Monday, January 2, 2012

Chapter : Welcome the Year 2012.

New Year’s Eve 2011, I didn’t get to spend with the boyfriend. Instead I was back in my hometown because I had prayers for my late grandfather. Even though last year I did managed to spend it with the boyfriend, unfortunately, he was ill therefore he had to head back early and we didn’t get to do the countdown nor see the fireworks together. At least we managed to wish each other Happy New Year first before the clock strike 12 because we know that the lines will be jam by then. 

My New Year’s Eve was boring. There wasn’t anything to do, so I just sat at home, played some games on the iTouch and slept. When the clock struck 12, I heard fireworks, but I couldn’t see it. So I slept after that...the boyfriend called me to wish me Happy New Year but it was too noisy and he couldn’t hear me though I could hear him. The only noise I could hear in Malacca was motorcycles passing by honking.

How can I summarize up my 2011? A lot has happened within this year, a lot of sadness and happiness combined to make me the person I am today.

  1. I have been working for a year.
  2. I managed to complete my first freelance job.
  3. Had my first vacation with the boyfriend
  4. Missed out on my first group vacation with my girlfriends.
  5. Planned a surprised birthday dinner for the boyfriend.
  6. Had a lovely birthday celebration.
  7. Spent karaoking until 4 am.
  8. Met Sylvia’s boyfriend for the first time.
  9. Was given a pair of white gold earrings for Christmas.
  10. Made new friends and gotten closer to some of them unexpectedly.

I was never the type that would like to make New Year’s resolution because I know for a fact that I can never fulfil them. It’s like people making a resolution that they will lose weight and stuffs but never got to it in the end. I tried making some resolutions before but in the end I never get to them. Maybe I have achieved one out of the many and that’s about it. 

Let’s hope that this year would be another great year for me and to everyone else too.

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