Saturday, January 7, 2012

Chapter : Cooking Together for The First Time.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me because it was the first time the boyfriend and I decided to cook something together. The recipe of the day was Curry Chicken Katsu. The boyfriend prepared the Chicken Katsu while I cooked the Japanese Curry. Well, mine was an easy task to achieve whereas the boyfriend had quite a bit of steps to do...

His mom and aunt were curious to see what we were up too because according to his mom, the boyfriend rarely cooks so it was a surprise for her to see him on his own account, to go all out to prepare something and cook. He look like a little boy learning how to prepare his own meal, it was really a sight to see. Wished I could record it because he was asking his mom what to do or how to make it better that sort of thing. It was really a sight to see. 

I was watching the boyfriend marinating the chicken with pepper, salt and flour then covering it with beaten eggs and covering it with breadcrumbs then watching him frying it. He looked so serious with the task he was doing. He took the harder task from me whereas I just have to peel the potatoes and carrots and cut the onions. Then boil the potatoes and carrots until they are soft before frying them together in the pan with the onions. After frying them, then only I add water for it to boil before dunking in the instant Japanese curry paste into the broth. The only mistake I did was accidentally putting the corn starch straight into the mixture before diluting it with water. 

Everything turned out alright thought the boyfriend said that he wasn’t happy with his Chicken Katsu and hopefully next time he can make it better. Well, after all, there’s always a first time for everything. At least we can learn from our mistake and hope that we can make it better. But it was a lovely experience to cook something with the boyfriend and in hopes that we will try something else again together.

The only picture of our final masterpiece is with the boyfriend’s phone. See whether I can get the picture from him and post it up here. 


The boyfriend gave me the picture of our "masterpiece". 

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mr jp said...

I don't know dear, the peeling of and cutting veges look harder than what I was doing ..

Here's the blurry pic :)