Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chapter: The Dress

Chinese New Year is a year where I should say that the only time that I would have new clothes. Anyway, on the Friday I went shopping with my siblings and well, I should say that so far I have gotten myself a new pair of jeans, two new tops and last but not least, a dress. It was pretty surprising for me to get myself a dress due to the fact that I never wear skirts nor dresses that often so technically when I decided to get myself a dress which isn’t flowing on the ground but actually it is below my knee length is a once in a blue moon sort of thing. This was the reactions of my siblings when they found out.

“So, you want to get the dress or not?” my sister asked.

“Yeah, okay…with this top too,” I replied.

“You serious…”she said. “Chiang! (My brother) your Er Jie (second sister) wants to buy a dress!!”

My brother came to my fitting room and looked me, “Serious ar?”

“Yes, I am going to buy this dress…happy?” I said.

“Ta Jie (big sister) we must go buy lottery today, sure strike. Er Jie bought a dress. We must tell mommy about it!” my brother joked.

So coincidentally, my mom called and my brother picked up the phone and said, “Ma! Er Jie bought a dress!”

Then when we reached home from all the tiresome shopping, I was looking at the things that I bought and realized that my dress is ruined because the zipper was stuck so I had to exchange it. Then my parents came home and my dad was the first one to stepped true the door and instead of asking, “How was your day?” to us, he looked at me and said, “I have heard that you bought a dress.”

Stuffing the dress back into the bag I just smiled and said, “Yes” thinking that is it that such a big thing for me to buy a dress? Then my mom came in and said, “Ting! You bought a dress! Let me see!” and she was really excited about it sounding like a teenager.

Well, as far as I am concern, my parents loved to see me wearing dresses because they say I look more “lady-like” and shun me from wearing jeans three quarter of the time. So basically whenever I wanted a new pair of jeans they would always say “no” but when it comes to skirts and dresses they wouldn’t even though of the word “no” but instead would probably buy me Gucci if I wanted a dress from there.

Anyway, on Saturday I didn’t go shopping with my family because was I so exhausted staying at college until 8am and when I reached home I just slept until 4pm and well, I missed out some cool shopping time with my family. Nevertheless on Sunday we did went shopping right at Mid Valley and boy, it was packed with people. I didn’t manage to get anything but my sister and my mom did manage to get some things which they wanted to buy. At first we wanted to head off to the Curve after our Mid Valley trip but we were too tired to do so and we just headed home instead.

The moment, I reached home, I just fell on the bed and without realizing I was already fast asleep. By the time I woke up it was pretty much around 7pm and I missed dinner but I wasn’t feeling hungry to begin with. All in all, my mom confide in me that this year we pretty much spend quite a lot which I assure her that once in a while that we should splurge for a good cause. My mom told me that we will be pretty busy throughout this week and also the next because we have to clean the new house and start shifting our things too. I have already asked Joey, Kelsie and Sylvia whether they want to help me on the 14th of February to move house but only Sylvia and Kelsie are able too because Joey would be busy packing for her trip to Shanghai to visit her sister there.

I wonder if I should ask anyone else to help me…but I guess I shouldn’t because it is on Valentine’s Day and probably my friends who are with someone would be busy and also those who doesn’t have someone would be busy planning their own things so I shouldn’t disturb them. Come to think about it, Kelsie said that she would be only free in the morning and afternoon on Valentine’s Day because Chin Ming is coming back on that day itself in the evening. Sylvia said she is free anytime, which I hope that I am not disturbing her or anything and make me feel guilty later on.

My dad told me that his friend’s daughter is working for some company and he gave my details to her and probably be sending me an e-mail soon for a job interview. According to him that his friend’s daughter is working that is something to do with filming but he wasn’t so sure of himself either because he forgotten what she have said. Can’t blame my dad for being forgetful, he is getting older. I also need to send my demo reel to Josh Lim & Associates but I keep forgetting so I probably will just load it into my website and let them see my demo reel from my website.

I am almost done with my group’s animation and from what Beatrice have told me, she said that Vincent said that the sounds are okay but just need a few minor adjustments and we are done. I can’t wait to see the entire thing with sounds and also well, be happy that I have managed to complete it with flying colours. Now I can’t wait to see the rest of my classmates’ animation!


Nicole said...

ooh!!! you bought a dress?!! is it the one on friendster? hahahahha~~ It's awesome... so traditional.... I wish I had one as cool as it... lol... I prefer something a little more roamntic though, with lace and ruffles and little glitters and stuff,... hahaha... I guess I've become terribly girly.... If you saw me I wonder if you'd recognise me... I've changed a lot... lol...

alwizhyper said...

it is a different one my dear...
not a traditional looking one...i think i would recognize you even though you became terribly girly as you said..lolx

Nicole said...

lol... did you look at my friendster pic... u try and compare it to my old pics, see if you can still recognise or not... hahaha