Sunday, October 25, 2009

Chapter : Thrilled the World.

Well, this is the first time in a long while where I am actually updating my blog fairly often! Surprising even for myself! I know that I shouldn’t be typing an entry but instead I should be focusing on my assignments but I guess I want to have a little break before working throughout the entire night suffering and thinking ways to fix the glitches that I am facing.

On the side note, I am proud to say that I’m part of the world record and I have THRILLED THE WORLD! I actually joined the Thriller dance today at Brisbane Square and I must say that I really enjoyed myself! Though I have to admit that I did some tiny mistakes in the dance routines but I managed to cover it up somehow. After all, the choreographer said that we are all joining the dance just to have fun. Well, I DID.

We arrived at the meet up point, Mad Dance House at 9am and everyone was there in their zombie costumes, putting on some makeup, adding more blood to their faces or adding more white “paint” in hopes to make themselves look “dead”. Though in my opinion, they look more like very freaky looking mimes. My sister bought some fancy Halloween thing-a-ma-jig make up where it looks like you will have bruises, blood or even stitches. It was quite fun putting it on because you can just simply paint your face (probably the only time) and don’t have to bother whether it looks good on you or not!

By 10.10am, us zombies left Mad Dance House and went to the Brisbane Square where we would be performing the Thriller dance at 10.30am sharp and also 350 cities (or was it countries now…I’m confused) would also dance at the exact same time and we would be achieving a new world record for the largest amount of people around the world dancing Thriller at the same time.

The weather was pretty hot and with the costumes and all, doesn’t help. We had to lie down on the ground for a good whole 3 minutes and we were sweating and I could actually feel the sun burning through my clothes. Thankfully, I didn’t get sunburn or a tan. Well, I would want stripes tans all over my body because I was wearing a ripped t-shirt that used to belong to my sister’s boyfriend. I really enjoyed myself ripping the shirt to shreds. It is a great way to release your stress. Seriously.

For a good whole 3 minutes of the entire song, everyone danced and enjoyed themselves. When it was all over, I was a bit sad because it ended so soon. I have heard that it is an annual thing and Malaysia actually participated as well. Maybe next year I might join in the fun again but then, I would be in Malaysia working unless I managed to find a job in Australia…Hmmm, decisions decision. But my heart is set on heading back to Malaysia to work and gain all the experience I need and then slowly work my way up.

Now, I will enjoy my life, focus on my studies and heck, take things slowly yet live life to the fullest! Don’t you agree?

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