourself, my dear. Like, I’m prettier! Or I’m cuter! Something like that.” 

Then I laughed and said, “Yes, I know. But it’s still your fault!”

Deep down I know that he will never do that and he said it himself too that he will never do it but it was funny how I reacted when I found out that the girl he was dating was a Japanese chick and I thought she wasn’t even pretty!

What do you think? Dreams are some sort of message or it’s just a dream...dream. You know? I'm confused.

Why is everything so confusing?

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mr jp said...

Don't be schupid :P