Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapter : An "Early" Entry

I just got back from my university around 2 something in the morning because I was there doing my assignments which is due on Monday morning. I know that should be resting now but I can’t understand why am I so wide awake, thus an entry for my blog!

I think like this week, next week and the week after that would be the busiest week for me ever! Why? well, it is because I have an assignment due on Monday, been staying back in university for a week just to complete my assignments and worried whether I would be able to pass the class because I have no idea what is required for the class. Then after handing up this particular assignment, I am able to take a breather for a day then start working on my essay which is two thousand words (I know some of you might think it is petty amount but I suck at writing essays) then after handing that up on Wednesday, I then take another day breather then only start working on my last assignment which is 3D environment modeling. I have completed one scene, just two more to go…unless I use the same particular file which I did today as part of my work then I would have completed one and a half scene. Hmm, maybe I should.

Okay, senseless talking to self. Then after ALL of the assignments are done, I have to pack my room and my other stuffs because I would be shifting to a brand new spanking home! Will take pictures when I move in but till then, just enjoy these long, long, long “story”.

On the other note, I really want to join the Thriller dance which is happening this Sunday at 10.30am!! But I’m worried that I wouldn’t be able to complete my assignment then on the other hand, I feel that I have completed all my required stuffs just that I’m currently facing some glitches which I don’t know how to fix until I receive an email from my lecturer. So I’m contemplating whether I should go to the practice on Saturday then join in for the Thriller dance though I haven’t even gotten myself a costume yet. Maybe I should start ripping some clothes and wear my worn out shoes or something. I also just found out that the Thriller dance that I want to participate in would be achieving a worldwide record because apparently 350 countries would be dancing Thriller at the exact SAME time. How awesome is that?!!  

Maybe I would be able to watch it on YouTube in university while I brood over my assignments and say to myself, “I could be one of those people dancing their heart out to Thriller!!” Just hope that my lecturer would be able to provide me the solution by 12pm later today and I would be able to JOIN in the Thriller dance!! Then you can spot the hideous looking wooden dancer among the crowd. It wouldn’t be that hard to spot me dancing. Seriously, I dance really badly.

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