Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chapter : Trip down Memory Lane.

I was strolling around getting some fresh air to breathe and clearing my mind before I start worrying all the silly things that I’m going to face soon. It was a smart move to get out of the house to clear your mind because I just started to remember things that made me smile. These pictures I have taken are not in order but just something that I just want to share.

It was raining heavily before this, but look at the clear blue sky.

The sun peeking out from the clouds.

I remember when I was a kid, I love sucking the "juice" out. I didn't know why I did it even. I was pretty odd then and still odd now. 

Something caught my eye, a little baby sitting alone in the grass. Reminds me that I was too young and innocent once where everything to my eyes were just things that made me really curious and eager to try it out.

The baby's dad came to fix her shoe, then it brought back memories that I used to spend some quality time with my own dad when I was a child. 

Growing up, you learn to spend time with friends or maybe someone you love and somehow, lesser time with your families...

One of the many playground "toys" I used to play when I was growing up. Trying to race to see who can climb to the top the fastest. I think I used to fall into the hole because I wasn't careful.

Another one of my favourite "toys" that I enjoyed playing. I still try to slide down just to relive my childhood days. 

My all time favourite "toy"! I love to sit on it and thinking that the higher I could swing, the closer I am in touching the sky. Though the irony is that I'm afraid of heights.

I always wanted to have really long legs, but then I learn to love myself and accepted my flaws. 

When I was a kid, I always thought that clouds were made of cotton and I love to see what sorts of form the clouds will take shape.

This really brought back one of my fondest memories. I remember during my college days and my group and I were supposed to make a short film and I had to sit inside the trolley while my best friend pushed me along so I would be able to record the actor's footsteps. We have gotten a lot of stares from the passerby and one particular kid asked his dad-

"Daddy look, the jie jie (big sister) so big still sit in the trolley. Like little girl."

"Don't look, maybe the jie jie doing something," his dad replied. 

I didn't know how to react but I do know that I was slightly hurt being called a little girl by some elementary kid! I was 18 that time. Oh boy.

People said that I have grown up to be as beautiful as a flower. Mainly it's my parent's friends who says that to me cause they have seen me since I was drooling and wearing diapers.

I always said that flowers were a waste of money because it just wither and die and you have to throw it away. Then it got me thinking whether I would receive it when I'm dead. Scary and depressing thought, I know. 

When I first came to Brisbane, these birds were EVERYWHERE and I thought they were harmless at first till they came after me to steal my food. 

That's my hand trying to reach for the always tend to try my best in everything I do in order to make my parents proud and to let them know that their hard-earned money didn't go to waste.

I had a lovely walk even though it was for a short while. Little things that I see whether I'm on my way to the train station or to the mall, it just triggers my memories that were kept hidden away. So take a walk once in a while, it might do you some good.


The Dark One said...

hey jesc it's jojoooooo
this is my blogspot blog. the rant one. where i do all my b*tching and moaning.
the xanga one is the proper one huhu
I like how you put your watermark on all of your pics... i am too lazy to do that ><

alwizhyper said...

eeeee jojo!! &heart;

LOL. you can type whatever on my comment box. no need to censor yourself. LOL.

i only do watermark, cause i love myself too much. hahahahah. :P

will read both either way! :3 thanks for telling me though! mwaaaah.