Monday, August 13, 2007

Chapter: Hanging Out with High School Friends

Just yesterday I went out to the Curve to meet up with my old high school friends. I haven’t kept in touch with them for around three years plus if I am not mistaken. Anyway, the reason for the meet up is because Irene will be leaving to the U.S. to further her studies so she decided for all of us to meet up one last time before she go. If I can remember correctly, she would be studying there for a year majoring in Psychology.

Naveen was supposed to pick me and another friend, Teck Fann up but then he overslept and in the end luckily Seng Hon came to save the day. Well, more like he called me saying that he could pick me up since he has took the car out for the day. Pity the poor guy because in the end, he was one of the drivers to drive all of us home. He picked up Teck Fann and Naveen from their houses and we headed off to the Curve.

Something funny happened when we arrived at the Curve. Teck Fann called Pei Ling to find out where was she and we were surprised that we found out that she was at One Utama waiting for us there. I took the phone from Teck Fann and told her that Allie told me that we were supposed to meet up at the Curve. Later on I called Allie and she confirmed with me that the place she was meeting up was at the Curve, so in the end, poor Pei Ling have no choice but to drive all the way to the Curve.

While waiting for Pei Ling to arrive, us as in Seng Hon, Naveen, Teck Fann and I decided to sit down while waiting for them. We talked and caught up with what each other were doing and later on we found out that Seng Hon was sick. He seems to be having what I had for the past one week which was sore throat, fever, cough and flu. I hope his condition doesn’t worsen. Then I received a call from Pei Ling and she told me that she was waiting in front of Italianness. So we left our sitting spot and headed to the place and when we arrived there, we saw Irene and Pei Ling waiting for us.

Once we were inside, half of the time we spent was talking instead of browsing through the menu thinking of what to eat. We decided to share the food because Italianniess is well known for their large portions of food. We thought of waiting for Allie but she was pretty much had a pervious engagement to attend and will be late, so we decided to order our food and dine in and wait for her. It is because once she arrives, she could just add on more. While waiting for our food, we were catching up with each other things and was laughing and joking at the same time. I haven’t kept in touch with some of them for a few years because well, most of the time I am always hanging out with my college mates.

I wasn’t surprised when my mom asked me whether I still keep in touch with my high school friends. It is because she knows that I normally hang out with my college friends and I don’t deny that fact. Anyway, Allie arrived two hours later if I am not mistaken because I wasn’t paying attention to the time but instead I was more into talking to all of them. After we paid the bill, we headed off to Cineleisure because Irene wanted to take some pictures for memories before she leaves.

So we went off to that photo taking booth where normally the typical seafood people like to go and take their pictures and doing poses which are normally done by Japanese people. Imagine seven people cramming into one tiny booth in order to take one picture and the funniest part was that the instructions were in Japanese and all of us didn’t know what was happening. The next thing I know, a picture was taken and Pei Ling was in the front of the camera when that happened and the picture showed her extremely shocked face. Boy that seriously gave me a laugh. Everything was actually pretty messed up because we didn’t know what was happening and most of the time we were rushing to crowd around the small tiny camera to make sure all of our faces were in that small amount of space to get our pictures taken.

After eight messed up shots, we have to choose the best pictures and after that, we have to decorate. They were spending extensive time decorating it and by the time we gotten the pictures and distributed to each of us, the shops were already closing. It was pretty long I must say. When we left the place, we decided to eat ice-cream at McDonald’s which was just around the corner. So we headed off there and hung out for a while. By the time it was almost eleven o’clock, Irene said that she needed to go home before twelve and we quickly ate our ice-creams and left.

Some of us exchanged emails which each other because they never had each other emails and after that Seng Hon was talking to Allie about something which I didn’t hear and they were pretty engrossed with their conversation until Naveen, Teck Fann and I were getting slightly wet waiting for him nearby his car under the rain. Well, it wasn’t raining heavily, just that it was drizzling. Seng Hon sends Naveen home then he sends Teck Fann and me home.

Throughout the day, it was pretty amusing because Pei Ling, Irene and Allie were asking whether Seng Hon and I were together because it was quite an unexpected thing for him to show up and truth to be told, he never actually hung out with us before. Most of the time I just looked at them and said, “I don’t know.” And they gave me the “Are you sure you don’t know” look at me. Truth to be told, I felt that Seng Hon was giving me signs because he was pretty sweet in a way that he actually willingly to send me to see the doctor when I was ill. Not only that, through the night itself, when we were at Italianness, his arm was always around my chair and when I lean back at the chair, his arms would be around my shoulder of course.

Before I left his car, I hugged Seng Hon good-bye and I asked him what do I owe him because I dared him to drink his tequila drink in one go and he asked, “What do I get in return?” which I replied, “I don’t know. Anything you want.” So when I asked him what do I owe him for the dare which he successfully completed, he didn’t say anything because he just looked me and smiled and was being really shy about it. I gave him a kiss on the cheek to thank him for being such a sweet guy which he replied, “Thank you.” I left the car laughing and went back home.

All in all, that night was very enjoyable and I kind of miss hanging out with my high school friends. Maybe I should just hang out with them once in a while just for the heck of it. After all, they are my friends and I always find joyous times hanging out with my friends.

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