Saturday, April 17, 2010

Chapter : What was I doing?

A random blog post of the day! I know I’m supposed to be oh-so-hardworking doing my assignments and focusing on my soon-to-be-my-worst-nightmare final project for my masters but let’s say that I’m easily distracted. Nah, I’m lying. I’m a huge ass procrastinator. I’m honest, at least so I have credit for that! 

What I have been doing lately was watching some Hong Kong Cantonese drama which I have bought when I was in Malaysia for my summer holidays and yes it does comes with English subtitles because I’m don’t understand the Chinese language even if it kills me. But I normally love watching these dramas when they are set in the olden days. Where they have to wear those many layers of clothing, hair tied up and have fanciful ornaments and the martial arts which I know that in the drama it’s all bogus but it is because I’m easily amused by it so I be all starry eyed when I see some kung fu moves. It’s like giving a kid ice cream and they will be all starry eyed and loves you to bits. Now you know my secret to getting kids to love me. Ha!

Then I have also been watching some anime on my hard disks, mainly Bleach as I was trying to catch up with my old episodes but now I have stopped watching it because I wanted my brains to take a brain from watching way too much anime before I turned into a 2d anime character which no matter how much I bleed I still can save the day or no matter how deep my wound is, I still managed to survive just by some superb healing skills. 

Also I have been watching some English dramas such as Castle, it’s very interesting. Do watch it, basically a mystery novelist and sexy cop become partners to solve crimes. Then I also started watching NCIS, another mystery solving drama based mainly for marines though I shouldn’t start eating food when I watch it because when the doctor does autopsy on the corpse and it shows all the internal organs and stuffs like that (yes, I know it’s fake still) I just get grossed out. I have low tolerance to these kinds of things. I know, it’s pathetic. 

Ah! Just today I was watching this video blogger on youtube, Natalie Tran. I was reading through some men’s style magazine (don’t ask) and they were doing a list of 23 real sexy, real women thing and she was one of them and I decided to check her out. She’s awesome and hilarious and some of the stuffs she says or do I can relate to it. Do watch her if you have the time, maybe you don’t get her. Maybe you think she’s just another psychotic blogger. To me, she’s awesome. Even though I just started watching her…so go watch her cause I asked you to!

I have to get back to editing my essay now so..have a great day!

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