Sunday, July 15, 2007

Chapter : Early Birthday Party

Yesterday was what I can call an eventful day. If you may wonder why I said that right? It is because my best friends threw me an early birthday party which I will never forget. They brought me to a club called Masion and it was Boo’s friend that gave us free entry plus free drinks for the night. Not only had that Boo’s friends, Luq and Brandon specially come for the night just for me. I never felt so touched. Those who were present that night besides me of course are Joey, Yuki, Sylvia and Boo. It was such an eventful night.

Anyway, when we arrived all dressed up for the occasion, Boo went and asked the lady that we were under Luq’s guest list and she let us in for free and thus, once the guy checked out ICs to make sure that we weren’t underage, he stamped the word delicious onto our hands. When we went in there, it was just the start of the club where people just reached and drinking and no one was on the dance floor.

Then I drank a cup of whisky mixed with 100 plus and then Brandon asked me to bottom ups another glass of those which actually got me tipsy and I was pretty much sick in the head because I cant see straight but I am not drunk, just woozy and all that. I am still sane and what not but I was like suffering from a bad headache and I felt like vomiting but I couldn’t that sort of feeling. Yuki and Joey including Boo asked me to dance that night and I was reluctant to do so and in the end Brandon did the unexpected thing which was to shift us from upstairs to downstairs where we were literally just next to the dance floor.

I just sat there for a moment before being dragged by Joey and Yuki to the dance floor. I did put up a fight and was literally trying to fight the force of them pulling me to the dance floor and in the end they won because both of them were really strong and I had no choice but to dance. It actually got me thinking that since I am with them, why not let loose and have fun. As least I am with my bunch of best friends, that is what I have felt. So I just started dancing and going back to the table to rest because I really felt sick in the stomach and head.

I pity Sylvia though because she was not used to the environment due to the fact of the smoke and the lights and thus, making her not enjoying the moment but I am happy that she came just for my early birthday party and I was really happy. Thank you Sylvia! Even though I know that night made you felt unwell. Anyway, later on Boo joined in while Joey went back to the table to rest to dance and occasionally Brandon came and dance too. It was really nice! Yuki and Joey really can shake their body and I was just like, letting loose technically and Boo said to me in all the midst of noise, “See Jessie, you can dance!” I just gave him the “I am letting loose” sort of expression.

Then the worse happen, Yuki and Joey plus Boo tried to bring me up to the stage and I was really reluctant to go and I put up a fight and won. Then later on, we danced for a few moments and Yuki went up with Joey and they pulled me with the help of a slight push from Boo and the next thing I knew I was up on the stage too. I couldn’t do anything so I just danced on top of the stage with them and later on there was this dude who was shuffling on top of the stage with us, suddenly danced with all three of us and then he came to me and asked whether he can have a picture with me. I didn’t mind so I just agreed and I took a picture with him.
Yuki and Joey were giving me the sly look and I was like giving them back the “What” look. Later on we went down to rest and I was really feeling even worse then before and Boo poured me a cup of 100 plus and asked me to drink it all up in one shot which I did and it didn’t make me feel any better and he then poured me another cup and asked me to do the same thing which I did. After that I didn’t drank anymore because I couldn’t take it. But after a few rounds on the dance floor with Joey and Yuki it actually made me feel better. We did try to bring Sylvia once or twice to the dance floor but she couldn’t dance because she felt really uncomfortable. So in the end, Boo brought her outside to grab some fresh air which really made her feel better. While waiting that time, Yuki was dancing, and then a guy just danced with her and she also danced with him and the next thing I knew, they were introducing names and I was introducing myself and to his friend and I was dancing with his friend later on.

After that, Joey came back and she too started dancing and introducing herself to them and she was dancing…or should I say grinding with the guy who danced first with Yuki and I was actually dancing with the other friend of his. Joey and Yuki were doing on with their moves and I am dancing while thinking how is Sylvia in my head. I also felt really bad for Boo because he did all these for me and he couldn’t enjoy himself properly because he needs to take care all four of us girls. Thank you Boo so much for arranging this! Sorry you couldn’t enjoy yourself that night! Next time darling! After when Boo came back with Sylvia, the guy who was grinding with Joey suddenly shook hands with Boo and beckons him over and the next thing I realized, that guy was grinding with Boo and I was so damn amused about it until now! Best memory ever!

Then we started dancing again on the dance floor and then on top of the stage. This time Brandon was with us and he was dragged by me to come on stage even though he is so shy but I am happy that he did. Thank you Brandon for being such a great sport! During that time, Yuki was suddenly dancing with this random guy which wouldn’t allow her to get away from him and she was also letting loose herself and had tons of fun dancing. Go Yuki! Joey was grinding with Brandon but Brandon was really shy. I was just dancing and laughing. At 3am sharp, the music stopped and it was time to close the club. It is the basic rule in Malaysia where the clubs have to be closed by 3am and everyone is being shooed out of the club because they were closing it of course.

Sylvia drove us back because we are afraid of road blocks and accused of being drunk because we drank more than two glasses of alcohol even though we are sane enough to know what is happening around us. Anyway, I really enjoyed myself that night and I am really happy that they all came. After all, I rather go clubbing with a bunch of best friends because I know that I can let loose and have fun with them. Thank you Boo for organizing the thing. Thank you Luq for coming just for me even though you were not feeling well, and also thanks for the drinks! Thank you Brandon for being such a great sport for dancing with us and entertaining us! Thank you Sylvia for coming though it made you unwell but I am happy that you stayed till the end! Thank you to both Joey and Yuki for coming and well, just being you guys is a great fun! I really enjoyed myself that night and it was the best birthday ever! Not many people, but just the people that I am close with are fine enough with me. I met new people, experienced new things and heck, I even danced just for that night and you all know that Jessie never dances. So technically yeah, it was the best day ever! Thank you all! Love you all guys!


Aki-Aki said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself! :D Thank you for inviting and arranging this. :3 I admit, I didn't feel like going at first, but I'm glad I did because it was so much fun being with all of you.

And I can't believe I let loose THAT much. XD; I mean, yeahh... what's the point if I go there and don't dance, right? So I forgot myself, let loose and just danced. I can't believe I got that much into the mood... and couldn't stop dancing after that. XD; Now my stomach muscle hurts from dancing so much.

But all in all, I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself. :D And hope you'd have a really happy birthday on your actual birth date! ^___^

Grinding is......... a little too much fun than it should be. >u>;; *guilty*

alwizhyper said...

LMAO! grinding is fine ;3 as long you R enjoying it and the guy is enjoying it of course ;3

glad that you had fun which is the main purpose of the event anyway! XD should do it once in a while to let loose ourselves from stress ;D

Aki-Aki said...

If the guy doesn't enjoy would mean...


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday jesc and glad you had fun that night ^_^


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday... glad you had fun...

alwizhyper said...

thanks for the wishes guys! and also thanks for the presents and accompanying me to the club! <333 *huggles and kisses*