Monday, December 26, 2011

Chapter : Christmas 2011

This year my Christmas was pretty...mundane. On Christmas eve, I spent my morning eating Bak Kut Teh with the family, then followed them to Subang Parade to do some shopping for my youngest brother because he’s running out of PROPER clothes. After that was a simple dinner and we went home afterwards. Then on Christmas day itself, went to church in the morning, my aunt, cousin and her husband dropped by for a visit and then we went for dinner afterwards. It was such a boring celebration for both days. Didn’t get to go to Shaun’s party after that too because it was too late so I just stayed at home and watched my Japanese dramas like a hopeless nerd. But it’s good to spend dinner with my family once in a while...I guess. 

Other than that, I got lovely Christmas presents this year, though it may not be many but its lovely nevertheless. I got a handmade item from Joey and surprisingly enough a pair of earrings from the boyfriend but it isn’t your typical ten bucks pair of earrings from any typical store but it’s from a PROPER jewelery store! Like a store that sold real gold and silvers! I was so shocked that when I received it from the boyfriend...he’s always doing things like this. 

First he will play mind tricks on you saying he will get pepper spray, steering lock or some funny items that would make you think that it would be useful but not suitable for a gift to someone. Then he will continue it for a while and it would stick inside your head thinking that he will be getting it for you. Then when the day comes he will say, “I got something for you! It’s small and cute.” And since it’s already planted in your head you automatically say, “It is pepper spray??” and he would laugh and replied, “No, I didn’t. Just wait, it’s a surprise!” Then you will start deducting what is small and cute that is sold which you would like. Then curiousity takes you over and you start to pester him what he actually bought for you but deep down you feel as though he really DID get pepper spray as a gift.

Then when you meet him you continued to pester him asking whether he got you pepper spray or a pen drive...then when he finally gave you the present and when you opened it you will be totally mind blown. Yes, that really did happen to me. I was mind’s the first time that a boyfriend gave me REAL jewelery...I mean I have received some fake earrings here and there but REAL jewelery? He’s the first. Now I feel bad for getting him a t-shirt. How in the world can I top REAL JEWELERY? I really should start planting a money tree so I could get him some mind blowing gift in the future. 

But sadly though, when he got me the present my ear-holes have closed up so I have to pierce them again. Just to wear the EARRINGS he got for me! Thank you for the lovely present my dear! I really didn’t expect that you would get me something so extravagant! And to Joey, even though you are so tight on money you still gave me an adorable Christmas gift, I love it SO MUCH! Thank you! 

Well, I hope that during the coming week I would be able to celebrate an early New Year’s Eve celebration because I wouldn’t be around on the eve of the New Year as I’m heading back to my hometown for some prayers for my late grandfather. 

Till then, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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mr jp said...

Silly dear, you didn't think I would really get you pepper spray as a Christmas present did you?

That's for your birthday!