Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chapter : Err, wrong number.

Having an awesome phone number leads to:-

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Looks really nice when you write it down
  3. People will tell you “Wow, your number’s really nice. How you get it?”

But on the other hand, the major problem that you can get by having an awesome number is a LOT and I kid you not, a LOT of wrong numbers calling you. Maybe it's just me. I have some weird aura that attracts people to be dialing my number. Who knows?

I have forgotten how many times that my phone rings just to find out that it’s the wrong number calling looking for so and so which obviously:-

  1. I’m not a guy named Leon.
  2. I’m neither your uncle *insert name here* nor your aunty *insert name here*.
  3. I’m not Thai either; I speak English for your information.
  4. I’m not your daughter named Lisa.
  5. I’m not Martha (or was it Mertha?) that stays across your street. If I’m staying across your street, why are you calling me when you could walk over to find me or something?
  6. I do have a voice, so please don’t say Hi and hang up later. Please at least say “I’m sorry, wrong number”
  7. If I told you once, “Sorry, you have the wrong number.” Please get it that you INDEED dialed the wrong number and stop asking for the person that you are looking for which obviously I'm not.
  8. Also, do not asked “Are you sure this isn’t *insert name here* number?” Erm, yeah, I believe that I know it very well because I’m the one answering the phone and telling you “Sorry, wrong number.”
  9. I do not stay in Sydney, New South Wales, Adelaide, and so forth. When I tell you, “Sorry ma’am / sir, I’m from Brisbane.” Please don’t believe that you know that you dialed the right number such as “Oh, I did typed in the right number. Why am I calling Brisbane?” I don’t know but I do know that you DID not type in the right number.
  10. Please at least be sure that you got the right number before you start spewing out some stuffs and I have to interrupt you by saying, “Err, you got the wrong number.” Which then leads to, “Oh, sorry.” And then you hang up.

So it’s pretty amusing what kind of callers you get these days. Well, mainly it happens to me here in Australia because my phone is always on silent mode, I barely text to anyone cause I’m mostly online. The phone calls I get are always from home, my mother calling because she is bored at work or looking to talk to my sister but couldn’t get her because she is working.

Any sort of experiences similar to mine? Maybe even more interesting compared to mine. So far, the most interesting one was someone calling and start speaking in Thai. Now, that’s odd.


Bea said...

LOL....u should try replying in chinese or malay...then they really know it's wrong number.

alwizhyper said...

hahahaha, or maybe i should pick up the phone and go "weiiiii?" :P

mr jp said...

Thats a good idea!

just don't go "hellllllloooo?", of they'll start laughing ... and maybe like you :P

alwizhyper said...

that only applies to you mr. jp. :)