Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chapter : The Call

I was picking up my youngest brother from school around 4pm which apparently I am supposed to pick him by 330pm but I accidentally overslept and had to rush getting ready so he wouldn’t wait so late. After pumping the petrol and picking up my maid, I rushed to my brother’s school. Then while my maid was searching for my brother, I was waiting in the car listening to the radio. Suddenly, my phone rang and the conversation when like this…

“Hello, may I speak to Jessie Goh, please?” a girl’s voice said.

“Erm, speaking,” I answered.

“Jessie, I’m calling from Josh Lim and Associates and I would like to ask you, are you currently employed or unemployed?” she asked.

“Currently unemployed at the moment,” I replied.

“Okay, may I know what is there that you can do?” more questions from her

“Erm, basically I do 3D animating,” I replied.

“Can you use Photoshop?” she asked

“Yeah, I can...” I replied.

“Erm, what other programs that you can use?” she asked.

“Well, I could use Adobe Audition but only knowing the basic things,” I said

“Okay, do you have a demo reel that we can see?” she asked.

“Well, I do have one…” I said slowly.

“Is it in CD format or…?” she asked.

“Well, I could send it in CD format or email it to your company if you like,” I suggested.

“Okay, our email is ,” she said.

While taking a pen and jotting down the email I just muttered “Yes, uh-huh.”

“Please check out our website at,” she promoted.

“Okay. I will,” I said

“Will you be free for interview next week?” she asked.

“Erm, maybe I will tell you the details later,” I said.

“Okay, thank you for your time. Bye bye,” and she hung up.

I just sat in my car and most of the time I kept thinking, “Who is this Josh Lim? What is that company about? Why is it so familiar to me?” Then it dawned upon me that during my PR job time for graduation campaign I had to call that company and promote our batch’s graduation night. No wonder it was really familiar.

When I reached college, I asked around and the rest also received calls from Josh Lim’s company. Then Beatrice suggested that we all one group and stalk that company during the interview and asked, “So, do you want to interview us as a group or as an individual?” Pretty amusing idea I should say. Then I logged onto the website and checked out their company and realized that they did a motion graphic for my cousin’s company, Manhattan Fish Market. I was thinking whether they still have the file for me to see or I should ask my cousin how was the result of the video…that thought seems very appealing to me now. But technically, that company mostly deals with multimedia and flash animations which are really not my line which I want to be involved in.

After that, Beatrice, Sylvia, Chih Lun, Alvin, Terrence, Darren, Kin Leong and I went to ss 14 for a bak ku teh dinner. We all crammed into Chih Lun’s Savvy while Kin Leong went to sit with Alvin’s motorcycle. When we reached there, Chih Lun was the one who ordered and the food came almost instantly. I was starving that time because I slept until the afternoon and missed my breakfast and lunch. Not only that, at home there wasn’t anything for me to eat either even if I am awake earlier. While eating, Darren, Kin Leong and Terrence were teasing me with the pig’s stomach because they know that I don’t like to eat it. So whenever they take the pig’s stomach, they would say, “Jessie, come you must try this. It is very nice. It is good for you…” I shriek my reply “No way, you eat! I don’t want!” That made them laugh because I guess they find it really amusing.

After eating everything, we just sat there for a while chatting and Chih Lun was asking Beatrice whether she is going to P.O.V to work. She replied, “Of course.”

“Then what happens if Lucas Film calls you for interview?” Chih Lun asked.

“Erm, then I also go lah! But I will work in P.O.V first,” she said with a laugh.

“Yeah, if she goes to P.O.V and if I manage to go in, I can pick her up to go to work,” I said.

“Where you stay?” Kin Leong asked

“Near One Utama,” I answered.

“Wah, you want to go all the way to Pyramid just to pick Beatrice then go to P.O.V?” Kin Leong said in shock.

“Yeah, then?” I replied.

“Wah, petrol money not expensive for you hor,” Kin Leong said.

“No, for Jessie, friendship is nothing to do with petrol!” Darren said with a laugh.

All of us laughed at that line and Kin Leong said, “Yeah, for her, petrol is nothing because mommy and daddy pay for it.” This was oddly true for me.

“Can ask her to contribute to petrol money what,” I said.

“So Beatrice, you stay there how long? You paid the rent for how long,” Chih Lun asked.

“Until February only,” she replied.

“So that means you have to shift lah?” Chih Lun asked.

“Yeah of course,” she said.

Then later we talked some more and decided to head back to college to continue with our near dateline projects. Vincent came and checked the sounds later and asking me to redo some parts because it wasn’t fitting with the animation that we did. Then Hooi Ling also came and I pitied her because she was suffering from gastric and had to wait for Bryan to come.

We managed to view Darren’s group animation and also Moon Liang’s animation just now. It was really exciting to see their completed work, well for Darren’s group it is but for Moon Liang’s group they needed a lot of help according to what Vincent said. Vincent said that Darren and Terrence should try to help Moon Liang and Wei Jae with the sounds because it was really pitiful for them to do almost everything by themselves and their missing member seem to be having more excuses that is enough to publish a book.

I just realized that the time now is 1 almost 2 in the morning so basically the previous story I have told was meant to be yesterday’s story. Since the date now is the 31st of January, I guess that today is my final day as a college student. I wonder what will happen from now on…can’t wait to find out.


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