Sunday, February 11, 2007

Chapter : The New House

Today is a long day. Well, basically on Saturday I went back to Malacca for my cousin’s wedding and then on the Sunday which is today I came back to KL and clean the new house. I have called Nicklaus to come over today to actually help my family to carry some stuffs over to the new house. Well more like carrying it down a few flights of stairs, putting them in the car and carrying over to the new house.

My sister also called her friends over and three of them turned up and also help in with the carrying and all. Apparently with such a small world we live in, they all knew who was Nick but I think Nick knows them some way or another. Anyway, to make things really amusing was when I found out the names of my sister’s friends. Two of them were pretty normal such as Kenny and Eugene Antoine, but the third one was really unexpected. His name, I stress to you, HIS name is Candy Han. When I heard it I choked on my 100 plus and stared at him and blurted out, “Why did you name yourself Candy?”

“I didn’t name myself Candy, my parents did,” he explained.

“Your parents thought that you were a girl?” I said without thinking twice.

All of them burst out laughing at my remark. We rested in our new house after moving fairly a few heavy boxes that weighs a ton to me. We joked and laughed or more like listening to Candy’s stories when he, Eugene and Kenny were at a club and the funny ethics they did when they are drunk. It was really hilarious. I was doing some house labouring before they arrived such as wiping the fridge or cleaning the cupboards so they aren’t too dusty to put our stuffs in.

After a few trips to and fro from the old house to the new house, climbing up and down the stairs, and going up and down the lift…I have finally resort that I think I have may lost a few pounds today but heaven knows how much I have lost. Despite the fact from all the aching things I have done it was pretty fun because I made some new friends even though they are my sister’s friends and I find them really amusing. Not only that, I actually found RM 10 on the road when we were heading off to dinner. What a lucky day for me!

The curtains are already up and my mom was telling me that the curtains for our room fit really nicely with the colour of our room which is PINK. Dear lord, when I saw the room again with the cupboards placed in and also like having the doors fixed. I saw the most devastating thing. The toilet door for my room is PINK. It felt as though I was in my sister’s room instead of mine. Everything in there feels so PINKISH. It isn’t my destiny to have a pink room but oh well, luck prevails me that time and lord bestowed onto me a pink room. My sister is happy with the overall colour of the room because it is in her favourite colour so I can’t argue with that.

Tomorrow the furnitures are coming in and also I have to do more errands to get ready for the 14th of February. I wonder who is coming on that day again. I need to ask around and to get confirmation from who are coming. Kelsie and Sylvia both have gotten themselves a job at Silver Ant company and they are paid RM 1800 per month with EPF I think and their working days are from Monday until Friday. Feel really happy to them that they gotten themselves a job. I feel really tired until I can’t think anymore to type. Maybe I shall have more stories to tell tomorrow. Who knows?

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