Sunday, February 4, 2007

Chapter : A Late Entry

This entry was supposed to be on the 2nd of February but apparently I couldn’t sign into my blogspot account so this is considered as a late entry, therefore when you read this, think of it as if I wrote it on the 2nd of February.

Actually I initially wanted to type this yesterday but I was pretty much tied up watching this new series, Heroes which Terrence introduced to me at first but later on my sister knew about it and downloaded it. Anyway, furthering on with my story, at first when I wrote in here I was supposed to shift on the 12th of February…but it later got changed to the 14th of February.

Then later on, my mother also said that she just cancelled out the open house party on the 18th of February because it is too tedious and hectic. But she did say that if anyone wants to come and visit our house, they are free to do so. So I was basically thinking that if we are going to that, I might as well, just ask a few people to come over I guess. Who knows? Anyway, I am almost done with the sound effects for my group’s animation and well, I must say that it almost literally made me insane.

That was this particular sound effect that I had to make was a ball of strings falling down from the shelf and no matter how many times I did it, it didn’t seem right to Vincent nor Hooi Ling. So on Wednesday night, Moon Liang was nice enough to help me to hear the sounds here and there and giving his suggestions on it even though he had a lot of things on his hand. I felt really guilty but I have promised him that I would help him with the sounds if he needs anything.

To cut things short, after many attempts of trying to find a suitable sound for it but I keep getting the “it doesn’t feel right” look from Vincent so I had to try harder and in the end after a few editing here and there, I actually managed to get the approval from him. I felt so happy! Even though Vincent was being mean when he said, “If you think its okay, and then okay what!” But nevertheless, I felt really happy that I got the sound right. I mean, even though the sounds are all complete and what not, but I feel as though that it was missing if I got that “I-don’t-feel-right” look from Vincent. Maybe he was intimidating without him realizing, who knows.

Now what is left is that I have to get the correct sound for the string snapping. If I don’t get that right it would be really spoil the animation and also I had to fix the sounds of the ball rolling if not it would sound like as though the puppet in the animation is going to run away from an avalanche. Then after that, I would be able to be free from my work and also the downside is that I won’t be staying in college at night anymore and going out for my late night’s drinks with my friends or just basically hanging out as one gang in the lab and doing nothing but concentrating on our work. I am going to miss my time when I hang out in college.

I finally went to see the new house and boy, was I not really sure what to say when I saw it. It is bright that is all I can say so far despite the fact that my room which is shared with my sister is not lilac but sort of pinkish in colour which made me freaked out a little. But if worse come to worse I have to live with that colour I guess I have no choice due to the fact that isn’t much time. At least it is the shade of colour I could deal with not with the fluorescent pink colour which is too striking for your eyes. It is already the 2nd of February and well, I guess I hope we will be on time to shift on Valentine’s Day. Later today I am going shopping with my siblings to get our Chinese New Year clothes and also some things that are needed in our new home. My mom also told us that it is urgent that we go by tomorrow and get whatever is needed because on the day we move in, my parents friends are going to come. Boy that would be…fun. At least I will get the computer for sure.

I can’t really think of what to type now because it is already 6.30am and I am sitting in front of the computer typing a journal entry. I found my book where I kept some pictures when I was really young. Then I also found the pictures where I did my hair modeling thing. I look awfully weird. On Wednesday night itself, I went out with Nicklaus because Triona messaged me saying that she was free and we could meet up and have a drink. So Nick and I went nearby Extreme Park, where they had a mamak stall located there and seriously, that place is really dodgy and scary. The place where I parked my car, it looks like the best place for a rapist or a criminal to do anything. Thank goodness, Nick was with me. When we were walking to my car I was saying, “Nick, do you think my car is still there?” I said that because out of the paranoia I was feeling.

“Just keep on walking, you parked really far,” he replied.

“I know, wonder what happens if it gets stolen?” I asked out of curiousity.

“No need to worry, your car is the last thing they want to steal,” he assured.

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Your car is filled with hippos and also, a lot of soft toys and pillows inside. I would say they think it is unworthy to steal it,” he joked.

I just laughed and we went into my car and drove him home. During that night when I met Triona, even after 4 years I had no contact of her and I finally managed to see her, she was different. She became more lady-like and also, more…different? I don’t know a word to place it despite the fact she isn’t shy saying that she got laid before or bending down and exposing her “Klang Valleys” she calls them. Then I look back at the picture and compared to the person I met that night it was two different worlds. People change they say. Drastically.

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