Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chapter : Updates!

Ah, it has been ages since I last wrote in my blog. People keep asking me, “When are you going to update your blog? It has been ages!!!”
Yeah, I know that I haven’t been doing a great job lately updating my blog. I guess I am too lazy to even bother writing up interesting things that is happening in my life.
Well, to summarize things up what happen within the past….err…when did I last blog in here…wow, in July. Now that is long. I apologize to those who keep checking my page and see a very old post still remaining. I’m so sorry! Anyway, summary!
1. My boyfriend (now ex) came to visit me in Brisbane, and then broke up with me. Now he is together with another girl. We officially broke up on the 7th of August. You do the math.
2. Living life to the fullest.
3. Was depressed lost all my weight, now putting them back because I am not depressed anymore!
4. Realizes that some things are way better in life.
5. Friends are always the best thing that you could ever have. Never ever forget them!
6. Found out things that I never knew before. Man, talk about knowing true colours!
7. Graduated with a degree and now pursuing my masters. Though a bit regretful for doing so.
8. Parents gave me an awesome graduation present EVER! I got two ball jointed dolls that costs a bomb!
9. Flying back to Malaysia around November.
10. Meeting old friends which I haven’t spoken to in years!
I think that somewhat summarizes things up. I know that I should be posting about what happened to my ex and stuffs like that but hey, not like he is going to find out anyway! Yes, I know this particular entry is a very bitchy one and I am sorry but I’m just typing what is going on in my head right. For all I know, he might be saying something else about me. One thing I have to give credit to him is that, he is the only guy that I have managed to sustain a long term relationship. Literally. A year and half is really long.
It’s my blog, who say that I can’t update my entries the way I want it to be? If you think this is bitchy, well thank you. Maybe I’m just sorting my emotions right now. I cried way too much. Held onto the past FAR too long. Looking forward, smiling and enjoying. At times, it makes you wonder, who says single life is depressing?

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